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peAce to all... we´re back, sorry for the lateness...this is going to be short and sweet cause we have enough pics for another blog which we will write soon...we are now in uruguay, in the capital Montevideo, having just got off a 20 hour bus ride from brasil...unfortunately we had to leave brasil because it raped our bank account...but needless to say, it was amazing... we left thelast blog from our bungee jump...we did it as you can see and it was awesome...from then we went to Buenos Aires, the capital of argentina...the city is amazing and we absolutely fell in love with it...its teris version of paradise-hell...clothes shopping as far as the eye can see and all for about a third the price of at home, but no money to make purchases...then we all ... read more
Recoleta Cementary
Recoleta Cementary again
oops, its actually spelled cemetary

hello again...or hola otra vez so after using up our whole 30 days in Bolivia we are now in Argentina and are welcoming the entrance back into civilization...Bolivia far exceeded any expectations we could have had about the country, it was absolutely amazing...The landscapes were amazingly diverse and the people warm and welcoming...Bolivia is kind of funny...the term schedule does not apply here...if a bus leaves at 0800 it actually means 1030, and if the bus takes 5 hours, it actually means much shit goes wrong that you start to laugh at it and enjoy it...needless to say, thank god for no more bolivian bus rides from hell, but we now have so many funny stories from them, in a way we will miss it, but not really... So from the last blog we ... read more
What balance!!!
Teri holding the sun

...Trust me its paradise...this is where the hungry come to feed...for ours is a generation that circles the globe in search of something we havent tried never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay your welcome...just keep your mind open and suck in the experience and if it hurts, you know what, it was probably worth hope and you dream but you never believe that something is gonna happen for you, not like it does in the movies and when it actually does, you expect it to feel different, more viseral, more real...i still believe in paradise and now at least i know its not some place you can look for...cause its not where you go, its how you feel for a moment in your ... read more
Our view from the hotel in Corioco
The river up to our Jungle Camp
Feeding Squirrel Monkeys bananas

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu April 24th 2007

peAce all... You hear the cliche that when you are traveling to Peru, or S. America for that matter, you absolutely have to see Machu Picchu...usually when you hear all this hype, it is easy to be let down because you expected so much...Machu Picchu is no hype, no cliche, it was absolutely the most surreal, beautiful place both Teri and I have ever seen...we were blown away...everywhere you look is the most amazing visual imaginable... So thats my little plug for MP...we got to Cusco last week sometime...time is sort of a foreign concept to us now, a definate perk of travel...Cusco is a cool place, very spanish euopean feel to it and super chill for a big city...knowing that MP is going to cost us a fortune by s. american standards, we found ... read more
Us in the Sacred Valley
Steamy MP
MPicchu and Waynapicchu...our hike for the overview

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina April 17th 2007

Hola amigos, Finally we write a blog, finally we are well enough to do so. As you can see from the title that our stomachs have been taking a beating, but all is well now, for now. TIP...DO NOT EAT PERUVIAN CHEESE SANDWICHES...not fun. So far we´ve been having a blast, the first couple nights we stayed in lima at a great hostell right in the middle of the city, very nice. Didn´t do much, slept a lot, walked around the city and then got our drink on at night. Drank the Peruvian drink called Pisco Sours, very very dangerous, just ask Shane, the second night he slept hugging and kissing the porcelain, it was rather amusing for me. Had to get up the next day and get on the bus, not fun, just ask ... read more
Teri´s babies...
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