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Linfield College student. San Ramon, Costa Rica- Fall 2012.

I survived my presentation and the rest of finals last week. Hopefully everything went well. Friday at 5 am Rachel, Ashley and I took the bus for 5.5 hours to Manuel Antonio National Park. We stayed in a hostel- my first time staying in one. It was actually fairly nice- dorm room style with one set of bathrooms for everyone. I was surprised. Manuel Antonio is how I imagined all of Costa Rica to be, so beautiful. We spent the day enjoying the sun on the beach. Around 5 we decided to get surfing lessons! It was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, but I know I couldn't do it without the guy telling me which wave I need to get up on and pushing me. So much fun surfing ... read more
Rachel and I!

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » San Ramon November 30th 2012

Raemi and Ian got into San Ramon around 12 on Thanksgiving Thursday! We immediately headed to where they were staying, which was about 15 minutes away from the center of town. It was called Vista Valverde, located on top of a hill where you could see everything: the entire Nicoya peninsula, the ocean, Puntarenas, and the lights of San Ramon. It is quite the sight. The owners, Tom and Susan, are a North American couple from Oklahoma. They were very nice and hospitable. Susan is an excellent cook; I couldn’t wait for breakfast each day. It was so nice to get a touch of food from home. : ) We were staying in our own little cabin, with a kitchen, living room and couch where I slept, and a separate bedroom. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving ... read more
scary little guy

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela » San Ramon November 21st 2012

I can’t even begin to express how good it feels to be able to understand nearly everything I hear in the streets or conversations I have with people. I may not be able to speak as well as I wanted to be able to, but it amazes me how much more I am able to understand these days. I thought I would be bored these past few days without my friends in town, but I have kept myself pretty busy! It has been quite the experience roaming the streets of San Ramon by myself and making conversation with random people. I have run quite a few errands, and got a lot of things done. I am not ready to come home. The only reason I am excited to come home it too see everyone. If you ... read more

Nicaragua: Monday morning we got on the bus at 6 am and headed out to Liberia, Guanacaste (Costa Rica) to visit another biology reserve. This one was a lot nicer than the one we visited on our first field trip. We didn’t really do much here; I think it was mostly just a place to stay on our way to Nicaragua. We did go on a night forest walk, which was kinda cool. We didn’t see any animals though. Tuesday we continued our journey to Nicaragua! Crossing the border was crazy. Nicaragua and Costa Rica do not have a good relationship so things were really strict. Before getting to the actual border, we passed, on the wrong side of the road, at least two miles of semi-trucks waiting to cross. I’m not quite sure why we ... read more

This weekend was quite eventful and productive. Friday, after my Spanish exam a few girls and I went to the orphanage in San Ramon. It was heartbreaking. They have 13 kids, 2 of which are infants, a 1 year old and a range of other kids up to 10. The one year old can’t walk yet or even pull himself up in anyway. One volunteer there we talked to thinks/said it is because no one has enough time to teach him how to walk; he just sits in his crib 24/7. We brought them all gifts, it was amazing to see their faces light up and be so excited to have something of their own. I can’t believe no one has taken this children home, they were all so sweet. Saturday morning I woke up at ... read more
horse back riding

Week with Samuel: Sam got to San Ramon, Costa Rica last Tuesday, at 1:35 PM. I had to sit through 1:40 minutes of class before I got to see him. Tuesday evening we went to dinner at Bocaditos, a little bar and restaurant and only had a little time to walk around town before it got dark. I had class all day Wednesday, but after class we walked around San Ramon and went to Karaoke night at Secretos with some of my friends. Thursday morning, I didn’t have class so we went to my favorite café for coffee, cheesecake, and French fries, my fav : ) Friday at 12 we left for the beach town of Puntarenas. We had reservations at the Hilton and when we got there we asked a man where it was and ... read more

This weekend we had our first field trip to the province of Guanacaste. The point of this fieldtrip was to learn about renewable and clean energy as part of our Ecology and Conservation class. It was pretty interesting to visit and see how these plants worked. First we visited a hydro plant. From what I gathered, the process is quite simple. The plant gets water from a reservoir, they heat it to create vapor and then the vapor turns some kind of contraption that creates and stores the energy. (I am not quite sure on this; it was kind of hard to understand such specific vocab in Spanish.) The second plant we visited was a wind energy plant. The energy from this plant was less efficient than that from the first plant. They had hundreds of ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela October 16th 2012

Another successful weekend here in Costa Rica... Friday after class we took the bus to the City of San Ramon to explore and do some shopping. After about 5 hours when we were ready to return to San Ramon, we had no idea where the bus station was. Thank goodness for this nice older man we asked, because he walked us to the bus station which we NEVER would have found ourselves. Another example of how nice people are here… When we got home we all got ready to go out and headed to a club called night fever to celebrate Alysa’s 21st birthday. I didn’t bring my ID, because I never get carded and of course this time I do… It took me 5 ID’s to finally get let it… He ... read more

The last two days I have been the littlest bit homesick. I think it is because Janne’ left. I have asked her to write a little bit about her experience in Costa Rica, so I can post it on here. : ) School has been crazy. Last week and in the following week I will have had 2 exams, a paper due, and a 10 minute presentation, all among other homeworks. It doesn’t seem like overly much- but when you don’t have weekends to do homework, it is quite a bit. This weekend we have a 3 day weekend! Today is Alyssa’s 21st birthday, so tomorrow after class we are going to head to the city of San Jose and spend the afternoon there. I am also planning on working on my tan this weekend! Now, ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Alajuela October 10th 2012

Haven’t blogged in a while! Janne’ got into San Ramon around 2:30 on Friday afternoon without any luggage. I picked her up in the central park and we headed back to my house to quickly pack her some clothes before we headed out for the beach! To get to Paqueras, where my host uncle, my host parents, and all their other siblings have beach houses, you have to take the ferry. It takes about an hour 15 driving to get to the ferry, 70 minutes on the ferry and another 20 to get to the beach house. The house, well, more like the ‘cabin,’ isn’t right on the beach; it’s actually about 10 minutes away. We got in late Friday night, ate dinner, bought stuff for breakfast, and headed to the cabin to set up. Saturday ... read more
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