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21st January 2011

u r creazy gal dear
20th January 2011
Giraffe patterns

its so prettuyy
6th January 2011

Travel India
Wow the pics are awesome, its really thrilling to spot so many fauna species specially the crocodile
16th December 2010
Fatima Church

Love it!
This is an amazing shot!
5th December 2010

Zip Wiring
This is such an exciting description, I felt like I was right there! I always wondered what one of those rides was like, so thanks for writing a story about it. Great photos too!
4th December 2010

hi there
You know what? I still enjoy this park, especially with my grandchildren! Disneyland is just an "excuse".......we enjoy the visit because we have nurtured the "child" in us. Never lose it, dear. Happy thoughts!
3rd December 2010

I am in love with your pictures. I love animals. Very interesting experience. I want to do that. Love, from Argentina. Graciela.
25th November 2010
Me and Shitani

Oh my god this is such an amazing picture!
17th November 2010

Thanks for the tip! I hope to visit again one day. It is a beautiful place.
17th November 2010

So glad you enjoyed your visit to Julian. We were living in julian but moved to the high desert recently. next time you visit be sure and drop by the cemetary, it is fascinating and a book detailing the "residents" has been written by the caretaker and it's a great read. So much history in that little town.
9th November 2010
Gargoyle at Notre Dame

I have never seen a better frame of paris as captured by you
5th November 2010

lovely, lovely, lovely
So lovely and cute. I do love animals. Lovely pictures. Love from Argentina.
28th October 2010
Painting of the Great Trek

this photo makes u calm
26th October 2010

Hmmm, no the pictures aren't really altered. A few have the colours slightly heightened as on this visit it was a bit dull compared to my previous visit. The lake is quite small and maybe the photos give a different impression. It's a popular picnic spot for the locals. I just loved it for the peace and quite as I was living in a city.
26th October 2010

Wow! Yes I loved the trip on the lagoon - you guys do a great job!
12th October 2010

These pictures are stunning! Is it really this grand or did you twik these pics? Makes me want to dive into the picture to be there!
10th October 2010
View from our boat

IO have seen this wiev befor...
Nice photos, I am one of the guys that is sailing the Larc-5 boats at Jökulsárlón, and i hope you liked your stop at the lagoon.
9th October 2010
Arc de Triomphe

paris ultimate place
pics are really good .. attack on paris pics was something which was ultimate pose thanks for sharing
31st August 2010
Tree at Lake Camecuaro

Hi They are amazing photos you got up there. I love them all. I love that Mexico. XXX
19th August 2010

Hi. Thanks for your comments. Usually if you click on the photo it says which camera was used. If not, well, at the moment I have two canon point and shoots; the IXUS 970IS and the Powershot S5 IS.
18th August 2010

wonderful pictures
18th August 2010

Hi Anna these photos are fantastic, what camera did you use??
16th July 2010

i am encouraged
The Mayan civilisation is on my mind since ages.... and your blog only made me feel more jealous.... :) great pics and views. I am going too....

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