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18th May 2009

hilarious photos!
love the "superpeople" trick shots...and the finale medical masks - classic! too bad when you get home i won't be able to see you :-( miss you both terribly!
7th May 2009

Of course my favorite photos were of the pandas. Did you see any baby pandas??? As always, we are enjoying your photos and commentary. Take care of each other. Love, Cheryl and Mark
7th May 2009

i knew taking you to the swan lake would open your eyes to more ballet performances. :-)
21st April 2009

Hey guys! I love the pictures! I so envy you! I'm glad you guys are having a great time. Good thing your there and not in Colorado yet, they've had a few snow storms n the past couple weeks! Love you guys and miss you so much. Can't wait to see your next blog!
19th April 2009

Glad we didn't know you were in Bankok when things were dicey. Especially my mom. Looks like a really cool celebration. Can you imagine loading the family up in a pick up truck and riding around spraying people with water back home? I also liked how they honor the elders. Remember that Brandon, especially as I get older. Seriously, we are loving your blog and looking forward to reading about your journey to China. Love and miss you guys.
13th April 2009

wow, what an adventurous trip! I love the mountains and the caves!
11th April 2009

Good looking!!!!!
Hello, Were is the beard??? You look refreshed. Every place looks amazing!!!!!!!! I am not going to say the same about the food. But maybe we should try some of it in the Gallery's menu. We miss you both, be careful!!! Love, Maria and Terry
From Blog: Siem Reap
9th April 2009

Viet Nam
Wow. Your adventures just seem to get better. I think the kayaking in the cave would have made me a little claustrophobic but other than that, awesome. Don't think I'd bring Sadie with me though-she'd probably be a meal for a large family...Can't wait 'til the next stop.
25th March 2009

Put a smile on my face
Finally I get back from my wimpy travels and what is waiting for me...all the lovely stories and pictures I've been so eager to see. It is so wonderful to follow you guys through your travels and see all the beautiful things you've been experiencing. Super jealous! Miss you both and hope every day opens your eyes a little more. Love you both :-)
From Blog: Bangkok
15th March 2009

Ant eggs???
Gee Brandon I'll bet you disappointed you couldn't try those... Awesome photos. Makes me wish I was 20 years younger so I could make the trip. Glad to see Betty's feeling better.Take care and we hope to hear from you soon
From Blog: Chiang Rai
10th March 2009

Great photos. Betty's family must have been thrilled with your visit. Gorgeous view of the sea and mountains. Glad you got some rest before the next part of your journey. We look forward to the next chapter. PS: Mark says he wants to try the chicken intestines. Bring some back for him. Stay safe. Love, Cheryl and Mark
From Blog: Rayong
10th March 2009

Are you at The Legend? Don't you love it? Post some pics of your room.
From Blog: Rayong
4th March 2009

Your face
Brandon does a good fake sleeping face!
From Blog: And We're Off
4th March 2009

Bon Voyage
Wow Brandon,if that's how you look before the epic flights begin, I hate to see how you're going to look when you get to Thailand... We're so excited for you guys, and quite a bit jealous. We know you will both have an awesome time. Take care of each other. Be safe. We love you and look forward to seeing/reading about your travels. Cheryl and Mark
From Blog: And We're Off

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