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Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Kefalonia » Sami May 13th 2000

This island is fabulous, though I'm sure it's changed quite a lot and has become more crowded. I'd stay somewhere far away from the main tourist beaches. I was there while they were filming the movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin, and I didn't run into Nicholas Cage or Penelope Cruz, but I did sit next to John Hurt, which helped me meet two British girls who I inadvertantly helped avoid the advances of Dutch sailors, so they invited me to stay at their villa, where I probably outstayed my welcome because it was such a wonderful place.... read more
Kefalonia - Set of Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2000
Kefalonia - Sami the town - Soccer field outside of the town 2000

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras May 12th 2000

Patras wasn't the nicest town and is only worth a night to get a ferry to the unbelievably gorgeous Ionian Islands. I stayed at the HI Hostel there (see photo), which is apparently permanently closed. It was an SS Headquarters during WWII.... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Hydra May 10th 2000

There were no cars allowed here, except the garbage truck, and an older, stout Green Beret, in his soldier garb, but probably deceased now, strolled the promenade daily, so I talked to him and he was surprised to hear that he had been mentioned on the Internet.... read more
Hydra - No motorized vehicles permitted on the island 2000

Europe » Greece » Attica » Poros May 9th 2000

Poros is such a short trip from the capital and is worth it to get away from Athens and to see the white rocks of the hills peeking through smattering of vegetation and contrasting with the heavy blue water and the bare firmament in the Mediterranean breeze.... read more
Poros - Gypsies and Isthmus 2000
Poros - Shrine 2000
Poros Is. -  I rented a room from him 2000

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 8th 2000

Maybe my expectations were too high, Athens being the first place I visited outside of the U.S. and Canada. Or maybe it was the jet lag or trying and failing to drink myself to sleep, giddy with the prospect of free whiskey on the ten hour overnight flight. The first traveler I met was outside the hostel and he humbled me, as he waited for his taxi to the airport to fly back to Australia after nearly two years of travel. There were stray dogs at the Acropolis and the sun was inescapable, baking the ruins. I was cheap back then too, so I chose not to pay for a guide and instead wandered around trying to remember what I learned in Art History courses and feeling guilty that I wasn't enjoying it more. From the ... read more
Athens - The Acropolis 2000
Athens - The Parthenon1 2000
Athens - Theatre of Dionysus from Above 2000

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