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28th June 2017

I need to visit my ancestor's home land looks beautiful. wish l liked beer. sounds like a wonderful trip. Are you home know?
21st June 2017

If you are going to test me on your family i would fail. lots to remember We love you and miss you
21st June 2017

Young man, if you are to post any photos of the creation of Gustave Eiffel, then I must insist that photos of the newer, much improved model that is Blackpool Tower should also be shown in all it's glory. :)
17th June 2017

Do Geneva's eyes look bluer in Ireland?
From Blog: Days 8 and 9
16th June 2017

Reading you is a daily event
Love to read about your exciting adventurers makes you wonder what my life must be like. I have never traveled with kids but i assume its not easy you seem to be adjusting to the travelust. I dont know what country builds bombers with passenger windows must be somekind of combination where tourist can watch while countries are being bombed. Entertainment some folks will watch anything. Dad
From Blog: Day 7
13th June 2017

Four little monks standing on a ledge
Couldn't get humpty back together again The first one rang a bell that didnt work The next one pulled of dumptys leg insane The third one said om Malik padma om And the forth one call 911 on a cell phone Which brought the local majistrate Then had his body removed to a restaurant no doubt And such was the fate of the Buddist Monks But they continued on and bo photo's them some more One hes really funny so he pulls a funny face Which makes indie laugh and cry for Moore No sooner he stoped the second one fell on the floor We didnt know what to do with a broken monk Laying on thr floor so we asked ther otherr three To carry him across Iceland to ther local store. Your farther, away than before
12th June 2017

Looks great guys, thanks for the blog.
Looks like a wonderful adventure, very inspiring, glad you guys are having a blast! Nice pix!!! -ag
From Blog: Day 3
12th June 2017

New Friend
Who is the girl in Blue?
From Blog: Day 4
12th June 2017

Beautiful wouldn't want to get stuck out there. Learned more about Iceland and glaciers today then I ever new. Thanks Love you all stay warm.
Beautiful :
From Blog: Day 4
12th June 2017

Yu write so good
You have to add travel critic to your bag of tricks, you write a great story. Makes following you're blog worthy. The photoes are great too but what about indie getting pecked on the head? Did the little warrior challenge the bird or was he just in the wrong place wrong time and the bird had an anti-indie tude'. Dude
From Blog: Day 4
11th June 2017

G.f.i. Son of me
I'm reading every word enjoying every picture almost like being there with you. Keep up the photoes. By the way you have two little dwarfs following you are they lolcals?
11th June 2017

All's Good Here!
It's fun to follow you all. Love you!
9th June 2017

Yur good
Kenjoying YOUIR vacation more than you are
From Blog: Europe 2017
9th June 2017

I could work at any hour of day
Kewl, this throws a rock into what we think of day and night. Hey Bo did you change your bathing attire? Are they still wearing those 'grape cluster ' guy bathing suis? I just cant see you wearing that style or maybe its more me not wanting to see you in grape clusters. Their very Europeanne.
From Blog: Europe 2017

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