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Belinda Rodriguez

I am New Zealander which pretty much means traveller by definition. I've lived in Japan, North America, and now back in New Zealand after 13 years being away. I am an IT consultant in my normal life. I have always been a bit restless without another adventure in my near plans. I have travelled pretty much everywhere except Africa, many times on solo expeditions. New Zealand is now my main focus of attention. I realised how much I missed of this beautiful country while I was overseas and I'm eager to explore my own neck of the woods.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Manukau City January 26th 2014

Having been introduced to the wonders of mountain biking in Colorado by fellow Kiwi-Coloradans, Carolyn and Pete, I now have the good fortune of these two living back in New Zealand to drag me out biking once again. We frequent the tracks at Woodhill, but occasionally our little trio ventures to the east side to spice it up a bit. Today we ventured out to Maraetai for our first foray into the easily accessible mountain bike tracks developed by the Pohutukawa Coast Bike Club. To ride here you'll need a permit. Contact details are available at the PCBC website The starting point is at the cul de sac end of Rewa Road. This is a residential neighbourhood so you can park anywhere along the street, or you could park at the beach and ride the short ... read more
The Ride Up
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Sweet As Trail

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland November 14th 2010

A fresh morning, clear blue sky, and sleep repaired muscles. Time for a quick dip in the ocean, and then back to the pain train. Benjamin "bailer" wanted to find a truck going up so we could have them drop us at the top. I wasn't hearing any of that cheater talk. Anyway, nothing like wearing yourself out in the first 20 minutes of a 65 km ride. The Matauri Bay hill is nasty, but the views from the top are stunning. As we rode out to highway 10 we left the quiet country roads behind us again. It was back to the irritating noise of the main road, and some inconsiderate drivers. I was relishing the thought of reaching Waipapa for some food in civilisation as my last two meals had been marmite on toast. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland November 13th 2010

Son of a beach, bloody hill - We left late at 11am. The damn lodge was just too comfortable. At least the sun was out. It was a pretty uneventful ride. The only bizzare event was seeing a man sleeping in a paddock next to a fence. His dog was tied up so I figured he probably was okay. But I turned around to see if that was the case anyway. He jumped up out of the grass rather quickly. Perhaps he was supposed to be working. For the remainder of the 30 km back along the same road to the Kaeo turnoff I was entertained by Ben once again making baa sounds at the sheep, then imitating what they were saying back to him. He also noted the vast amount of cows, which seemingly inspired ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Mangonui November 12th 2010

Awaking after a sound sleep overnight had discharged any tension still lingering from a botched airport experience and work at the back of my mind. I was also pleased to encounter that my legs had regained their strength and were not harbouring any ill-will against me. While Ben added an extra hour of rest to his schedule, I wandered over to the common area to have some breakfast. As you do while travelling, you meet some interesting people. This day was no exception. The hostel didn't exactly have the young crowd and was rather a haven for maturity levels across the board. Bill introduced himself as I noticed him perpetuating the aura of a writer, reading on his laptop and scribbling in a notebook. We got talking, which was perhaps not the right way to put ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri November 11th 2010

After a shortened sleep doing last minute packing the night before, and then being a little too relaxed about airport check in times, the first part of the trip was a missed flight. Note to self for future trips when taking a bike: Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to pack it into the bike box. I now have a bad perception of Air New Zealand, although with hindsight I can see how they need to stick to their check in time policy. My travel companion, Ben, who is also a work buddy, was already checked in and they had to find his bike box to get it off the plane. How that was any different to putting my bike on the plane I don't we asked them repeatedly and tried to pull ... read more

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