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28th June 2012
Entering the Blue Grotto

This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing :o)
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29th June 2012
Entering the Blue Grotto

It was fantastic. It was the only portion of the trip that felt like a true vacation. You should go there, ya'll aren't that far away from. :D Brian
From Blog: Capri
21st June 2012

I love living vicariously thru your trip blog. Hope you guys had a great time! Safe travels tomorrow.
From Blog: Capri
20th June 2012

Brian, What a great sounding trip. YOU are liv'n the dream! Safe travels my friend. Isaac
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18th June 2012
Midge nets

They have wee teeth like razors the highland midge x
16th June 2012

Great photos
14th April 2011
Sunrise in Saigon

What a beautiful photograph!
17th March 2011

none for me thanks.
I do not need snake blood to make me feel strong. :) Thanks for the camera recommendation. I love it.
17th March 2011
Just a bit muddy

That view is incredible. Can't wait to see more photos!
17th March 2011

cobra blood?
Did you have any? Make you strong! I feel like I'm watching an episode of Bizarre Foods!
17th March 2011

not in my house
I do believe you are muddier than when you were a kid. Pictures are fabulous. I'll be the first to volunteer to have a Vietnamese night. I'll furnish Vietnamese dinner and you furnish a slide show. Can't wait to see you on Friday. Love you, Mom
17th March 2011

the next 2 days
BC you are going to see mankind at its worst. Fall into your world and don't let them in! This is part of your adventure,And this will prepare you for another chapter in life. Sorry I did not get Skype, just another password, Have a safe journey home. Glad you had this chance, I'd like to say I envy you, but each of us have a path. Much Love. Tommy
16th March 2011
Beginning of our hike

This looks just like the Rain Forrest in Puerto Rico. Getting home sick. Great photos. Have a safe trip back.
15th March 2011

following your trail
Hey there Brian we have been following your trail over there and it looks like you are having a great time and in a beautiful part of the world, I have a few friends from work who have been there and they still rave about the country and the people. Take care and I will attempt to get a skype account and get a catch up that way Jimmy & Sadie
15th March 2011

'as we grow older we are more inclined to do things we would not do in our youth. Good example Mrs. Fireengine hair. sorry for my typing, i just burned the fire out of my left hand, so ice cube in my left i write. never in my life would consider veitnam as place to visit, but now that brian has introduced us to it, i think it might be a place to go, don't no if i ever will, but given the opportunity "yes" Funny how in other places seem more beautiful than home, but home always calls us. Brian I guess you feel like the guy that got a hole in one playing solo. Go back! share it tommy
14th March 2011

UK Safe House
What a wonderful side trip that would be! I have actually rearranged my flights and am now flying through HCMC on Friday. I'll miss out on the Halong Bay section of my trip. Thank you so much for the offer. Brian
From Blog: and he's off
13th March 2011

UK Safe House!
Hi Brian, If you have any problems getting home, you always have a place to stay in the UK with Dave and I! We'd be happy to accommodate you for as long as you need :o) Your trip sounds amazing! I hope it ends on a high. Chris
From Blog: and he's off
12th March 2011

You need to plan on having a dinner with some of your favorites from Vietnam,
11th March 2011

Hey Brian, remember me? I love reading about your travels. How exciting! Hope you have some pepto with you. Be safe.
11th March 2011

Great Photos!
Brian, hope you and the group have enjoyed the week and learned new things. Looks like the groups flight goes through HK, so hopefully there aren't any delays because of the tsunami through Japan. Have a great trip up north - I'm sure you'll enjoy Ha Long Bay!
11th March 2011

Great Photos!!!!
Any way to find some Tums???
11th March 2011
Barbeque dinner in the garden

now this looks like some of the places at home very nice now the factory workers.. wow we have it made here.. have a great time...
11th March 2011

snake and alcohol
I'm glad there aren't any snakes in Scotland. I'll have a pint o Whisky and rattler. njoy your adventure, to the North
11th March 2011

That's my boy
9th March 2011

It was more like sucking on a neverending popsicle. Very tasty. Brian

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