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31st May 2010

Aag nee!!!! I got used to reading about all your adventures..and now you are home!!!!! Please keep on sending us info regarding settling into your new home contry!! Good luck! m
From Blog: Heading Home
24th May 2010

So lovely!! Enjoy the last teeny bit!
16th May 2010

That was so lucky seeing the baby bear. Once again very good photography!
15th May 2010

Heading Home
Hi guys! Cant wait to have you home and you are arriving just as the soccer excitement hits fever you will be flying into 2 new airports probably surrounded by foreigners from so many other lands...the beach front is about to be complete which I have heard is INCREDIBLE!! So lots to look forward to and enjoy when you get back>>>month of soccer mayhem!! Oh and amazing wintery durban sunshine after all your snow!! get excited!! see you soon!
13th May 2010

Thats a lovely photo of the Bridalveil Falls.
10th May 2010

Those trees look unbelievable. You look like little figures in storybooks in a giants world.
9th May 2010

Fantastic!! Sandra, you've just got a nick with words...describing the scenery so beautifully..I could imagine everything!!! Hopefully we will be able to see it all one day too!!!! All the best on the last bit of this amazing adventure!!! M
9th May 2010

This park looks absolutely beautiful! Such stunning scenery. It sounds beautiful sitting at the top of the falls there.
8th May 2010

wow those trees are beautiful! They don't even look real.real. Enjoy lake tahoe!
3rd May 2010

How beautiful! It was good that you saw the lake with blue sky. The scenery with all that snow looks spectacular. You have some really amazing photos. I cant believe its only 3 weeks left.
2nd May 2010

Happy Birthday Billy. Was thinking of you on Friday!!!! Hope you had a fantastic playing in the snow day......which you will remember for generations to come!!!! we are doing very well. Arno has been home this year, which is great. He went for a meeting in Milan last week(just away for the day) but we all wondered it it was s secret little shopping trip...... Have not seen anything yet(except the 4 lovely peaches...still got one left in the fridge!!!) All the best. M
2nd May 2010

I love the pictures of the Antelope Canyon - it looks beautiful!
2nd May 2010

This place looks weird! It's desert on the one half and snow on the other and the word "hoodoo's" is very strange =)
2nd May 2010

Hee hee I agree with Hayley =) But really, the scenery you are seeing is so beautiful and different from one place to the next! The arches are so unusual and then all the snow in your other blogs is breathtakingly beautiful! wow!
2nd May 2010

Ah this looks like so much fun!! I especially liked that you walked across a semi frozen cracking lake with only takkies and no socks =)
2nd May 2010

I'd also kindly let Billy answer that one =)
From Blog: Mount Rushmore
1st May 2010

The geothermal pools look spectacular and Old Faithful too! Glad that you saw so many animals =)
30th April 2010

30th April 2010

Happy Birthday Sandra!
HI Sandra and Billy, I think it was your birthday last week? hope you had a lovely day. What an amazing trip you're having. I'm in awe!! lots of love Ali xx ps it's beautiful spring here in Oxford, with sun and beautiful flowers.
27th April 2010

Happy Birthday
Sandra!!! I just noticed on my calander that you had your birthday last Friday!!! Happy happy birthday! i am sure this will be a great one that you wiope you guys are having fun camping again and that Billy totally surprised you with something VERY special that he has mananged to hide form you and sneaked into your celebrate this birthday with??!!!! Thomas ask for you ALL the time. You are definitely not forgotten in this house!!!! All our love M
From Blog: Mount Rushmore
24th April 2010

Your Moose (?)
Your Mice (Moose) are actually Elk. (FYI) But your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for letting me tag along. I send a Big hello from Alaska. Have a Great time.
23rd April 2010

Happy birthday
Hey Sandra Happy birthday (or ba ba ba baiiii! as Caitlin says). Have a fantastic day whereever you are in the US. See you soon. Love Greg, Debbie and Caitlin
23rd April 2010

22nd April 2010

You both looking as good as the scenery! Looking forward to seeing you back

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