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15th August 2016

Moçambique a sua Manera
You have a wonderfull photos of Moçambique and Maputo. Congratulations for You. I loved your blog.
17th October 2016

Thank you very much Gilberto. Ainda estou enamorado com Mocambique!
14th April 2016
17-Gargantuan heron doing his strut

Gargantuan heron doing his strut
The bird in the photograph is not a heron of any type. It is a male Kori Bustard displaying during mating season.
14th January 2014
28-Monument at Tofinho Beach

I live in Tofinho and the pic is ... any way the chain its not there any more
30th August 2012

its good to see you enjoyed your stay in Kenya.u r most welcomed again.
11th December 2010

Thank you very much!
10th December 2010

Loved reading your blog. Hope you enjoyed your trip as much as i enjoyed reading about it!
29th September 2010
17-Maputo craft market

A want khow about maputo craft.
About maputo craft.
15th September 2010
10-Roscoe loving life

fuckin love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets go back!
15th September 2010
6-Luke (haha!) and I

I envy you
i never ever imagine that i talk or meet someone who attended world cup .. really Far from the imagination but i envy you and very happy for you ether
14th September 2010

Hello out there
Keep sending the blogs great to know you are still enjoying your trip. Oh any poss you could get my African photoes to me some how. Keep safe luv Wxxxx Ps How is your sister?.
3rd September 2010
16-Kim in the Maputo craft market

I really want to be there, and buy a lot of stuff!!!.... Me encanta tu trip!! deberias hacer un blog con tu viaje a Sur America... Enjoy!!!
24th August 2010

Nice one!
TA Mate! I'll give it a look, definitely want to see what West Africa was like! Thanks for checking mine out! All the best! -Pura Vida Brendan
23rd August 2010

A familiar tale..
Hi mate. It's interesting reading your blog on your African Overland Trip as I believe we're right behind you - my girlfriend and I are on the African Trails Ultimate Trans that left from Marrakesh in March this year! We're half-way through and just chilling in Cape Town for now (trying to sort out some passport fiasco - but it's all good). I think this thing will strip out a link to my blog so I'll try and type it phonetically... uta2010 dot blogspot dot com It might be interesting for you to see the sorts of stuff we got up to compared to how it was for you guys! All the best. Ad
5th August 2010

Hey Bren! Love your blog,.. thanks for your support in the back of the car! I'm so glad I met you, you are great!! In that short time we had a blast and I could even share some tears with you. Keep on writing.. keep on being inspired, keep on doing the things you do.. roll, strumbling and have FUN. PURA VIDA!!! - LOVE - Juice!
1st August 2010

happy days
Hey hope you are still writing the blogs BACK in England and enjoying the memories x.
17th July 2010

Exelente reporte compadre un abrazo Kurt
8th July 2010

Great blog Brendan - love the photos too. Glad you're enjoying SA and happy travels to Lesotho, Swaziland and Moz!
8th July 2010

Happy for you!
Hi Brendan, I've been very busy but I have enjoyed your blog immensely. I've been working entirely too much and as of late have been traveling a lot due to Robin's dad passing away in Buffalo, NY and now Anne being in the hospital. Thanks for sharing your trip wih me, it's been fun. I hope Mexico can bring the cup home. Pura Vida! Gar
27th June 2010

And no hangover!
Nice work and yep missing your smilex.
26th June 2010

yea what was wrong with the shotsof the jump?
Hi there luvin your work I think you are doing a fabulous job, stay with it wx.
25th June 2010

hi there
Thanks Brendon I am hopeful your Aunt will make a full recovery missing you stay safe and enjoy your travels.
18th June 2010

Brendan We got your address from Luke's mum and although I am useless with computers I think I have managed to get the relevant pages. We have had a very enjoyable time reading your daily diary. Thank you Luke's Nan and Grandad
13th June 2010
8-One for my sister and Jared!

OMG!! Adorable! Thanks bro!
12th June 2010


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