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13th June 2005

Onward ho !!!!!
Have fun, excitement, and enjoy !!!!! - joyce appel and paul henry
From Blog: Alaska Bound
18th May 2005

Wonderful Savannah
Enjoyed your travelogue. Got interested in Savannah, Georgia from the community website Your travelogue further fuels my interest in the place. - Suzee
19th April 2005

Great Food & Entertainment
If you're still in Oahu, stop by Willy's in the International Market for some great food and live music. It was my favorite place when I lived there! AND the Wialana Cafe has tasty macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup..can't leave without tasting these. The wialana cafe is cheap and has great food..also has a lounge area and kareoke. The cafe is just around the corner of the Pavillion building(on Kalakua Ave) so not far if you're staying somewhere downtown. - Gina
From Blog: Hawaii Day Three
6th March 2005

Travel to places near Pittsburgh
This would be a good idea, when we get back. Let us know more. I have thought of doing this also, keeping the group small. I agree with you, that there are so many places within a few hours drive of Pittsburgh that are very enjoyable. - Jim and Joan
6th March 2005

Driving cost
Some group charge 10 cent a mile If gas keeps going up maybe that is OK I would like to know what others think It is 180 miles plus driving a round at the park, you could have close to 400 miles when done in my car at 20 miles to the gallon that is 20 gallon at 2 plus dollars a gallon that is 40 buck just for gas Waht are you ideas Bob
6th March 2005

What to Bring
Personal gear Hiking Gear Rain Gear Snack to share What ever you want to drink Book Games We will bring a few Camera Waht else
6th March 2005

We should have a guide line on what people should pay as their share of the driving cost - Maureen Kelly
6th March 2005

What to bring
We should give people an idea of what to bring - Maureen Kelly
21st February 2005

Bob and Kelly, When you left Florida, it sounds like you ran into the rain that first reached us in Texas. We wish you sunshine in Hawaii. That is a sure thing. But rain or shine we can enjoy! - Jim and Joan
From Blog: Natchez, MS
21st February 2005

Happy belated birthday BOB!! Well, now you are finally OLDER than ME!! ha ha Gerry - Gerry
18th February 2005

you suck that fish isnt even real! - bill
10th February 2005

I found it!!
OK, today I found the AGR "south" photo! Cool! And didn't we have fun?? gh - Gerry
8th February 2005

Ray and I have been to St. George Beach and the Panhandle several times. I love it. Biking along the waterway is great. - Martha
8th February 2005

Bob and Maureen, Hope you two are have a wonderful time it looks as if you are. Happy Birthday on Thursday. Mare and I wish you both well. By the way where did the Sprinter come from? - Ken Blinn
From Blog: Heading South
7th February 2005

so close.........
Hey you 2, when you went from I-75 out Rt 44 to Rt 19 to have the tint put on your windows, you must have only been about 7 miles north of my place! Heck should have called me, I'd have come and got you and brought you back for lunch! Maybe next time. Gerry - Gerry
7th February 2005

Sweet Picture
I really like that photo. - Todd
6th February 2005

Bob's friends
I am enjoying the news and the pictures. Lovely pictures. You must have a ball! What a way to live and have fun. Best wishes for a safe journey with no flat tires. Love - Ettore
1st February 2005

viewing your southwestern trip
Hi you guys.......great photos memorable trip for you! Good to see you today. Take care, be safe and maybe we'll meet again some day soon. Gerry - gerry
24th January 2005

tag--you're it!
we keep playing phone tag! Hey glad to see you went to the space center...I thought it was interesting when we were there. I love Ft. Lauderdale, what a beautiful city. Coco Beach is great too but I think you past it. Glad to see that you are having a great time in FL. We are building our patio in our backyard now. Love ya, Heather - Heather
22nd January 2005

Thanks for the card. Ray arrived home fri eve and is able to do the stairs and sleep in his own bed and enjoy my cooking. Needless to say he is glad to be back!! Will do outpt PT and OT for 6 weeks. Lots of snow right now. I will cr. x ski in Schenley Park tomorrow. Cheers and have fun! - Martha Raak
19th January 2005

Enjoying your travels.
19th January 2005

My other comment disappeared so I will add this one too.. Just wanted to say Jim and I bicycled around Savannah also last March. The traffic was challenging! Joan
14th January 2005

Fub abd interesting
Quite nice choice to share your adventures, dear Bob and Maureen, and high tech. I am passing the blog to Carol and we stay up to date. Happy and safe traveling. Love, Ettore - Ettore
8th January 2005

Beautiful beaches
Don't forget the Beaches of South Walton in the Panhandle. They are among the best in the world, and there is a new bike path joining them all. Looking forward to your next blog, as we prepare for our own trip. When we enter our first blog, we will be viewable also. - Jim and Joan
From Blog: Heading South
4th January 2005

This is a terrific site. Thanks for sharing. MR - Martha Raak
From Blog: Black Mesa

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