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19th November 2010

see you soon
Hi Just read your travel blog. What a great time you have had!! Bet you are looking forward to return trip!! We want to hear lots more when you get home. What exactly is wwoofing? love Anne and JIm
22nd May 2010

Hey, thanx for your comments. Pack for the winter! It's very cold already! Auckland is rubbish, ive yet to met anyone who actually likes it! Bay of Islands in the very north is great but thats all ive seen of the south island. Christchurch and Dunedin are nice, the west coast is awesome even in the rain, but try and see franz josef and fox glaciers on a nice day if you can! Definatly head to milford sound, its spectacular. Wanaka is beautiful if a little quiet and Queenstown is the party place but also beautiful! Hope this is helpful, Char
21st May 2010

weather in NZ in winter
hi Charlotte! I will be traveling to nz this June and am curious to know what type of weather to prepare for, and which cities are/places are the best to visit in winter. it seems like u were able to go to a variety of places in the south island with weather not seeming to be a problem. Thanks a lot! ps beautiful pics!! Angelina
9th April 2010

I really enjoyed your NZ post. I have always wanted to go there. My blog is looking for travel photos If you have the time, email us at, or check us at Continued fun on your travels, Eric
25th March 2010

Well it's all true! I wasn't sure about going up cause it was $5 and then I thought what the heck and then I went to pay and I must have been looking quite awful as the woman asked if I was a student - I said I was and she just said, great that's $2 thanx! Result!xx
24th March 2010

Ooh stop you're making me blush! :) Like the photo's, I never actually went up the Cathedral which is a shame as the view over the square looks lovely x
18th March 2010

You are having fun!
Gran and I are sitting reading this laughing at your description but really glad we didn't do it! It was some Mother's Day - you texted in early morning to tell me that you'd bungeed and then texted late in the night to tell me you'd dived out a plane - give me a break! mum and gran xxxx
22nd December 2009

Thanx, however this was a bit of a one off and most days i am just working and sunbathing! lol! and i bet your life is really exciting actually! How is your placement stuff going? Miss you lots xxx
19th December 2009

char you make my life seem very mundane.......! glad you're living on the edge and hope you get a decent day of rest xxxx
28th November 2009

Was that a wink i saw in the mirror? Px x
27th November 2009

I type quick okay! I'm not correcting spelling mistakes - that is my excuse and I'm sticking with it!xx
27th November 2009

FYI: Apparently!!! x
22nd November 2009

Charlotte, read about your job situation. I found this site in preparation for my trip to NZ. Maybe this will help? good luck! happy travels
20th November 2009

Glad to hear that your having fun and doing loads but don't stress out too much! Just go with the flow. Any Restaurant would be silly not to take on! I wish i could just piss off to other side of the world i live a little. Work's a drag without you! x x x x
18th November 2009

Hi, yeah, doing it with BUNAC. So far so good. I'd recommend it.
16th November 2009

Looking Good
Wow, you are seeing the sights - sooooo glad you didn't bungee (detached retinas not funny!) Mum
16th November 2009

Hey Charlotte! Looks like you're having a great time. Just wondering if you were doing this travel through Bunac and if you were what you thought about it so far? I am planning on doing in next September. Enjoy NZ!
15th November 2009

Hi your mum is here at our house and has just given me your blog. We are all jealous. Have a great time. Madeleine is setting up facebook for me. Can I be your friend???? It will probably be ages before I figure it out though. lotsa love anne
11th November 2009

Impressed at the Victoria Peak picture - looks fab! And the most important question - what 's the weather like in Hong Kong?!xx
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11th November 2009

Missing You
Hi babes, hows it going? Glad to to see you having a nice time. Place isn't the same with out you! Good luck and missing you loads. P x x x x
From Blog: Hong Kong
9th November 2009

Mind take lots of pics for the blog! Have a great time!
From Blog: Hong Kong
8th November 2009

Sounds like you're the expert traveller already. Good stuff! Looking forward to hearing from you when you get to Auckland! x
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