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23rd April 2013

Looks like a fantastic trip. Looking forward to following your progress. Be careful out there. Jim
23rd April 2013

Have a great ride and be safe!!
15th August 2011

Hello Bill + Gerri, We are so glad, you finished happily your trip on the cycle without any problems. Wish you good flight back home. A big kiss to you and Robbi. Love Dietel und Jürgen
13th July 2011

Hi, Ken!
We think of you guys every time we put on our neck coolers. Thanks!! We are holding up just fine so far. Today is our first day of really hard rain so we are holed up in a McDonald's that has Wi-Fi. Life is good! ~ggm
13th July 2011

How's the butts and legs holding uplier
Howdy folks we have been watching your progress,very interesting looks like fun and hard work.Tried to send you a message earlier but wouldn't send so am trying again,keep up the good work and keep us posted K.D.
30th June 2011

Huffing and puffing
Sorry -- we can't hear your huffing and puffing over the creaks and squeaks emitted by our knees!
28th June 2011

Hey You Two
Thought I posted yesterday, but I don't see it. Anyway, just saying disregard the huffing/puffing behind you on the climbs. That'll be me trying to hang on your rear wheel as I live vicariously through you and your adventures. Stay safe.
27th June 2011

Loving the Blogs
Just a quick note to let you know I'm really enjoying your blogs. Kind of boring here in Albq, NM about now with 100' heat....only early morning rides are feasible. I'll be living vicariously through you two for a while, so if you hear some huffing & puffing to the rear, it'll be me trying hard to hang on your rear wheel......little tough on that last climb. Take care and be safe. Gary
From Blog: Going UP!!!
27th June 2011

Brenda would love this!
11th June 2011

I really enjoy your blogs, it gives me a reason to get up everymorning just to see what you guys are doing. You have a real gift in story telling Gerri! Thank goodness Bill is good at fixing flat tires! Safe rodes to you both.
11th June 2011

Flat Tires
Believe it or not, Steve, I am running Schwalbe Marathon tires on Lady Liberty. Bill and I run those or the Armadillos exclusively. But you should see some of the rough pavement and cobblestones we´ve subjected our steeds to in the past few days. Hey, good luck on YOUR upcoming tour. Enjoy life!
From Blog: Hello Kitty!
10th June 2011

flat tires
Gerri We need to have a serious conversation about tires. You have a brand new Lady Liberty in your life and she needs high quality tires. I may be out of line with my opinion but I feel obligated to offer some unasked for advice. You need to try Schwlabe Marathon Plus tires. I have had 18,000 trouble free miles on the rear tire of my touring bike. They are not cheap but well worth the money. Other than that, I look forward to the description of your tour on a daily basis Happy Trails Steve
From Blog: Hello Kitty!
7th June 2011

Great to hear from you again
Thanks for including me in your blog. I am envious and attentive to your comments. They may make it easier for me if I ever make the jump across The Pond. Until then my own adventure starts in about two weeks. I plan on riding the Great Parks North Route. Looking Forward to Hearing More Steve
6th June 2011

Hello, I hope this message finds its way to you. I also noticed that coke seems to be the product of choice in Italy and Greece, i don't remember France. I practically jumped over the counter and kissed the guy that sold pepsi in this quiet adorable little town called Tolo. That aspertame in the diet is not good for you... stay away... far far away. Drink Water!!!!Bottled or filtered, of course. Talk with you soon!
4th June 2011

Great adventure
Sure enjoying your blogs...stay safe. Jim and I completed the Iron Horse - Durango/Silverton a week did that hurt!!
From Blog: Campsimo Aberto
1st June 2011

Its hot and humid. Might rain later. Brock has a game tonight.
31st May 2011
Bill ready to go!

Wow what fun!
Enjoy and be out for those taxis. Gary
From Blog: A Few Pictures.
30th May 2011

Bill put some photos on today -- not a great variety, but it's a start.
From Blog: A Few Pictures.
30th May 2011

one thing missimg in the pic
From Blog: A Few Pictures.
30th May 2011

Wow! So wonderful, I like it, thanks for sharing this with us. Congratulations! You have the wonderful writing & presenting skills. I am hoping in future same work from you. Thanks once again.
24th May 2011

Almost There
It is almost time to leave. Thinking of you and looking forward to hearing more about your exciting adventures. Be safe and have a wonderful time. Mary Jane
22nd May 2011

Hi neighbor!
got your invitation and joined the blog site, thanks. Look forward to following your adventures this summer. Dixie
20th May 2011

Happy Trails
I hope everything goes well and you have a memorable trip. Hopefully you will be able to keep posting to your blog so that we can follow your adventure.

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