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A little space on the net where people if they so wish can see what I'm up to when I'm off seeing the world. Enjoy 😊 x

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Hurghada December 2nd 2012

Okay. I've just got back from a lovely holiday away with an old school friend, Jenny. After much deliberation and conversation we were able to decide on place to go we decided on Egypt. Dispite it being an All Inclusive/ resort holiday we did manage to get out and about a fair bit. We managed to visit vairious temples and tombs, Tutankhamun's tomb and a river boat trip accross the Nile and being able to visit the Sahara Desert ride a camel to see the bedouin people. An awful lot considering it was initally going to be a ''relax by the pool, maybe do a couple of excursions" kind of holiday. It would have been criminal if we hadn't of left the resort the memories and experiences we had are ones that I will never forget. ... read more
beach with mountains in the back ground
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