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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Chanthaburi December 23rd 2009

Early morning start. Another tour with tong. (name of the business) We had a guide named Lily. She was upbeat and very friendly. From the moment we got in the van she started telling us heaps of things about Thailand and Bangkok. We had plans to give some food in the morning to the monks. I spent around $500 baht ($25 australian dollars) and fed 19 monks. Absolutley amazing experience. I do not have a photo of me doing it but I did manage to get one of Mark. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to give something back. Hard to explain but those that want to know more, feel free to ask me. We then got back into the van and headed to the railway markets. My favorite part of the day. They have ... read more
Mark giving alms
Railway market
Zoe on the tracks

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 23rd 2009

The third day of our trip. Still in Bangkok, We were lookig forward to this day as we had no tour booked and we were just going to do some wandering around and head back to China town for a second look. Mark, however had been complaining about a sore tooth and after breakfeast had decided that he could not stand the pain any longer. We found a dentist by suggestion of our hotel. Siam at Siam is fantastic by the way! We found a place and got an apt for an hour later. This would never happen in Australia! We went and bought a few things and then headed back to the dentist. I waited an hour with Zoe until Mark came back and told us it cost him $40 australian to have one wisdom ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 23rd 2009

Hello everyone! I trust everyone is all ready for Christmas? There is christmas lights throughout the hotel hear so it really feels like christmas here. Flight seemed like a day and a half. My advice. DO NOT think, that staying up all night before a flight is a good idea. Lol. I did not sleep at all and thought I would spend the entire flight sleeping. Could not of been more wrong!! We arrived at night time in Bangkok and about 5 minutes before we arrived. It hit me. I am almost home. Strange isnt it? I couldnt help but feel that pull at my heart, like I do about half way through my flight to Canada. A fimilar but great feeling. Home? Thailand you say? Well come on now, I may have Australian and Canadian ... read more
Street food cart

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Caboolture December 17th 2009

Hey everyone, Well, it is the night before.. We have three hours to go. I am the only one awake. Lol. I have a few things to do, like last minute plugs and making sure everything is checked off on the list that I managed to lose during the day. I am really hoping that I have remembered everything! Zoe has been bouncing off the wall excited, for some strange reason I decided to order pizza tonight. Hello.. We will be eatin out three times a day for the next 18 days!! What am I thinking?? Today was my last training day with Sharon, My personal trainer.. who has really been much more then that in the last 6 weeks.. friend, motivator, spirtual advisor, comedian and honestly just a lot of fun.. it took me about ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane November 28th 2009

Hey everyone!! Well it is that time again. THAILAND!!! I have some time and thought I should do one blog up, so everyone has the address and can recieve updates by email as they come along. I had planned to move my old blog to here but instead think that I will start from today. No point in looking back. Only looking forward! I will still write in that one from time to time. This one however, will be travel based. Canada is only 6 months away! You are very lucky, This time you will not just get my view..but also a 7 year olds view of her first time in Thailand. She is really looking forward to having the chance to tell everyone at home just what she has been doing and as most know, ... read more

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