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3rd July 2008

Bus options...
Sorry for the delayed response, we haven't been checking our blog much lately. I think the public bus option is much easier to find once you are in either Jerantut or Kuala Tahan. I don't know how to find it in KL, but the station we were taken to on the way back to KL was not one we had been to before so I think it's a matter of finding the right station to leave from. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of it but I would suggest asking around, not the tourism people, but other locals and such. They might know. We of course only found out on the return trip so that's not much help, but try asking other travelers you run into, that's how we found it on the way back.
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16th June 2008

how do we find these money saving options?
How do we find the public bus from KL to Jerantut and the next bus from Jerantut to Kuala Tahan?
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12th May 2008

True for us, but I'm sure others have enjoyed it
We just shared our experience there, but we can't say what other peoples experiences have been. Maybe they were having a rough day or the owner was in a weird mood, but we told it how it was for us. When you're traveling, you should try things for yourself and see how it is as of course things can change and different people have different ideas of what is good and bad.
9th May 2008

Not sure if you guys are back yet...I don't see any recent blogs, just checking to see if you guys are ok. I've been watching that storm, didn't know if you guys were in that direct area. Please message me back if you can. Take care, Love Jason and Veronica.
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4th May 2008

not true
I believe this comments are not true, I has always dining in daddy's cafe,it is not as descriped as above.
25th April 2008

Thanks for the correction...
That is what we were told by folks selling the show, I guess they could have told us anything.
From Blog: Yangshuo
23rd April 2008

The lights show is directed by Zhang Yimou, not Ang Lee. You got it wrong. Zhang Yimou is not the director of Crouching Tiger.
From Blog: Yangshuo
11th March 2008

Cool photos
I don't know much about Ankor Wat, so it was neat to see those photos. It looks pretty amazing.
11th March 2008

The Palace Closure Scam
Glad to hear that you didn' fall for that scam. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw you were in Bangkok. I have a friend who fell for it pretty bad. He didn't realize it was a scam even when he was back in the States. He told everybody that it was closed for renovations while he was there. Somebody finally had the heart to tell him it was a scam.
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4th March 2008

Drinking out of a plastic baggie
I've encountered the to-go plastic baggie thing too, but mainly with beverages bottled in glass. The glass is too valuable to allow out of the shop so if you want it to go, into the platic baggie the Coca-Cola must go.
4th March 2008

Leeches and Party Shoes!
Sounds like a good adventure. I didn't realize leeches were so sleuth.
20th February 2008

One more clarification...
It's pronounced "pooh-ket"
20th February 2008

Pronouciation guide...
That's really funny, because we've been hearing it pronounced the Thai way, it didn't even occur to me. (I think Trevor realized it though). Yeah, the PH is pronounced like a regular P, not an F. =)
20th February 2008

town name/infamy?
So I didn't even read beyond the first paragraph that said "Phuket Town" is known for prostitution... really? Is that really it's name? Can I use this? It's almost too good... :)
13th February 2008

Dutch are well represented!
Yeah, Con, your fellow dutchmen are well represented here, we've met (and befriended) several dutch travellers.
From Blog: City of Melaka
12th February 2008

small crabs
I finally made it through your previous entries - thanks so much for sharing! I am on the verge of quiting my job and joining you too! Be safe! MB xoxox
4th February 2008

I'm so glad I'm in modern medicine... because just reading about the leeches I became sooo itchy!!! I am reading your blog every time I get an update!
26th January 2008

Malay-Dutch culture
Hey Cara, I'm loving the travel blog and look forward to following you guys the coming 3-4 months - keep it up! Interesting you had to travel all the way to Malaysia to get some exposure to (old) Dutch cultural influences, after being an office neighbor to a Dutchman for all those years at Hawaiian Vacations! Enjoy it all - I'm jealous! Cheerio/Con
From Blog: City of Melaka
24th January 2008

From Blog: Sentosa Island

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