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3rd March 2008

Driving Standard
See honey, I told you when I taught you to drive standard that it would come in handy. And wasn't I right? Wonderful, wonderful blog, kids. Makes us feel like we're part of your adventure. Keep up the good work!
25th February 2008

Good going have lots of fun while you are young.... lol I hope you are teaching the students good habits as well not all about the beer is it..? all the best Uncle Mike and family
23rd February 2008

Hi guys: Nice picture; Your guys are have way too much fun. Keep safe love you
22nd February 2008

That's a sweet trial field trip to and drink beer everyday....were were those field trips when i was in school????? Sounds like you guys are having a great time and getting to experience so many things. We all miss you lots here!!!! Keep sending the messages.
17th February 2008

hi hunny
hi hunny looks like better weather then ours. lots of snow and maybe lots tomorrow. take care love ya aunt linda
16th February 2008

Hey Bri and Will, I love that you have a countdown until you are back in Canada... we do too! Only 146 days. Miss you tons. - tim
10th February 2008

Hi guys..... i see that you meet the Queen and King. Some of the wax those figures are really amazing as how they look. All those picture will have fond memory in the future. Still see that are having fun. love you guys
5th February 2008

Hi Hunny great pictures so you might be staying another year ha. It will be fun trying to plan a wedding from over there but it can be done. I am going to try and take Atsuka a girl that is living with us from Japan to Niagara Falls to go through some museums she is with us till July sometime. love ya Aunt Linda
5th February 2008

Oh I would have way too much fun with all those stars! lol That is totally awesome. Id be acting with them lol.. oh too funny.. well it looks like you guys had fun.. ttyl, and love you lots! xoxo
4th February 2008

Totally Jealous!!
I am totally jealous of you Bri! You got to pose with Captain Jack Sparrow AND kiss Spiderman!!! You lucky duck!! lol Looks like you had fun with some of those pictures... Bri the one with you and Justin... and Will the one with you and Keira Knightly, your looking a little too happy to be holding on her... haha Ttyl... xoxoxo Love yah!!
29th January 2008

Bri, I as well have seen "I Am Legend", and I'm not at all surprised you screamed during the movie! Haha It was pretty scary, I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. Love the ring, nice one Will! Miss you lots! xoxoxo
28th January 2008

Hey Guys! Great to hear you guys are doing well. 22nd of August eh... counting down the days we are partying together Will!! lol It's exam week there... so I better get back to studying for my math exam tomorrow :(... Sorry Bri, but math sucks... lol well I will talk to you guys later... xoxoxo miss yah! love yah!
8th January 2008

Glad to see more pictures, looks like you are having fun you need it before you get back to school. are you thunking about staying another year. I look forward to seeing more of you Will know that you are sticking around for good , nice love ya Aunt Linda
1st January 2008

Hi guys, gald your having fun. But that a long way to go see snow and be in the cold. I am sure if you asked, we would have send you some for christmas. By the way nice picture. love dad
30th December 2007

Amazing Pictures
Hey you two. I love your pictures. It is really cool becaues I can think "i've been there!". Did you get a chance to visit the Lindt factory when you were in Zurich? Miss you
29th December 2007

The BEST blog on Berlin I've seen!
I grew up in Germany post an American Army brat. Your's is the most descriptive blog on Berlin I've seen..and congrats! on the engagement.
22nd December 2007

Four leaf clovers?
It's nice to hear from you guys...and congrats on the day off and the free room! That's awesome! We, on the other hand, just found out that we have to leave work for our students to do on Christmas Day. Boo! Anyway, I look forward to hearing all about your trip! Hope you have an amazing time!! CJ
20th December 2007

Merry Christmas
I am surprised that a year has gone bye happy ann. Glade to see you's are having fun as well love ya Aunt Linda
17th December 2007

Aww, what a nice entry. Sounds like you guys are having a great time living life abroad. Happy anniversary!!
16th December 2007

its a REAL canadian winter right now...almost 40cm overnight...hope u guys have a merry christmas!!
26th November 2007

Staying another year?
The school year here doesn't finish until the end of July. We still haven't decided if we'll be staying for a second year. I think we have to make our decision by the end of April (but we're not completely sure!).
25th November 2007

Wonderful trip plans!!
All sounds so great! About the school trip in June??? Does that mean you are staying for another year?? When did you say the school year ended??? Oh yeah..about those "wellies" (Wellingtons).....those were the rain boots I was telling you I bought this past fall. They are sooo cool!
25th November 2007

Geez, sounds like you guys are having one hell of a time - not only are you abroad in England, but visiting places like Spain and Germany too? You're seeing all the sights! :D Will - dude, you're looking TRIM. That English diet getting you back into shape, huh? :D
24th November 2007

Hey Guys! Your trips sound well sweet!! haha... So glad to hear you guys are having a great time! I'll talk to you guys later!! xoxoxo miss yah lots!
19th November 2007

proud of you's
Hi hunny glad you are having fun with the school. Well maybe the children have some good questions. love yas and have fun.aunt linda

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