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Asia » Hong Kong February 13th 2008

"Kung hei fat choi" have a happy and prosperous new year! Just as the Chinese were heralding the new lunar year of the rat we were arriving at Hong Kong airport ready for our asian part of the trip which for us signified an end to the easy travelling. Hong Kong during this time of year is awash with kumquat trees and bright red and gold decorations. The red represents the colour used for scaring off an old legend "Nion" who is said to have terrorised people every new year and the gold represents wealth and good fortune. The kumquats symbolise prosperity - something we wished we had more of! We missed the new year parade however wondering around Tsim Sha Tsui we managed to see most of the parade floats on display in the New ... read more
Symphony Of Lights
Man Mo Temple
Year Of The Rat

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales February 5th 2008

After a fairly easy night flight from Darwin to Brisbane we landed about 6am and hung around the airport for a few hours waiting for the city to open. We had found a deal on a really nice hotel in Brisbane called Terraces On Wickham so we headed straight there to dump our bags in their luggage room. Drearily we trudged around the city until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. We snoozed in our lovely cosy room all afternoon, venturing only out to the balcony to see the Australia Day fireworks that evening. The following day we got up early to take full advantage of the free buffet breakfast and after we were suitably full we headed out to catch yet another greyhound bus this time to Coffs Harbour. As it was a ... read more
One Of The Bays Around Coffs Harbour
Port Macquarie

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory January 26th 2008

Keen to see some more of Australia rather than the sameyness of the east coast we booked ourselves some flights to Darwin to explore the top end of the Northern Territory. We flew with Jet Star on the way up there and decided there and then that we wouldn't bother with them ever again. They have a rigid policy about not checking in until exactly two hours before the flight which results in everyone hanging around until the exact time then crowding the check-in desk. After a 3 hour flight sat next to a screaming baby we arrived in Darwin late so we didn't get to see any of it until the following morning. After a very pleasant and cheap night in the YHA we headed out to explore Darwin. At this time of year its ... read more
Nourlangie Rock Art
View Over Kakadu
Namanjolg's Feather

Oceania » Australia » Queensland January 15th 2008

Since arriving in Australia the weather for us has been very hot however further along the coast it has been raining so much some areas have been flooded and impassable. In many areas it hasn't rained much for nearly six years so at least some of their water dams are finally filling up at last. It was in Hervey Bay that we encountered some of the rain. As we walked along the longest pier in the world the rain pelted down so much for a minute we thought we were back home in England! We didn't do too much in Hervey Bay, Fraser Island had been battered by bad weather and from some of the news reports we had watched the place didn't look too well so we gave it a wide berth. Next on the ... read more
Cute Elephants

Oceania » Australia » Queensland January 10th 2008

First stop after Cairns was Dullsville otherwise known as Townsville, the gateway to Magnetic Island. We arrived late in Townsville so decided to stay a night and head off to the island in the morning. Our room was in a hostel where we got free dinner and breakfast however we also got free mouse poop in our room. We made a quick exit the following morning to Magnetic Island. The ferry was very quick, it only took 20 minutes aross the water and luckily it was a good contrast to Townsville. We stayed at the far end of the island so it was fairly quiet. The weather seemed to be getting hotter and hotter which was making venturing out a real task. Between lots of breaks and sitting in the shade we did manage to climb ... read more
Hill Inlet
Whithaven Beach
More Of Hill Inlet

Oceania » Australia » Queensland January 3rd 2008

The flight across the ditch from Christchurch to Sydney was really bumpy, not pleasant at all but to distract ourselves we watched Ratatouille. Once safely at Sydney we hopped across to the domestic terminal to catch our flight to Cairns. The nice man at Quantas noticed we had a long wait so put us on an early flight, lovely. After a quick check of the room we headed out to the shops to buy the christmas goodies. Within minutes of leaving the apartment we were both melting under the hot Queensland tropical sun, not what we were used to having spent 6 weeks in New Zealand. We spent a fortune in Coles and the bottle shop and came home armed with bags of mince pies, choccy coins and the like. Since we were last here the ... read more
Rubbered Up
Its Behind You
NYE In Cairns

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island December 20th 2007

Continuing down the west coast adjacent to the Southern Alps we arrived at glacier country with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. Within this area there are two glaciers Franz Josef and Fox Glacier, both formed during the last ice age. The glaciers were turquiose in colour and up close looked dirty from the rock deposits. The rivers of ice carved impressively steep valley's, the photo's don't do the imposing glaciers justice. From the glaciers we ambled through the middle of the island to Jackson. We stayed our final night in the campervan in the best park so far; Jackson's Retreat. Although raining heavily the covered pitches were just the touch with windows looking out across the mountains, foot mats and sinks made our final night all the more pleasureable. During evening ... read more
Fox Glacier
Arthurs Pass

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island December 4th 2007

The ferry crossing was surprisingly choppy nevertheless we had a great time swaying around the ship feeling as though we had drank too much. Swanning around on the upper deck we got our first views of the south island, it seemed a lot more mountainous and untouched than the north island. Since we got up early that morning we decided we would stay close to the port in the quiet town of Picton. Again it was time to frequent Top10 unfortunately it was the busiest park we had stayed in so far. For all the big Mauri and Kea vans life is pretty easy, everything you need and want is within the van however living in a bean can with see-through curtains is difficult so where ever we end up at night the positioning of the ... read more
Abel Tasman National Park
Stillwell Bay
Split Apple Rock

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island December 1st 2007

After leaving Rotorua two and a half hours earlier we arrived at Waitomo Caves. It was teeming with tourists hence our visit of the glow-worm caves felt a bit like we were on a conveyer belt one group in one group out. During our descent into the cave we were shown several limestone formations then the guide suggested we have a sing song to demonstrate the acoustics, random but it seemed everyone was up for it so we belted out the cheery christmas carol 'we wish you a merry christmas.' To see the glow-worms we had to board a boat and float through a section of water in complete darkness. The ten thousand worms looked like tiny dots on the cave ceiling, quite stunning. The worms are actually fly larva which emit a glow from their ... read more
Huka Falls
Tongario Crossing

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island November 26th 2007

So in our van posing as Chinese plummers off we sped up state highway 1 to spend our first night at the beach. We found Bream Bay, bit of a locals haven at the time we were there but we got a prime front spot with an unobstructed view of the bay. The beach was a multitude of coloured sands and dunes harbouring an aray of flightless birds. Being on the windward side of the bay attracted a few kite surfers, we watched all afternoon whilst laying on the soft sand enjoying the first sunny day in New Zealand. The first night getting the small campervan set up for bed was very strange something of an experiment that was going to need a lot of fine tuning. I was tucking in sheets along with banging my ... read more
Our Campervan
Scenic Lookout
Giant Kauri Tree

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