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25th January 2018

Proud of you.
Brian, I have really enjoyed following you on your blogs. Your writings are interesting and informing. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about your experiences, work and how God has called you.
From Blog: The Call
24th January 2018

Very inspiring.
I am listening for the still small voice and it is hard to wait. I will fill you in when I find out where I am going. I think you have great courage, and I am encouraged by it. A new land, a new people and daily challenges. I always ask that God show me my path, and I often wish that it were clearer. One step, two steps, on we go with only faith to guide us. We can't ask for the entire map, but it is good to know that you are getting such clear affirmations. I am happy that we reconnected, so that you could inspire me.
From Blog: The Call
23rd January 2018

Great Report
Brian, I read your reports with rapt attention. You write excellent reports. Keep them coming. L. Ferren
14th January 2018

Your blogs share your wonderful adventures, but more importantly they confirm what I already knew. You are a brilliant, compassionate young man. Remember Dudley’s catfish and bring your wife down someday to introduce her to that treat.
14th January 2018

Very Enjoyable Blo Posts
Brian, I really enjoy reading all of your blog posts. Is this something you see in your future like the good Dr. you mentioned previously?
10th January 2018

family history
Hi Brian, My Uncle Tom was stationed here in WWII. You are the only other person I know who has ever been there. I admire you for going, and think that you are brave to go so far away from home. I know that God walks along with you and holds your hand, so you are never alone. I look forward to following your blog. Best, Barb
21st July 2015
Peak Bagger

Montana? I thought you were in South America... 3082 feet? That's nothin
From Blog: Machu Picchu
21st July 2015

It's a small world huh
Or maybe Tori and yourself just have a very large presence in it. Still, those are some crazy moments that always blow my mind. I miss Tori, she was always a fun one. And you as well of course, hopefully we can remedy that soon. Until then, Slainte
21st July 2015

A bit of fog can't veil true love
What a grand experience, and how romantic. I do appreciate how you spent paragraphs describing the cliffs and fog and two lines to describe the proposal. I'm sure that it was too momentous to be put into mere words. Also, that castle looks pretty fantastic. Maybe someday I will have more money than I know how to build castles with.
28th June 2015

Our Irish Experience
Brian and Abigail- Congratulations on the wonderful news. Concerning the fog and the nasty Irish weather, I cannot resist the temptation to gloat a bit. When we did the Ireland tour, they were having a spell of dry weather. I think we might have seen a partial morning of showers. The rest of the time was bright and sunny. All of those sights are really nice in the sunshine!!!
28th June 2015
Up close and personal with a cow

Poor Cow
This poor cow is saying "Getting me outta here; with all these sheep!"
From Blog: Highlander
27th June 2015
Cliffs of Moher

We love Ireland
16th June 2015

The accounts of your trips always have a great mix of sightseeing, hiking, eating, and sharing. Thanks for sharing with us.
From Blog: Highlander
15th June 2015

Brian, thank you so much for sharing your trips with us. We get a lot of enjoyment from reading about your travels.
From Blog: Highlander
10th June 2015

Dear Ginns and company (Abigail, dearest), We enjoyed reading your blog! Keep the pictures and comments coming. Rosco is well:) love dad and mom
8th January 2014

Brian, I've enjoyed reading about your travels and your energetic sightseeing. Thanks for sharing.
5th January 2014

We love your blog
Brian, your blog is great. We love it. Hilarious!!! Your adventures are wonderful and your comments quite interesting. Lol. We love you, lad.
29th December 2013

Great Blogs. Brian
What happened to the Old People? Grandpa wants to know. Keeping up with you?
28th December 2013

Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time together. Plus the scenery isn't bad either.....
24th December 2013

Brian, Your comments about Ireland have been superb. When we visited Ireland several years ago in the summer, the country was in a period of very little rain. I believe it only rained once or twice in about 15-16 days and then very little. We also noticed how friendly the people were. Everyone was willing to stop and offer help. There was not an unfriendly Irishman on the island.
22nd December 2013

Sorry about all the rain. Glad you're making new friends. :) I really do enjoy reading the tales of your journey.
22nd December 2013

I love that you're blogging again. I had no idea you were in Ireland. You write exceptionally well. & you are kind of funny... Enjoy the rest of your trip!
20th June 2013

Common Themes
This may sound slightly ignorant, but if you replaced the bush knives and fist throwing with money and bribing, the situation you experienced has some similar characteristics to demographic selection in the U.S. More white men want into a university than black women, so the white men threaten to cut funding (bribing or knife threats), which is met by governmental action (political backlash or fisting). Only in the U.S. there is not a mediator to discuss the disputes, and unfortunately the money wins. A bit of a stretch I know, but at least it has some humorous aspects. Anyway, I can't imagine being in that situation with such violent threats being thrown around. It makes you question how you act on your own beliefs and opinions, and whether they you would hold true to them when life is on the line. It sounds like individuals their really support actions followed by beliefs, which may partly explain why missionaries have success their, but not in the U.S.
From Blog: One Week Left
14th June 2013

enjoying your blogs
Brian, I love reading of your experiences in PNG. You have a flair for writing and it makes for the most enjoyable reading! I am praying for your health and well- being.

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