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Brian Clements

Brian Clements

I am now an MBA graduate and to celebrate am going on a four-week adventure through Great Britain and Western Europe with my family. :D

Europe » Italy » Campania » Capri June 21st 2012

Yesterday we took a boat ride to Capri, an island off the coast from Sorrento. The water was the bluest and clearest I have ever seen it. London and I went into the famous Blue Grotto where the sun reflects off the limestone seabed making the interior of the grotto a magnificent blue. It seems that rail strikes are a pretty common occurrence over here and tomorrow they have scheduled a strike. Luckily we were headed to Rome today and not tomorrow. we catch a plane back to reality tomorrow morning. Brian... read more
Faraglioni rocks off the coast of Capri
Who has this kind of money?
Sophia Loren's villa on the far left

Europe » Italy June 19th 2012

We arrived Monday in the late afternoon to Sorrento via train from Firenze. Our hotel room has a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, Mount Vesuvius and Napoli. I stayed up into the wee hours watching fireworks across the bay. Add this place to your bucket list, it is unbelievable. Tuesday we took a white-knuckle bus ride down the Amalfi Coast to Positano and Amalfi. We took the ferry back so that we could see the view from the Meditteranean. Today, London and I went scuba diving. It was very exciting after finally getting the hang of the controls and relaxing while breathing underwater. We went about thirty feet down and saw starfish, and other really cool marine life. Tomorrow we are going to Capri and Thursday headed back to Rome for our return flight home on Friday. ... read more
View over a cliff from our bus on Amalfi Coast
So, who ordered the pig?
Amalfi Town view from ferry

Europe » Italy » Tuscany June 16th 2012

Debbi met me and London in Roma on Tuesday where we spent a few days before going to Florence. We stayed within walking distance of Trevi Fountain. Rome is a great city with friendly folk a scrumptious food. We then left for Florence via train. Tomorrow we are headed to the Amalfi Coast, 90 degrees and 0% chance of rainband a beacH. :D Brian... read more
My son in marble
Orb at the Vatican
Stairway to Heaven at the Vatican

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London June 3rd 2012

When we planned our vacation many moons ago we didn't realize we would be arriving in London at the very hour the Queen's Jubilee would be ending. When we exited our train at Waterloo station we were met by a million people trying to get into the station and it was raining. Welcome to England. :D Monday night we went to see Coldplay in Arsenal's football stadium. They were fantastic. As we entered they gave everyone a wristband. Throughout the show the wristbands lit up. It was pretty spectacular. I would share a photo but my IPhone was stolen in Rome. Tuesday night we saw Wicked, the story of the wicked witch of the west in Wizard of Oz. Ran into Dave Ramsey in the bathroom. Friday, my mom, aunt and cousin left for home while ... read more
House of Parliament and Big Ben
Lion at the Tower of London
Beefeater who smells a bit of treachery in the air

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire May 27th 2012

After two nights in the castle we headed to Scotland to visit some old friends. We brought some warm, sunny weather from Tennessee with us. We stayed a few nights in a caravan on Loch Goil but decided to leave a day early because of the midges. We have nothing to compare with the midges in the states, thank the lord. They are small flies that like to bite and they were everwhere. One of my favorite moments so far on this trip was four-wheeling, and yes the grannies went with us. They did slow us down a little, though my mom was reprimanded by our guide for reckless driving. :D Brian... read more
Midge nets
Beautiful Highland Cow
The Grannies went 4-wheeling

Europe » United Kingdom » England May 26th 2012

Note to self... Self, Never plan a full day of sight-seeing culminating in a four-hour, wrong-side of the road drive when you have a ten-hour international flight, having only slept three to four hours in the last twenty-four. Sincerely, Self If you think driving on the left side of the road isn't that difficult try this little exercise. Close your eyes and envision pulling out of a parking space or driving through a round about. It was a great idea in theory. Liverpool, home of the Beatles, was only "30 minutes" drive from Manchester, England. We could just "swing" over for a quick look. The tour was great but the drive to our accommodations in Northern England was one of the most perilous four hours of my life. We had to stop twice for caffeine injections ... read more
Augill Castle
Augill view from the "lake"

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Lao Cai » Sapa April 14th 2011

So I’ve been stateside for three weeks and when landing in Nashville I had no idea what was in store. Day one the pollen bomb was dropped, day two my sinuses exploded, day three my voice was gone, day four I slept for eighteen hours, day five I had a presentation at school, and day six thru nineteen I was either miserable or on the verge of being miserable. I am now back among the living. I have read thousands of pages about the east over the past few years and have come to realize how fascinating and otherworldly it is in comparison to what I find familiar. I left America with the intention of enjoying this strangeness. There were many aspects of Vietnam that made me feel as if I were on another planet and ... read more
Out hotel in Saigon (the Golden Central)
Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon
We throw $ in fountains, they throw $ on the temple roof

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Lao Cai » Sapa March 16th 2011

While having breakfast Tuesday morning I met Malcolm, a 38 year old father of two from Vancouver. I invited him to join our group that day for a hike down into the valley. Little did I know that the first two hours would be spent descending a very muddy trail. It was a very slow descent even with my hiking shoes and I fell on numerous occasions. By the time we reached the bottom my shoes, pants, and backside were covered in mud. We stopped at the "drive-in" market at the bottom of valley and bought water and snacks. After a brief break we began a long muddy climb on the other side of the river passing more villages and schools. At the beginning of our hike a number of local Hmong women attached themselves to ... read more
Their version of Krispe Kreme
My local guide
Beginning of our hike

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Lao Cai » Sapa March 14th 2011

Saturday morning I was at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City waiting for my flight and noticed an older lady with fire engine red hair. I thought she was from Scotland and introduced myself. It turns out that she is from Kentucky and is also headed to Hanoi. She is an adventure traveler and has visited 77 countries. She is also going to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Antarctica later in the year. This meeting would have not made into this travel blog if it weren't for the fact that I ran into her the next day while touring Hanoi. Coincidence? I think not. Before I left the U.S., I found an organization in Hanoi called Hanoi Kids. It is a volunteer organization consisting of university students who volunteer their time giving tours around Hanoi in ... read more
Thuy (pronounced Twee) guide in Hanoi
Hotel room in Hanoi with private balcony
View from hotel in Sa Pa

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 March 12th 2011

Yesterday, a few of us in the group went on a tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels, hundreds of miles of underground tunnels, dug by the Viet Cong to first evade the French invaders and later the U.S. forces. I had no plans of going into the tunnels but wanted to shoot some guns. The Belmont group left this morning for the U.S. and I am about to fly to Hanoi to explore the north for a week. I'll spend tonight and all day tomorrow exploring Hanoi. Sunday night I'll board an overnight train for Lao Cai, on the Chinese border, where I'll be met by a driver from my hotel in Sa Pa, a small town in the mountains. There should be breath taking scenery everywhere. Can't wait to take pictures there. The tragedy in ... read more
This entrance was not made with my size in mind
Shooting a machine gun

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