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16th April 2015

Greetings from Gordon Park
Hi Tess and Al, We are enjoying your blog again, and look forward to the next exciting instalment! Tess, I hope you had a wonderful birthday on the 10th we were thinking of you! Keep safe and enjoy the rest of your holiday xx
9th April 2015

Longing for Europe
Once again Al, I have to say it again, you REALLY should become a travel writer. Even if its in your spare time! I have read and re-read your blogs and am now truly longing for Europe in September. Sounds like the both of you are having a wonderful time and which you both need. Enjoy yourselves and well wishes from both Lucky and myself.
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8th April 2015

Looks like your having a great time. The plague continues to be part of our household, so glad we didn't pass it on. Keep posting really enjoying following your wonderful trip.
From Blog: Hola Pintxos!!!
4th April 2015

Folks the only thing you are missing at home is the temperature. Otherwise you have been describing SEQ. Happy Easter and safe travels. Ps 'big' Al how's the fitness?
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29th March 2015

You guys will have to vote Labor/Greens if you want a public transport system like that. Lib = BIG FAT WIDE ROADS !! More political comments to come!
27th March 2015

Oops lets hope this will be the first and last rush to the airport in your big trip, By the time you will read this you will be jet lagged but drinking coffee in Hong kong. How I ever told you about the yacht in the river---------------- happy holidays
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