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Oceania May 15th 2018

The next morning we had another visit form the “commando” quails. This time I surprised them under the Landcruiser. One already had the keys. They crowded behind the back wheel until they judged it was safe and then bolted for cover. Sadly we had to leave Purnululu, but excitingly we head for Emma Gorge which is part of the El Questro resort. It took about an hour and a half to negotiate the road out and we stopped in at the Warbun Road House. Warbun is an aboriginal community and it looks great from the road with nice cottages and a pretty schmick school. I’m thinking cask wine will definitely be out of the question. We did come across one caravan on the way to the Victoria Highway. He had a road train rammed up his ... read more
Another Federal project

Oceania » Australia May 15th 2018

As usual it was a beautiful sunny day with just a whisp of cloud. We were visited by the “commando” quails who, in a group of 5 or 6, ran around our campsite flitting between tufts of grass and hiding. They would check over the top before making a break from cover. We had mapped out a number of walks for today. First up was the Echidna chasm. This was a walk along a dry creek bed and then into a narrow chasm. The sign at the front said no people more than 60 cms wide so we saw no black tights today. I guess it’s become a chore pulling stuck people out of the chasm. There is a new gray nomad trend which I haven’t seen before. This is the multicoloured nomad. Generally the blokes ... read more
Mini Palms
Cathedral Gorge

Oceania » Australia May 15th 2018

Before we left Gregory National Park we had a look at the Bullita Homestead which was built here, sometimes devastated by floods and ultimately abandoned. It does make you wonder about the determination of people. Why would you set up a homestead here in the 1800s? The flies are horrible and it’s funny how in some places there are virtually no flies and then you go 200kms and its swarming. Along the way there were signs about quarantine restrictions and keeping fruit fly and cane toads out of WA. Now we all know that's a crock. When we got to the WA border there was actually a quarantine checkpoint. The guy asked if we had any fruit and veg. Of course we did. We'd stocked up in Darwin. The guy went through our fridge and bags ... read more
Kunnunurra Coles

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory May 14th 2018

We are re-stocked and we have added a couple of accoutrements to the package, like a insulation cover for the fridge and an extra chair for Brooksie who is now joining us in Broome. Personally I couldn’t see any reason why he couldn’t stand for a week. The beauty of the Stuart Highway is you can do 130kph, the bad news it is filled with vans. Gray nomads too scared to hit the dirt clogging up the main arterial road between South Australia and Darwin driving at 80kph. The only issue with the speed limit is that with about 20 foot of stuff on the roof the fuel consumption goes through the dial. I’d filled up the Landcruiser at a United outlet in Darwin because I needed an ATM and I thought while I’m here……. This ... read more
The master at work

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin May 13th 2018

We decided to get an early start and explore some of the sights of Litchfield. Adam was still a bit concerned about crocodiles, but Dave McAleer had called to check that we had goggles as the place was teaming with fish and female backpackers. Adam seemed to have a whole new enthusiasm for swimming. We checked out Buley Waterhole, Tolmer Falls and some other fantastic falls. We decided that we would be able to get a coffee at Batchelor. Adam suggested the Butterfly Farm. I wasn’t hopeful. After speaking to about 3 Asian backpackers we finally found one who understood what coffee was. I wasn’t hopeful plus we’d broken the Asian barista rule (3 times). Then the proprietor came out. A big burley pommie hippie. He told us he had the 3 B’s. I was hoping ... read more
Drinks at Cullen Bay
The code for the carpark at the hotel

We had a relatively uneventful night in the National Park near Roper Bar, although at about 6am the local fishos (which was pretty much everyone except Adam and I) started heading down to the boat ramp. I’m not sure if they were being considerate or dickheads (to get the New South Welshmen) but they drove their boats past our tent at about 5kph. I’d never realised how much stuff there is on a boat to rattle. We were making great time on the Capricornia Highway to Mataranka. Throughout this trip there have been road works, or should I say lack of roadworks. Basically you are speeding along at 110kph, then there’s a sign for 100, then 80 then 60 and picture of guy digging and then there’s nothing. No sign of any road work, road workers ... read more
Backburning in the NT

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory May 10th 2018

We wake up having had an incident free Saturday night in Boroloola. Boroloola is situated in the South Eastern corner of the Northern Territory. Sadly, there are some social issues with the indigenous community up here which amongst other things sees the need for a police drive by, around the caravan park at night and for the amenities block to be constantly locked. Key access only. Also, it would also appear that the only dogs in Boroloola are big ones. Not the type that want to play ‘fetch the ball’ if you know what I mean. We pack our gear away and head for the Police Station. Yep, you heard me. The Police Station. Our reason is a trivial one but a sensible one. As we are heading off to Roper River (Crocodile country) and we ... read more

There's nothing like a day of killing marine life to get you excited for the day ahead. Obviously the Tigers are playing the Warriors today so Adam and I decided that we needed to head somewhere which had mobile coverage. I remembered that my good mate Bazz had spoken fondly of his days at Borroloola when he was drilling for BHP. It sounded like a lovely place other than the high unemployment and desultory aboriginal youth in the area, and the high crime rate. Adam was initially concerned until I googled the latest crime stats which clearly showed the success of the new policing policy. We decided to get an early start so we were up at 6am packing up the tent. The two blokes sleeping in swags beside us seemed a bit restless but they ... read more
IMG_3158 (002)
IMG_3159 (002)
This is the good section

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Karumba May 8th 2018

Today dawns bright and early for these two intrepid galactic travellers. We have a date with destiny or rather a 7am fishing charter vessel. We are at Karumba at the south -east end of the Gulf of Carpentaria and today we are targeting Jewfish. If not them, then Blue Salmon, or if not them, perhaps some Bream, a couple of toadies, anything, really. We join the vessel and are immediately in the middle of an eclectic bunch of crew and fellow anglers. Over the next five hours in the melting pot of the highs and lows of fishing, we will get to know each other. The deckhand regaled us with stories from fishing to politics to social engineering to fashion to gender and finally to the fall and fall of the real man. The last one ... read more
Trophy Fish

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Karumba May 6th 2018

During the night a dreamed that I was being chased by our Irobot vacum cleaner and I awoke at 1am to the sounds of vacuuming. I endeavoured to do one of the trickiest things in camping which is getting up to go to the toilet, unzipping the screen door, putting your shoes on, re-zipping the screen door so no mossies get in and all without waking Adam. When I got outside I found two newly arrived Polish backpackers vacuuming their tent. Seriously who vacuums a tent at 1am in the morning! The trip has gone like clockwork so far but this morning I couldn’t find my camera anywhere. It was clearly the two Polish backpackers. We went on a tour of the Lava Tubes which was very interesting. Denis, our guide, was from Annandale. Basically the ... read more
Lava tube with Denis and note Polish backpacker bottom right

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