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Asia August 14th 2015

Okay, we're back State-side. I am now able to access the original blog. If interested in checking out our post-China trip, check it out or sign up for updates at read more

Asia » China » Shanghai August 3rd 2015

Soooo, knowing that China censors its internet access, we downloaded a VPN on our laptop before leaving so that we could access more stuff while traveling. Sadly, the VPN is useless to us, as it is completely recognized and blocked by the Chinese firewall. Google and Facebook are likewise banned in China, so the previous blog I started is equally kaput. In short, we have very little communication with the outside world (an interesting conundrum that I've never experienced before and quite frankly puts a lot of "big picture things" into perspective...#1stworldproblems), which just goes to show how much of my life is tapped into Google products. Go figure.... So, I'm going back to our previous world trip blog, which while not as user friendly as the Google-based blog, at least makes it outside the political ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey May 24th 2011

Monday 5-23 So, this is it! 6 months has come and gone. It’s kind of hard to believe it’s over already. Not that it went by quick or anything – Hawaii, Vietnam, India, they all seem like such a long time ago. Nick Note: I think it is because we did so many things that time slowed down, like when you are a kids experiencing so many new things that the years seem to take an eternity. But it’s kind of sad and exciting at the same time that our trip is over. We had a GREAT time, through all the ups and downs, and learned a lot about ourselves, each other and the world at large. We met some AMAZING people and reconnected with old friends. I am so grateful to everyone who let us ... read more
Nick, Miles & Anais
Anais & Catherine

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City May 24th 2011

Tuesday 5-17 to Sunday 5-22 Man, the flight from Amsterdam to London is really short! I think we were up in the air for maybe 15 minutes before the captain came on and told us to prepare for landing! We were met at the airport by our friend Mandy, a college friend from Boston University who moved to the UK with her British husband, Tony, a few years ago and now have an adorable 19 month old boy named Raphael. He’s really cute and a total chick magnet! Nick Note: Maybe he and my little nephew, Tomas, can get together in 17 years and carouse for ladies. They will be two wild and crazy guys. Everywhere we went with Raphael, the ladies ooh’d and aah’d over him ;o) Our first British experience was an old English ... read more
Cat as Calvary Guard
Jewel Tower
Millenium Bridge

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 24th 2011

Monday 4-9 We took the train from Paris to Amsterdam, only 3.5 hours. Nick Note: For this train I wanted to try a first class train instead of second class. In India there was a huge difference between 1st and 2nd class trains (though 2nd are perfectly fine) so I wanted to see the difference in Europe. It was nice that we got free wifi to use and free drinks and croissants, but in reality the difference wasn’t as huge. Still it was nice. Man, the U.S. really needs to put some infrastructure into high seed rail. It’s a great way to get around and way more comfortable than a plane! Anyhoo, we got into Amsterdam and it was cold and rainy, so we waited it out in a Starbucks and then strolled down the Damrak ... read more
Canals 1
Canals 2
Henny, Andy & Nick

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris May 24th 2011

Wednesday 5-4 to Sunday 5-8 Salut Mon Amour! I am back in Paris – city that I love!! Since this is the one city Nick and I have been to before (I first brought him here in the winter of 2003 – bad idea, it was freezing and the weather was miserable), we are looking forward to slowing down the tourist train and taking it easy. Nick Note: I think Paris is nicer to visit now and not just because of the much improved weather. Last time it was impossible to escape cigarette smoke or dog poop all over the sidewalks, but this time smoke is banned from public places and the poop is gone. Also they added a lot of bicycle trails which is very nice. Strolling through the streets, enjoying the cafes, maybe taking ... read more
Cat & Nick @ Eiffel Tower
Paris @ Night

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague May 24th 2011

Sunday 5-1 to Tuesday 5-3 We took a train from Vienna to Prague and it was a beautiful ride; really comfortable and great views of the countryside. Some kind of yellow flower is in bloom everywhere. We arrived late in Prague and just spent the evening watching several episodes of American tv – yay! I was so sad to see Michael Scott’s finally episode – I actually got a little teary eyed :o( Sadly, Prague was frickin’ freezing and rainy. Summer, where are you?! We do not have a winter wardrobe on this trip, but the weather gods seem to want to challenge us on that point. We ran into a group of American college kids studying abroad and they said it was a freakish change in weather; it had been in the 70s just a ... read more
Cat & Nick in Front of Tyn Cathedral
Cathedral of St. Vitus
Charles Bridge

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 24th 2011

Thursday 4-28 to Saturday 4-30 Vienna is another beautiful city with a mix of art nouveau and Renaissance-style buildings. And we seem to have arrived here during European high season – there are tons of European tourists everywhere! (In fact in most of Europe so far, we really haven’t run into too many American. Not surprising, considering how low the dollar is right now.) We visited St. Stephen’s Cathedral – a monstrous Gothic structure smack dab in the middle of the city and surrounded by what looks like the Viennese version of Rodeo Drive (an incredibly opulent street that has a huge gilded fountain for a fire hydrant). We got our first lesson on how important classical music is to the history and culture of Vienna at St. Stephen’s: this is where Mozart was married and ... read more
Hofburg Imperial Palace
Hofburg Imperial Crown
"Unicorn Horn"

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 24th 2011

Monday 4-25 to Wednesday 4-27 Back to Eastern Europe! Budapest is a first for both of us and once again, Eastern Europe catches us off guard with cold, rainy weather. Ugh, when will we learn?! With so little time in this city, we decided to make the most of the day, regardless of how freezing cold and rainy it was outside. Nick Note: It was somewhat drizzly but never enough for us to buy umbrellas and it was in the 50’s and 60’s F. I did not think this was “freezing” but you can judge. We visited St. Stephen’s Cathedral (founder of Hungary) during Easter Monday mass. Oops! We thought Rome would be closed down on Easter Sunday and it was hopping with tourists and locals alike. Easter Monday in Budapest, however, was like a frickin’ ... read more
Cat & Bronze Guards
Cat & Nick @ Chain Bridge
Cat & Nick @ Fishermen's Bastion

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome May 18th 2011

Wednesday 4-20 to Sunday 4-24 We’ve landed in Rome for Holy Week and are mentally trying to prepare ourselves for the crazy crowds ;o) Nick booked another AirBnB residence, so we have our own room in a really nice apartment, right next to the main train station; it’s great. This is Nick’s first time in Rome and we only have 5 days, so we downloaded some Rick Steves’ podcasts and set out on foot to walk the Eternal City over the next four days. (Shout out for Rick Steves, by the way; his free podcasts are awesome! He’s my new best friend on the trip.) Our first excursion was through the ancient Roman Empire. We visited the Colosseum and it was fun for me to see Nick so excited and wide-eyed about this amazing structure that ... read more
Castel Sant'Angelo
Lunch @ Colosseum

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