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Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls November 26th 2014

I just finished a long, leisurely breakfast overlooking the watering hole at my hotel and now I'm off to the airport to fly from Victoria Falls to Johannesburg to then catch my flight to New York. It will be more than a full day of travel and a long layover in Johannesburg but I've set aside some rand (the currency used in South Africa) to entertain me while I wait. Shopping and snacks always help with a layover. See some of you very soon for Thanksgiving dinner!... read more

Africa » Botswana November 25th 2014

We drove about an hour and crossed the border this morning into Botswana for a day of safari at Chobe National Park - half day by jeep and the other half by boat. Chobe has one of the largest elephant populations in the world and that was evident by the sheer number of elephants we saw. We also got very close to lions lounging under a tree. The lions had killed an animal (unidentifiable to me) and one of the younger lions got up to feed on the kill. By boat we were able to get close to hippos in the water and on land, including a baby hippo which I've decided is my new favorite animal. There were lots of crocodiles in the water but they seemed camera shy so I didn't manage to get ... read more
The sable with an elephant backdrop
Lions under a tree
Monkeys are cute in any country

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls November 24th 2014

Breakfast started overlooking the watering hole at the hotel. Monkeys and warthogs frolicked as I enjoyed my eggs. From breakfast I went to see Victoria Falls (one of the largest waterfalls in the world) up close...close enough to be sprayed by the mist. After a relaxing afternoon watching vultures feeding I had what they call a 'lion encounter'. There's a nonprofit group who is trying to increase the declining lion population in Zimbabwe. They breed lions to eventually release them into the wild. Their 'encounter' program allows you to walk with the lions and even get close enough to pet them. Just like with the cheetahs I was a bit nervous but it was totally worth it. The day ended with a another beautiful African sunset and a herd of elephants at the watering hole. Zimbabwe ... read more
Victoria Falls
Evening at the watering hole
Sleepy lioness

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls November 23rd 2014

Now this is the Africa I love! I'm covered in bug spray, sunscreen, and will have to sleep under a mosquito net tonight and am loving every second of it. Don't get me wrong, Cape Town was lovely and the safari in Kruger was great but I like this Africa a bit more. I arrived in Zimbabwe around noon and as soon as I stepped off the plane the heat hit me. I'm staying in this cute lodge that overlooks a watering hole for animals called the Victoria Falls safari lodge. Tonight when I got back from my sunset cruise on the Zambezi River I saw about 30 elephants just hanging out at the water hole that is close to the hotel. Two of the elephants were fighting but they were young so maybe they were ... read more
Sunset on the Zambezi river
Bird bodyguards

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton November 22nd 2014

We took a driving tour today of Johannesburg and saw the downtown area and Soweto. We stopped at Nelson Mandela's house in Soweto. There were some interesting historical artifacts there including a letter that the Michigan state government sent to Mandela urging the president at the time to apologize to Mandela for the CIA's involvement in his arrest. After Mandela's home we went to the Apartheid museum. It's really a place to spend half a day and we only had 2 hours so I didn't get to see all I wanted to but it's a very powerful place. Each entry ticket says either whites or non-whites and that dictates which entrance you use. Today is my last full day in South Africa so a history lesson was a good way to end things. In the ... read more
Apartheid museum entrance
Nelson Mandela's home in Soweto

Africa » South Africa November 21st 2014

Today was a long travel day on our coach bus heading from Kruger National Park to Sandton - a suburb of Johannesburg. I guess most tourists actually stay in the suburbs instead of Johannesburg due to the crime in the city. We stopped at two areas along the way to take in the view. The first was Bourke's Luck Pot Holes, a place containing bizarre holes cut into the rock by powerful river erosion. Not like any pot holes I had ever seen before. Then we went to the third largest canyon in the world called Blyde River Canyon. ... read more
Blyde River Canyon

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 20th 2014

4:30 am wake up call. Ouch. But the best time to see wildlife is in the morning so I went with it. Our game drive this morning lasted until 9 am. We saw zebra, giraffe, kudu and much more. The most impressive thing by far was seeing a bunch of lions sleeping next to and eating a buffalo it had killed the night before. I think there were 9 lions altogether. Some had blood still on their mouths. A few were eating while many were sleeping. Parts of the buffalo had clearly been eaten already. It was really amazing to see. Our guide said that the lions would stay with a kill like that for 2 to 3 days. In the early afternoon we had some free time so I wandered around the grounds of the ... read more
Bridge to my room at the hotel
Baby and mom zebra
Monkeys don't like to follow the rules

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Kruger National Park November 19th 2014

We departed Swaziland and set off for Kruger National Park in South Africa - one of the best places for safari in the entire world. It's 7500 sq miles so even spending two days here I certainly won't be able to see that much of it. Right away we came very close to a large male elephant who was going through a period of musth. It's when a male is very aggressive because of testosterone. I was a bit worried it was going to charge us but our safari vehicle driver kept revving the engine and it seemed to decide it didn't want to mess with us. It also tried to hide behind a tree which was 1/10th of its size which was funny. We saw both white and black rhinos which are in danger from ... read more
Sleeping lions
Buffalo coming out of a mud bath

Africa » Swaziland » Manzini November 18th 2014

After two nights in Zululand we set off for Swaziland, which is its own country but entirely surrounded by South Africa. The terrain is pretty much the same as South Africa. We passed many sugar fields and children walking to and from school in their uniforms along the way. Swaziland is only a quick stop over as tomorrow we're off to Kruger (back in South Africa) for safari. ... read more
Roadside stand

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal November 17th 2014

Very fun day today. After breakfast the guy who's in charge of the big cat rehabilitation project at the lodge brought out two baby cheetahs for us to see. One ran up to me and acted like it was going to climb my leg but then ran away again. After that we went to see the big cheetahs and other cats he had on the property for breeding and rehabilitation. He first took us in the enclosure for the African cat. It's not much bigger than your average house cat but it can kill animals many times its size. It was an easy start. After that he started unlocking the cheetah enclosure and I thought, no - he's not going to have us go into an enclosure with 2 grown cheetahs. I was wrong. That's exactly ... read more
Clearly nervous
White rhinos

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