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South America » Colombia » Cartagena September 24th 2009

Hot hot hot. 32 degrees and very humid. No wind. That is the weather in Cartagena that met me at the airport... No AC and no hot water in the house. But actually, hot water is not a requirement in this heat... The AC on the other hand... I actually did not plan to go to an Internet cafe today, but since they have AC, it seemed like a good option... :o) Apparently the "cooler" temperatures will get here next month, but I beleive that is barely going to change things... I normally wake up before 6 am in the morning to go walking with Mariela, the lovely lady I am staying with. Even then the temperatures amount to about 30 degrees C (aprox 87 F). And we are not talking Arizona-dry-heat, where you don't sweat ... read more

South America » Colombia » Villa de Leyva September 22nd 2009

This week-end I went to a town north of Bogota called Zipaquira, with Carolina and Felipe. This place is actually Colombias number one tourist site, but I can tell you that there did not seem to be any other mochilas there than me. Carolina told me that people just stared at me - I guess I am quite spectacular with my blonde hair, blue eyes, being 10cm taller than everyone ;o) However, noone is rude. Zipaquira is so much visited because there is a salt mine there that still produces 40% of Colombias salt. The mine is huge and it hostes a huge cathredal 190m below the ground. It is a very interesting visit and although quite busy, not so busy that is was annoying. After that I actually did my first real backpacking in Colombia. ... read more

South America » Colombia » Bogota September 19th 2009

Last Saturday Carolina and Felipe took me to the coolest restaurant I have ever been to in my life. This restaurant is located in a place called Chia, outside of Bogota, so it takes a while to drive there. When arriving I actually wondered if there was a theme park or a tivoli or something, and then Carolina turned around and said "we're here". Hm.... I thought. The restaurant is huge and is just.... PSY-KE-DE-LIC!!! There are tons of different rooms, stairs and corners and a big dancefloor and decorations, tons of decorations. I actually cannot describe it, but I just LOVED it!!! I had the chance to be there during the week-end of Amor Y Amistad (Colombias Valentine extended to also include friendship), so there were actors going around acting for, and with you, and ... read more
Carolina & Felipe

South America » Colombia » Bogota September 19th 2009

All of you that think dangerous, FARC guerilla, cokaine, bribes and hidden guns behind the closed doors when you hear Colombia - think again. Surely that exist here too, as in so many other places, but during the less than a week that I have spent in Bogota, I have seen and experienced so much more. I don't know where to start; the nice people, the lovely city center of Bogota, the Gold Museum, the splendid viewpoint, the salsa dancing or the food. So let's start from the beginning. I left France last Tuesday, but almost did not leave it. I got caught in the traffic jam in Paris and almost did not make it to the flight. You can imagine my thoughts when sitting in the car with Pierre's labtop in my knee, trying to ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris September 14th 2009

Preparing for my trip to Colombia. I realize that it is not very easy to pack for X number of months, not knowing what you are going to do... Hahaha... So I guess I will just buy what I need over there. Tonight I will have a last night with Pierre - we will spend it in Paris - Paris is magic as we all know ;o) Anyway, You are mostly welcome to visit me, I hope I will see a lot of you over in Colombia!!!... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador August 23rd 2006

I am back in Sweden since yesterday. The end of my trip was unforgettable and incredibly great! I once again had the pleasure to visit my friend Chris and her family in Salvador, the cultural capital of Brazil, and they, once again, showed me that Brazilian hospitality is something extraordinary. This time I had the time to visit Morro do Sao Paulo - such a nice tropical paradise island with all the beaches you want and great nightlife. I also had the chance to go to Igreja do Bonfim and Pelourinho, watch capoeira shows, see the sunset from Farrol da Bahia... I am totally in love with this country and I will count the days until I can get back. But for now, I will have to be grown up as I start work on Monday.... ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Lençóis August 23rd 2006

Ahhh!!! I found heaven on earth, and it is called Chapada Diamantina! From a very charming town, Lencois, remaining from the diamond mining era, I took a 3-day hike in to the natural reserve - 3 days filled with stunning views, waterfalls, swimming and diving, rivers, hiking, wild animals and sleeping in caves. It all started last Friday when Team Blonde (named by the only brunette in the group) went on a 3-day hike with Augosto and Serginho (ahhh... another one of those unbelievably gorgeous Brazilian hunks that you can't stop staring at) in Chapada Diamantina. The first day we started out by seeing Cachoeira da Fumaca (Smokey Waterfall) from above, sliding out on a rock, watching the amazing waterfall, the water disappearing in the wind before it travels the 420 m down to the pool ... read more

Finally on my way to Salvador, one of the highlights of my previous trips. I had to stop for 1,5 days in Santa Cruz when LAB went bancrupt and cancelled all flights. I was actually quite happy to have to take another air company after having been in one of LAB's aircrafts (no more comments). In Bolivia it was a national holiday, implicating that everything but the Internet-cafes was closed (it seems like it has been so in all of north South America since I was in Guayaquil - but there is never anything big happening...). So for once I had plenty of time to do Internet and received an e-mail from my future boss asking me to start work earlier... We'll see about that. Maybe not such a bad idea considering that I am as ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 3rd 2006

After some hectic days, we finally arrived to La Paz, the worlds highest capital (which is not really the capital... anyways... and we being an American girl and two French brothers - great travel companions). Before this dazzling city I had the opportunity to visit the Uros people, living on the floating islands made out of reed in lake Titicaca, Copacabana (no, not in Rio) and the Sun Island, where, according to the Incas, the sun was born. These are all beautiful and worth visiting places, but still quite crowded with tourists. I also had the opportunity to try one of the local dishes - al paca (lama), which was, to my big surprise, really good. The second day in La Paz was spent biking down "the worlds most dangerous road" (or if you prefer "the ... read more

South America August 1st 2006

You know you are in SA when: - You get a highly offended look when trying to pay a 16 bob note with a 50 note. Why does nobody ever want to give change? Lesson number one: Don't ever try to get change. (And I would like to know how the Bolivianos ever get change if everyone refuses to give them it to you... is it witchcraft?) - When you thought that you had accidentally entered a disco but realized that it was the supermarket's DJ talking into the microphone... Ok, you know you really had the true SA experience when you have taken the bus and: - have had to put up with a yelling salesman, selling some strange thing like last year's calendar, for hours and hours (the bus trips are long...) advertising in ... read more

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