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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Abbotsford June 11th 2010

Hello everyone, I always leave Australia with the best intentions of blogging every single day. Now here I am almost a week into our holiday and I am only starting now. Flight was amazing. I seriously slept for half of our first leg and 9 out of 11 hours on the second leg. Mark will say he did not sleep but he most likely did. The flight seemed to go so quickly and before we knew it we were in Canada. So excited to be home but really it has not felt like we are in fact.. in Canada. Weird eh? We spent the first few days with family and sorting out internet.. That was a mission in itself. Thought it would be cheaper for a usb stick but apparently not. Anyways, all sorted now. There ... read more
Tim Hortons toffee coffee!!
Canadian forest

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane June 3rd 2010

Hey Everyone!! Just letting you know we are on our way.. Well, in my mind anyways. Bag is packed... Well, Marks and Zoes. I like to leave things to last minute. What is so wrong with that? I just wanted to let anyone know that if you have yet to give me your number and you live in Canada... can you please send me a message on facebook or email me @ I know that everyone works but just wanted to touch base and explain that even though we are in Canada. We are there for a short time.. Oh, and a good time. : ) So please understand if we cannot meet up only on the weekend.. 21 hours later we are in Canada but things will be hectic and I am sure you ... read more
Zoe is packed
Mark telling me "What??!??! you are not packed?
Yep, no clothes yet..

Oceania » Australia » Queensland May 14th 2010

Hello everyone! I am so excited... 21 more sleeps. This will be our first trip back to Canada in the summer in over 6 years! Hard to believe that time has flown so quickly. : ) I am freezing at the moment here in Australia so very much looking forward to warm days of sunshine and hanging out at the lake. I must admit, I am not sure if I will be packing my togs.. (Swimmers for you Canadians) Morning's here in Australia have been about 11 degrees and I am seriously freezing in the morning. I thought that I would start this blog as I realised by a good friend of mine back home, Thanks HOLLY!! That I have yet to give any of you dates of where will be in our MONTH back home. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rainbow Beach January 21st 2010

Road trip!! Thinking that getting all packed up with Zoe's help would be easy, I awoke happy and relaxed. Actually, only midly panicked so for me that is good. BREATHE. Zoe, has had this little attitude latley and it is driving me insane!! I know most of you would not even notice it and think it is no big deal but seriously cannot wait for school to go back. Zoe thrives so much on schedule and discipline, without it, she becomes a different child. So this is the first year, that I am really looking forward to getting back onto schedule! All that aside, after a few temper tantrums and explanations 3 times as to why she could not sit in the car whilst I packed the entire truck.. We were on our way!! Nothing like ... read more
The best air con in the world.

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket January 15th 2010

I am at home now and it’s hard to try to remember. That is why there are so many spelling mistakes in all my blogs. I was scared that if I don't write quickly enough I would forget. Lol. No, its actually Mark “Are you done yet??” Lol. I have a glass of wine, Thai mosquito spray on (actually smells nice and keeps the mozzies away.. why has Australia not invented this yet?) and a huge smile on my face as I am trying to put into words, the overall experience of our trip. Lets start at the beginning. Bangkok. I actually think Mark enjoyed it this time. We did get a guide and I believed that improved our overall experience. Really did. Total cost for the guide.. $40 Australian. Tour with tong is whom ... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket January 2nd 2010

Well as I said in the last blog, It is a lot of sand, sun, poolside and a little bit of shopping. We don't do tours but we do follow our own path. We have planned to do a bit of wandering around the island. I wanted to rent a jeep but Mark is a bit nervous about driving around so we will probally opt for a driver with a car. when its only $30 Australian to get a driver for the day it is pretty silly not too just opt to do that. There is so many things you can do on this Island on your own without having to head out on a tour so we will look into and hopefully have something intresting to say. I wish Mark was a writer. as I ... read more
An even more common site!
Zoe's banana shake.

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai January 1st 2010

Chiang mai is a wonderful place filled with many things to do. At first when booking Chiang mai, I initially wanted to stay 7 days. I am both happy and sad as I leave, as I truly believe that 5 nights in this woderful part of the country is just not enough. I would however, of liked to see much more then we did get to see. Chiang mai is a place, I wish I could of researched just a little bit more. Mark on the other hand thought it was way too quiet. He was really hanging out for Phuket. On our last night in Chiang mai, after the elephants we had arranged a babysitter for Zoe. Ahem.. Zoe sitter as she likes to call it. We headed out to the night bazaar (a night ... read more
Happy Mark
Eating dinner again..

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 30th 2009

Christmas eve was pretty uneventful as we had just busted Zoe out of Hospital.We did hang around the downstairs lobby and have a few drinks outside though. The location of Holiday inn was pretty nice, right on the river. Zoe was like a brand new kid really. Thank god it was not worse then it was. She got to see Santa and Mrs. Claus as they were roaming around handing out presents. The decorations at the Holiday inn were pretty good and their was a massive ice sculture on display outside of the dinning room. Zoe woke up at around 8 Christmas morning and had many presents under the tree. BUT santa forgot a stocking so she got a letter and a 1000 baht. (30 aussie) We had our usual buffet breakfeast and sat outside where ... read more
Photo 13
Photo 14
Photo 15

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket December 29th 2009

Hello to everyone, Just a very quick note. Have some blogs saved but have been very busy drinking cocktails and hanging around in the pool. : ) Seriously, just got internet now. Have many many stories to tell. Just waiting on a free moment. Hope you all understand. Btw. Mark is fine... He is drinking so his little experiance at the Dentist is very much behind him. Zoe is also great. Biggest problem is what to eat, when to go for a swim and that big pain of applying sunscreen. LOL. We are off to dinner. : ) xx... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 24th 2009

Hey everyone!! Just a very quick note. Have been in the hospital all day as Zoe had a very high fever, shaking, cold and hot sweats, headaches and tummy pains. we called doctor around 5am and as we are across from the hospital, he suggested we go there. : ( Zoe is never sick and this was very hard for me to see. She had an IV placed in her arm and as I hate needles.. Think I may have cried more then her. The Thai people are wonderful and although we had to wait 20 minutes for a doctor. (They apologized like mad for the wait) What 20 minutes??!! lol. They gave us wonderful wonderful care. After being given the drip, Zoe started perking up. Thank god. They say it was food posioning. (SHE HAD ... read more
My Brave Brave little girl
I cry looking at this

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