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24th January 2013

I loved reading your experience hiking the 5 sisters! I will be traveling to Scotland and hiking them in June and it was neat to hear your experience. Would you be willing to share you knowledge of the area with me? We have a rental car that we were hoping to park at the end of the hike but are not sure how we are going to get back to the Eastern end since we want to hike from East to West. Do you know if there is any kind of public transportation that could take us back to where the hike begins? And what does parking look like there? Is it pretty marked and easy to navigate where to go?
1st April 2011
Caucasus Mountains

Most beautiful picture of the Caucasus Mountains!!!!
27th February 2010

wow i never saw this very impressed with your photos and ideas about an amazing city
22nd February 2010

Was anybody injured during your trip? Travel Blog High-Five
27th October 2009

Remember I Hate You...actually envy you so much I can't stand it!! Love, Uncle Steve
24th September 2009

love that you made it to edinburgh in the end! the photo with the church and graveyard looks almost fake with that vibrant green standing out against the oppressive grayness. great post, as usual!
14th September 2009

Kislovodsk 2009
Hello, I just found this blog post while searching for information on what Kislovodsk is like these days. I was a student there in 1995-6 and am planning a visit back, but haven't been since then. I am trying to plan my trip and am not sure what kinds of things I will be able to get there and what might be beneficial to bring. Do you think you would be able to help give me a more specific idea about this? You may send me an email if you like, I would certainly appreciate it!
18th August 2009

i have not seen these places why can i explain this.
9th August 2009

Hi! I've found this blog by chance and I really like the shots, they're nice! ;)
24th March 2009

we like it!
love the post - made me want to do it all over again. the pictures are wonderful as well and hats off to you for posting a costume photo!!!
29th December 2008

What a fascinating journey! I'm so impressed that your dad did this once and can't believe he did it five times! I know you cherish these emails chronicalling his pilgrimage. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.
1st October 2008

Symbol of Democracy?
A Starbucks across the street from Check Point Charlie? Geez.
From Blog: Berlin Revisited
1st October 2008

Anti-Semitism in Germany?
Not so much, I think. The great majority of the Germans living today were born after the war, and don't feel any more tied to that era than you do. But you may recall the Palestinian attack on Israeli athletes in the Munich Olympics, or that in the 80's, the Libyans bombed a disco in West Berlin frequented by Americans. The threat to Jewish monuments and exhibitions isn't from Germans, these days.
From Blog: Berlin Revisited
1st October 2008

ich liebe es
great post. you have been so amazingly diligent about your blog. so impressed!
From Blog: Berlin Revisited
13th September 2008

amazing! the only thing missing is your green fleece
14th April 2008

like the economist and us weekly...
...its rare to see a catholic mass and trannies weaved into the same blogpost
27th March 2008

... your blog more and more! either you're going to more exotic destinations or you're putting more TLC into your blog. either way, i love it! xoxo, hannah
From Blog: Turkish Delights
18th March 2008

Impressive work
Hello, My name is Emile. I am the Managing Editor of Business Rwanda. Rwanda's leading Business Magazine. I am writing to tell you that I really liked your blog. It would be a great pleasure to have you contribute your views and opinions to our magazine. Kindly visit our website / blog. or get in touch with me personally using Keep up the good work.
4th March 2008

The Great Flood of 1966
The structures on the Ponte Vecchio look a mix of medieval and modern, sort of like the reconstructed housing on the Römerplatz in Frankfurt. I remember the Great Flood because Uncle Bob and Aunt Josephine were stationed in Germany at that time, had planned ahead a vacation to Florence which turned out to be just after the Flood. They went anyway. Aunt Jo liked to tell everybody who would listen that they were the first people in after the Flood. I've always wondered how she escaped being shot as a looter. Or just shot.
4th March 2008

im even more jealous. nyc this fall?
3rd March 2008

so jealous
looked amazing, my dear. i am positively GREEN with envy. pics and post - lovely lovely lovely!
20th February 2008

looks beeyouteeus, my dear! but that femur thing - so odd! looking forward to the next entry which should be italia, no? mwah!
29th January 2008

Michener's rap against flamenco in his "Iberia" is that it's been corrupted into a tourist show everywhere. Still, it's something you wouldn't see on a normal Saturday night in Arlington. So how authentic was the dancing, in your friend's opinion? Was the flamenco guitar as good, say, as Manitas de Plata? And was the flamenco singing their usual semi-rythmic shouting? Sorry, my Spain will always be the North. Love that gaita, bodhran (borrowed from the Irish), and hurdy-gurdy music!
2nd October 2007

ahhh, frankfurt
ahhhh, deutschland... mmm apfelwein... your blog entry made me nostalgic for my ole frankfurt stomping grounds! glad you had a good time! dear LORD that's alot of meat!
From Blog: Frankfurt

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