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Island life After a relatively short bus ride down the west coast of lake nicaragua, we arrived at the ferry dock en route to Isla de Ometepe. As we bundled our numerous rucksacks and bags onto the ferry we looked across the lake to see a glimpse of the twin volcanoes of Concepcion and Maderas which dominate the island. The weather wasn't great, overcast and windy, the tops of the volcanoes were shrouded in cloud giving them a foreboding quality. We were staying here for 2 nights which turned out to be more than enough really. Our accommodation was a small resort on the beach pretty much in the middle of nowhere about a half hour ride from the main town where the ferry docked. The main road was manufactured in a quite interesting way; small ... read more
Volcano in the mist
Hot springs
Taxi to hotel

After a hectic first weekend we finally get to do some proper exploring and enjoy our surroundings for a couple of days. The small colonial town of Granada on the northern shore of the gigantic lake Nicaragua would be our first taste of central america. A world apart from our previous resting point in Comayagua, Granada is a colourful and welcoming town where even the cathedral is painted a warm summer yellow. Our hostel was situated at the bottom of the main pedestrian street; a cobbled lane straddled by restaurants and cocktail bars with the obligatory street merchants selling jewellery and little wooden animals etc. A classic example of a tourist street for incoming gringos. On a more practical note you will find a nice smoothie place which we used for breakfast both mornings, a good ... read more
Cathedral, Granada
Lake Nicaragua
Happy campers

The hunt begins... Missing out on the first week of a 7 month rtw trip, in reality, isn't that bad in the long run. But what made it worse for us was the fact that we had pre-paid for a 17 day tour through central america which started while we were stranded in London. Therefore, every day we remained in London waiting for the infamous ash cloud to surrender the skies we were missing out on a holiday we had already paid for and had no chance of a refund (act of God get out clause). On top of that, the longer it took us to land in Guatemala city, the further away our tour group ventured. By the time we got to Guatemala city our tour was in a town called Comayagua in Honduras. So, ... read more
Guatemala - Honduras Border
Yvonne at the border
Free ride!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Greenwich April 20th 2010

London by any means... We were supposed to start our 7 month, round the world trip on the 16th April 2010. As I had relatives living in London we thought it would be nice to arrive a few days early and go and visit people before we head off. So, arriving at cork airport (Ireland) on Thursday morning, having said alot of teary goodbyes, we were ready to finally start our adventure! It was then that things began to go very wrong.... Being blissfully unaware of the volcanic eruption that had occurred in Iceland only a few hours before we posed with our shiny new rucksacks for a last photo outside of the terminal. Looking back at the photo later, with some ironic amusement, we saw a guy standing in the back round smoking a cigarette ... read more
Normal DB9, still a nice car tho

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford April 3rd 2010

Only 11 more days now till we start are round the world trip!! Packing up and clearing out the house in derry on easter sunday, Yvonne will most likely b hungover but I heard cleaning an oven is the best cure for hangovers... Stayin home in waterford for next 2 weeks or so before we head to Guatemala on friday 16th. Blogs should get much more interesting after that!... read more

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