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29th May 2011

Sounds amazing PARIS is my dream trip I can't wait to go one day don't know while Rome is Paul's dream trip soe we will have to 'compromise' somewhere.....Beautiful pics...
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27th March 2011

Nick fat?
So does eating all that food mean Nick is getting fat? It cannot be!!
From Blog: The Train Game
27th March 2011

Nick understands CRICKET?!! I'm even more impressed with his intelligence than I was before! Cat, don't pass that comment on unless his ego needs a boost!
27th March 2011

getting caught up
Finally getting caught up on reading your blog. Traveling together is definitely a test of a relationship. Funny that Nick is a social butterfly. When I travel alone, I talk to myself a lot.
From Blog: The Golden City
15th March 2011

Much more like it. This looks incredible. But I can't get the disturbing image of the macaque out of my mind, for all of the wonderous, actual photos you provide.
15th March 2011

Yeah! I missed you guys. Not sure I'm sold on the Phuket beach experience, but glad you enjoyed it.
From Blog: The Beach
9th March 2011

plastic debris
Did you see any pellets? If you see any on future beaches bring me back some.
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5th March 2011

Of COURSE I would mention food! I really don't know how to talk without it being about food ;o)
21st February 2011

I've been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for this post. How incredible. How frustrating that the government isn't supportive. The pictures are outstanding. And you still manage to find a way to mention food!
21st February 2011

Please, please, please come home and cook for me! And Kathy, how could Thailand ever NOT have been on the list of places you want to go?
19th February 2011
Millaa Millaa Falls

smaller version of niagra but i guess it'll do ;)
13th February 2011

Favorite trip so far
I love it! the story of the elephants and the woman taking care of them is amazing. I'm excited that you both were able to experince this. Baby Elephants!!!!!
12th February 2011

You've convinced me
Ok. You've convinced me. I'll put Thailand on the list of places I want to go.
8th February 2011
Nick as a Mekong Fisherman

Actually, I think it totally suits you.
From Blog: Tourist Heaven
8th February 2011
Fried Spiders

From Blog: Tuk Tuk & Away!
2nd February 2011

Maybe it is good that you are in Asia at the beginning of the trip. Things get easier in Europe. After all, sandwiches were invented in England.
21st January 2011
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17th January 2011

looking at your photos
Tomas and I just looked at all your latest photos. I will read the blog posts later. We especially like the pictures of tall Nick in a land of short people. And we were interested in Cat and Nick in the tunnels. And we liked looking at all the motor scooters. Love to you guys! Have fun!
13th January 2011

Bats are cool
Cat - I am so jealous at all the different species of bats you guys are getting to see. I had to look up the ghost bats, because they were new to me, too. Very interesting! I wonder how many of my caing buddies have ever seen a ghost bat. Stay safe you two! Jess
13th January 2011

Caves are cool
Cat & Nick - So glad you are getting to see caves on your trip. They are in fact very interesting how much you can feel the temperature change. It's a nice place to be when it IS really hot and humid outside, and also nice when the temperature is REALLY cold. It will either warm you up or cool you down during the extremes. So glad you are having fun on your trip and LOVE reading the blog!
8th January 2011

Hey guys! I finally realized that you weren't going to be sending emails every time you made a blog post. It only took me a month or so. I've really enjoyed reading your posts so far - keep it up! The trip sounds amazing already and you're really just getting started. The picture in the pool with the fireworks behind is by far my favorite. That should be in the advertising for the city.
6th January 2011

drivin' on the left
I sympathize, Nick. I drove on the left in Ireland, and the hardest part was shifting with my left hand. I have a sneaking suspicion Cat is a better navigator than my mom was. Can't wait for the next installment of your adventure. You guys should write a book. Love, Kathy
6th January 2011
Momma & Baby Joey!

You're so lucky - I wish I'd been there to see them!
6th January 2011
Ocean Hazards

Not very inspiring!
4th January 2011

it's not an invertebrate, but it's still cute.
i want to touch my nose to its nose.

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