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9th February 2022

Cliff diving!!!!
Maggie is a girl after my own heart! Maggie, you seize the moment and don't miss out on adventure. I admire your ability to come up with alternate plans once your original plan falls through. That’s my girl! And a rah, rah for Lesley too! You are having so much fun!! I have never gone cliff diving. I should add it to my bucket list!
25th January 2022

Rock on Maggie!
Sounds like you are having so much fun and making the most oof any situation that comes your way! Good for you! Your pictures are fantastic!
11th January 2022

Sounds like SAS is Rock’in!!
Have a great time Maggie! Love that rocking feeling, but try and stay awake. Looks like you’ll always be bored though..Game Board that is!! Congrats!!
4th January 2022

Nice pics!
Beautiful picture from Vesuvius! Great start to the adventure!! Have fun!!
31st December 2021

This is so exciting!
I’m so glad Maggie's adventure has begun! We did not get as far south as Naples, but Italy is so wonderful! I’m glad she has made friends to tour with.
30th December 2021

So happy to hear of adventure's safe beginning and looking forward to following along!
28th June 2019

Love the blog
We love the blog! You guys are turning into real travel troopers. It's fun to see Paris and soon Italy through your eyes. Sorry the weather isn't better! Keep up the good word! Kevin & Kathleen
26th June 2019

Great Posts!
Thanks for sharing the blog posts so we can follow along your adventures! Seems like a very busy and fun trip so far. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Good luck with the heat wave ... it's making international news!
26th June 2019

Thanks so much for sharing your travels. Love following along :-)
25th June 2019

Great read!
Enjoying the blog and so glad the suitcase found its way to Todd. The pictures, including all the prose, show what a wonderful time you are having. That’s just what you guys needed. Keep on exploring!!
24th June 2019

Momartre and all the artists along with SacreCoer are favorite memories for me. Pastries too! Have fun at Versailles. It’s a big place.
24th June 2019

Woo hoo! Kudos to all of you!
Glad you all rallied to enjoy Paris. I love the city. I lived there for 3 weeks when I was in high school.
From Blog: Off to Europe!
23rd June 2019

Which weak constitution?
You say the "brexit" of Sean's insides as he entered Europe may have been due to a weak constitution. His or Italy's?
From Blog: Off to Europe!
16th August 2013

Welcome home. Glad you are all back in one piece and still enjoying each other. I came late to your blog -- and loved it. Read it all. What a fabulous family experience !! Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of a really great trip .
16th August 2013

Welcome Home!!!
Summer 2013 - what a great memory for the Baldwins! I'm so happy for you and your family that you were able to have this amazing experience! Now I want to do it with my family. : ) Welcome home! See ya at church soon. : )
16th August 2013

I'm so glad to see you made it home safe and sound, though I'll miss the daily news. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop on your adventure. Happy trails!
16th August 2013

Happy for you and us
Have loved the blogs and feeling your joy of togetherness and new sights. But so glad you are again in my backyard! We are off to Norway tomorrow for 10 days, but must catch up after. Love you all.
14th August 2013

Friendly Faces Before the Finale
As the music of your journey nears the final few bars, it's great to see Deborah and her family joining in on the chorus! Oh, that Adelyn is a cutie! Now that the RV is put away and the old trusted steed is bringing you home, have a great time singing those songs over the radio! We leave for Chicago in just two days, so please tell Todd not to break the city. Happy trails!
14th August 2013

In conclusion....
My final comment for the trip is made as a Grandma who is overwhelmed with pride at the part that each of you has played in making so many wonderful memories of this vacation. You have thought of each other as you’ve smiled for the relentless camera, hiked with enthusiasm, looked for animals, climbed rocks, splashed in pools, marveled at nature, shared a LITTLE space, wrote blogs at midnight, and drove miles at dawn. Your caring. as parents, sons, daughter, is just so apparent in the warm words and pictures of each day. What a gift to each other, and I’m so proud that I’m related to you all! Memories are like a blanket as the years past, with patterns of sunshine and shadows. Sometimes you will wrap yourself in their warmth and be so grateful for all that went into making them. For each of you, may they always be a precious treasure - a gift to each other -from your family. Love, love! Grandma B.
From Blog: Day 25 - It Fit!
13th August 2013

Congratulations on your wonderful adventure. I hope you have smooth sailing home. We have certainly traveled with you in spirit and have truly appreciated your blogs. Great Job. Love Dad and Judy
From Blog: Day 25 - It Fit!
13th August 2013

Sorry to see...
...these blogs come to an end. It has been quite an adventure to live vicariously through the great writing and beautiful photos. Can't wait till your next trip - to the Caribbean or wherever!
From Blog: Day 25 - It Fit!
12th August 2013

continued.... your RV, and I just said "Goodbye" to my comment that suddenly went into space. It was flying to you, Sean - and thoughts to all of you back in my world! "Love, love = and Good Night!"
12th August 2013

At last!
Now, Sean, you've finally given everyone something to remember on this trip! I know it wasn't easy, and I've thought of you all day - I so hope you're feeling okay now - but everything had been just too perfect! I was so afraid someone would be lost in the big hole, or left behind stranded on a rock, but maybe it was that plate of dessert that threw the strike! I just reviewed the great picture, and the pile on the plate does look dangerous! I can't wait to hear you're better! By now, you've said "Goodby"
12th August 2013

That raven is a handsome one!!
12th August 2013

"The Golden Arches"
"Hello and welcome to the Golden Arches! May I take your order please?" Marcia- "Yes, I would like a large order of anything I don't have to cook or store in a small confined kitchen which travels at 55 miles per hour and holds 30 feet of materials which I now must fit into an even smaller confined space for 600 additional miles." Todd-"I would like the Sequoia sized nature hike, with extra miles on the side." Maggie- " I would like the vegetarian sandstone basin. The special extra deep size please, with extended vertical climbing." Tommy- "Can I please have the "Big Chopper" with no hiking or biking sauce." Billy-"I would like the "Wildlife" bowl, with bison, elks, birds, snakes, mountain lions and a large order of "doe"nuts!!!" Sean-"Could I just please have the room stop spinning a moment so I can collect my thoughts? ......Ok much better. I will have everything everyone else is having please. Oh, and make that to go! Thanks!!!" ......hey, you are all such "special orders" you all...oh, and have a nice day!!!

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