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Asia » Azerbaijan » Baku July 8th 2008

It all changes in Azerbaijan - the weather improves and is bright and hot, and the people all wave and smile! I bush-camp the first night with some fellow travellers. That evening, a local couple pull up in a car and start talking to us in Russian and broken English. It turns out that they're archaeologists who have been living and working on a bornze-age site, not far away, for over 20 years. They tell us they'll come back the next morning and take us to it. As promised, they appear at breakfast and we follow them to their site. Not expecting much we were all completely astounded by the dig and the amount of work they had done on it. Afterwards, they take us to their tiny village for tea. EVERYBODY from the village turns ... read more
Maiden's Tower
Arabic arch

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia July 8th 2008

From Sumela I head to the Georgian border. I stay at a homestay with a Georgian family in Kutaisi, and wander around the local ruined cathedral in the early evening, before spending the rest of the night eating and drinking Chacha (the local firewater) with my hosts. I leave early the next morning for Kazbegi, high in the Geogian mountains, not far from the Russian border, and spend a couple of nights at another, family-run, homestay, which is nice and warm. It's snowing outside. Over breakfast the next morning, and old, rugged and very drunk old man busts in and starts shouting and pointing at people. Everyone is stunned, but it bgecomes clear that he's the owner of the house, and wants us all to drink with him and toast the old 'better' Soviet, Stalinist days. ... read more
Another church
Local hairdresser

Middle East April 3rd 2008

Leaving Istanbul on a beautiful sunny day, I travelled across the big suspension bridge joining Europe to Asia for my first view of the largest continent. It looked pretty similar from where I'd just come, to be honest. It took a couple of days to drive the 700 odd kilometres to Cappadocia, in Central Anatolia, passing through a varied mix of rocky farmland to high, snowy mountain passes. You'll have probably seen pictures of the famous 'fairy chimneys' of Goreme in postcards or on tv, but they're a very strange geographical phenomenon formed from soft, sandy laval stone, eroded down to leave the harder stone behind, in large conical structures, which were then hollowed out and used as housing and storage buildings. I wanted to take a hot-air balloon trip over the valley, but unfortunately, the ... read more
Fairy chimney

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul March 26th 2008

I finally arrived in Istanbul late in the evening on Monday the 24th March, after a whistlestop transit across Central Europe. I'd seen snow on everyday exept the last, camped outside a service station in Belgium, eaten Brattwurst in Munich, taken the Sound of Music tour in Salzberg (just for my mum, honest...) got drunk on Schnapps in a jazz club in Zagreb, crossed Macedonia in 3 hours, bush-camped on a beach in Southern Greece and spent 7 hours at the Turkish border-crossing trying to get in. An uneventful trip then. I'm woken on my first morning in Istanbul at 5.45am and instantly reminded it's a mainly Muslim country by the early call to prayer. (Alledgedly, Turkey is secular, but they obviously didn't tell anyone). I don't mind the sound, and kind of got used to ... read more
The Von Trapp House
The Blue Mosque

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London February 26th 2008

Less than three weeks to go and I've finally got together the kit, the meds and hopefully all the vaccinations I'll need on my trip ( Japanese B Encephalitis isn't to be recommened). As I've discovered in the last three months, making arrangements to take a year out of your normal life is quite a complicated process. I thought it would just be a matter of cancelling a few direct debits, sticking a couple of boxes in my parent's loft, (sorry folks) grabbing my ruck-sack and going but, alas, this is not the case. When it comes down to it, you realise there are hundreds of 'little things' one has in their lives, which often add up to making a trip like this impossible. Fortunately, I began my planning early and, although my new sleeping bag ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London November 13th 2007

This blog is my way of both keeping a record of my travels (and travel plans) and letting the folks back home know that I'm still alive, roughly where I am, and what I'm doing. It's been two years since my last trip to Africa, after which I thought my travelling days were over. I'd had a good time, but thought that I'd never get the opportunity to go away for any length of time again. It wasn't until the Summer of 2007 when the urge started to take me again and I realised that the travel bug hadn't entirely left my body. When I got back from my last trip in 2005, I'd told people that my work would never let me take another sabbatical, and that I'd have to quit my job if I ... read more

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