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13th July 2005

Way to go!
Looks like you are having fun. Well, keep it up and enjoy.
From Blog: The Mountain
11th July 2005

Wow! What a climb!
On first reading, I thought you climbed, as in hiked, from 4000 to 9000 feet in an hour, and I was not surprised since I know you guys are in the greatest of shape. Nevertheless, it did seem nearly impossible. On second reading, I guess you aren't quite Supermen. . .! The photos are spectacular, worthy of framing! It must have been eerie alone in a campground without anyone around. Being a city girl, that thought alone frightens me, without even mentioning snakes and bears. Keep writing! I love to read your blogs! Love, Linda
8th July 2005

Haven't been able to get in touch with Warren Smith. He must be away. Are you still going to send a newsletter. If you give me some ideas I will write it up. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi
6th July 2005

Pithy sayings
"The Evil of the Mind is conquered by the goodness of the Heart" an American soldier in Iraq
3rd July 2005

marvelous photos
great pics, Bob: We've been in the area and enjoyed it. Now, you two have to come to the Vermilion Cliffs, between 10/1 and 11/15, to hike Buckskin Gulch, the world's longest slot canyon -spooky and beautiful; and the Wave- like no place else on earth. we'll be there then, at the Paria Contact Station.. We can toast to W's good health (we don't want The Lizard to take our nation's reins! Emily and Bill
3rd July 2005

Pithy sayings
"Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth" Buddha?
2nd July 2005

Wow, cool hike! Can you elaborate, and this will sound silly, on what grits are? I always thought they were potatoes, hashbrown type things, but a fella from Tennessee that I recently met has said that Grits are Grits, not potatoes, but won`telaborate. How would you describe grits? ivadoll (
30th June 2005

The Farm
I got the farm! Now the fun begins. Looking forward to your return, so you can help build my house. The wisest follow their own direction. Euripides
From Blog: ENDING DAY 7
30th June 2005

What a place!
Las Vegas is the opposite of what we "outdoor people" are used to----but there are so many who love it. Who is crazy? We like to think it is the "others". After all, I think, the natural world has it all. But not everyone does!
27th June 2005

I live in Northern Virginia and I have never seen the bottom of the Grand Canyon until this morning! Your pictures were beautiful. Thanks for sharing your trip...I hope to go West some day.
21st June 2005

What a wonderful photo-journal of the trip. Your camera was worth every penny, Bob! Thanks for helping me re-live the trip. It was a pleasure to meet you and Kelly, and I'm looking forward to the Alaska photos. Have a wonderful journey.
17th June 2005

More Words
Fishing is a happy combination of hunting and meditation. A. Warren Larsen (my pen name)
17th June 2005

Words of ?
In the beginning there was neither existence nor non-existence, All this world was unmanifest energy. Rig Veda
17th June 2005

I'm envious....
thanks so much; I'm enjoying the trip vicariously. emily
15th June 2005

Wayside Chapel
I love the photo of the Wayside Chapel! ! !
From Blog: Alaska Bound
15th June 2005

Alaskan travels
I'm so glad to follow your travels through Alaska. We took an Alaskan cruise a few years back and loved the ports we visited. Your blog and photos take me back and give me a renewed inspiration to travel Alaska. Have a great time! Love, Linda
From Blog: Alaska Bound
15th June 2005

"The Love Boat"
Well, I watched the show, "The Love Boat," for years, and I never imagined it to be a raft on the Colorado River. I am so happy for the two of you and hope that you, soon, will be cruising into Southern Oregon. Happy travels throughout your lives together! ! !
15th June 2005

"The Love Boat"
15th June 2005

June 15th
Congradulations Maureen and Bob! -And a proposal story to tell at anniversaries. Somehow I suspected that two people who could be side by side this long might never really part! Hope to do some biking and kayaking with both of you, if you ever come back!
15th June 2005

Two of my favorite people getting hitched WOW Wonderful News. Wishing you both the very best! "It is the intention behind your giving and receiving that is the most important thing." Chopra
15th June 2005

Congratulations II
Same again - and what a place to propose - well done!
15th June 2005

Just saw your blog, and wanted to wish you all the best for the future!
14th June 2005

Hi you two! Man alive, this is an awesome trip. It's neat to be able to settle own with a cup of tea and read and "see" your travels on the blog site after I get home from work. You are soooo lucky.........ENJOY every minute of it! - Gerry
From Blog: Badlands
13th June 2005

Beautiful Pictures
Kelly and Bob, Your pictures are spectacular and the story so interesting! Our trip on Westwater Canyon way up stream in Utah was a Mini-Grand Canyon trip of just 2 days. We "froze" because the weather turned cold and rainy. Otherwise our experiences were similar. Looking forward to your next blog! - Joan Roolf
13th June 2005

Onward ho !!!!!
Have fun, excitement, and enjoy !!!!! - joyce appel and paul henry
From Blog: Alaska Bound

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