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Europe » Germany September 26th 2005

What an awesome weekend it was. (Although I'm counting it a day early. It started on Thur. for me). I went to Dortmund u. Bochum to visit some friends and then Fri. took the train down to visit my cousin Bryan. He's stationed south of Frankfurt. Dortmund/Bochum Thur. morning Caro came and picked me up and we drove to Dortmund to visit Juli. It was sooooo nice to see Caro again (she was my short buddy in school). hehe... We always had a good time together. Juli's apartment is really nice. It's small, but it's just for her, so it works. At Juli's we ordered pizza and just hung out for a while. (Oh, I had missed the pizza here. It was sooo delicious, baked over an open fire) After a while we went shopping ... read more
So Fashionable Juli!!
Drinking in Bochum
Bryan and Me

Europe » Germany September 20th 2005

Hi Everyone, I finally got this thing up and running. Luckily I'm only a week late. I'm usally later than that. It's sooooo nice to be back in Germany. I've really missed being back here. This past week I've spent hanging out with friends and family. I got to celebrate Evy's birthday with her. =) That was soooo nice. Been to a couple party's, but mostly been chilling. Basti (my host-brother. I'm staying with my host-family from the first time I was in Germany for those of you that didn't know that) is in Spain right now (lucky dude). It's quite a bit warmer there than it is here. I had forgotten how quickly it gets cool here in Germany. Oh well. Marina (my host-sister) is now moved into her place in Bochum and started school ... read more

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