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29th March 2013

You lucky sod
I envy you of coarse, It sounds an awesome trip! I will be thinking of you while I am stuck in an aeroplane heading for England. Have a goodie!
10th March 2013

Lucky buggers.
You guys will have a great time. Wishing we were coming as well. Maybe if we win the lotto before you leave we will come with you. Hope the weather is not as rainy as last time.
9th March 2013

Enjoy Your Holiday!
Hello Tammie and Mark! Have a Fabulous time! The kids will miss you but it is sure great you can keep in contact this way. I am looking forward to all the photos! Enjoy your time! My friend Lan Thi is from Viet Nam......she was adopted from an orphanage and looking at finding her roots. Ever since I came from Julie's I have been on, uploading all the information I have compiled over the last 36 years! Have fun! Love Auntie Sheila
9th March 2013

Wow! I bet it would be great having a coffee with you right now. Maybe I need to get on that too! Jules is so passionate about it, now you. Has to be a reason.;) look forward to reporting our trip! We are so looking forward to it! Love you xx
9th March 2013

Wow! I bet it would be great having a coffee with you right now. Maybe I need to get on that too! Jules is so passionate about it, now you. Has to be a reason.;) look forward to reporting our trip! We are so looking forward to it! Love you xx
19th December 2011

Waiting to hear all about your adventures, So I will be grabbing a wine to read your next chapter of your journey. Happy Anniversary you love birds XXX
4th December 2011

Wish I was there!
Oh I just wish I was there. I can' wait to go back. There is just something that keeps pulling at us saying "come back, come back to Thailand". Hope you have a awesome time.
1st December 2011

Love reading your adventures, Enjoy !!!!
30th November 2011

Hi guys, Im jealous wish I was there now!Zoe I'm glad to see you looked after your leg and that its all better now and you can go swimming, hair looks great and Tam nice shoes and nails, looking forward to the pampering.Little superstar looks like he is having a ball see you all soon in Vietnam
29th November 2011

Beautiful pics!
Thanks for the gorgeous pics and blog.So interesting!How is Zoe's leg,and how did it happen?Hope you have a great holiday!Say hello to Renee and her Mom too. love you all Mom
29th November 2011

Hey Missy, Great read, sounds like you are coping just fine! Hope Zoe's graze is healing ok. K
21st November 2011
Missing Daddy!!

joshua said today mum zoe said she willl miss me when she is on holiday but i miss her mum! so cute will get my skype set up so they can have a chat hope u a having a awesome time miss yas xxxxxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
20th November 2011

Love it!
Oh Tam! Thanks so much for sharing with us! You make me want to see the world too! You are an awesome writer, I look forward to following all your adventures you brave girl! :)
12th November 2011

Not long to go!
Wow, you are certainly going to be travelling light, can't wait to hear about your adventures xxx
7th November 2011

I am so envious!
You write a great blogg. I just want to pack my bag and jump on a plain, kids and all and head to Thailand. I hope you guys have a fantasic holiday. Cant wait till Saturday night. It should be a blast.
2nd November 2011

How Exciting!
Hey Bella - great read, I look forward to reading all about it and seeign what will surely be amazing photos. We have had two shipments from Thailand, one from Krabi and another from Patong, both ended up costing us more upon arrival but it was worth it, we have some amazing pieces! We head off in 7 weeks, can't wait! Take care - K
25th June 2010

Lol all i can say is GOOOOODDDD TIMES!!! love it miss u heaps xoxo
25th June 2010

Hey it's great to hear you having such a wonderful time, you are a popular girl, testament to how lovely you are. It sounds just devine in Canada..... mind you, you do a great Blog too. Great Picy's too. Thats quite funny about Renae. So when are you due back anyway? Look forward to catching up with you. Love Chrissyxxxxx
20th June 2010

OK lets be clear. Yes we do have lots of chips but youre in SUPERSTORE!! That place is like WalMart but cheaper lol I love the pics though! And whats wrong with all the sauces we have!?
14th June 2010

Wow lots of chippies hey. Are they good though. Samboy BBQ is my favourite. Has it only been a week or so since you left, what will I do without you. Miss your company. Lots has been going on since you left. Not all good, MMM lost Susy the night you left. It was not nice. Love your photos, so so green is that forest. From Lissy Hi Zoe, I hope you are having a good time in Canada. I miss you, can't wait till you come back. Did you have a good time at the forest and on the ferry? Have fun. Love from Elyssa. xxxxxxooooooxxxxxxxoooooooxxxxxxxooooooxxxxx
14th June 2010

Great blog tams looking good :o)
12th June 2010

YES thanks! About time slacker! Love the photos xxx
11th June 2010

Welcome home!! So glad to here your first couple of days back in Canada have been good. The pictures . . . make me miss home too. I'll just have to travel vicariously through them :) Have a great visit and hopefully we'll see you soon. By the way, I firmly believe that flip flops are not just shoes but a lifestyle;) And apparently I'm told I own too many. Never! Enjoy your day.
11th June 2010

I really enjoyed your photos from Canada, especially of the massive grocery stores we have here on this side of things! I love the smaller stores in other countries, like Australia! Do we really need 300 varieties of chips!? My blog is looking for travel photos, reviews, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email us at Continued fun on your travels, and don't get lost in the grocery store! Heather :)
4th June 2010
Living in Canada is the most marvelous experience in itself. Canada is the place having almost all the beauties and traveling destinations where a person cannot feel bored!

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