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29th January 2014

Great beaches
Glad you found some time to relax and enjoy the amazing Cuban waters.
20th January 2014

I was there last year. Lovely place. Fortunately it is preserved by the UNESCO as a world Heritage Site. Nice, mainly after Havana that is so dirty. As usual, the most interesting part is the people. I like the pictures.
20th January 2014

I really enjoyed looking at all your photos and reading your blog! I loved Trinidad so much, and I think we may have had the same homestay too. Great memories. Thanks for sharing yours.
3rd January 2014

I know how it is. =)
I have about 15000 photos from almost 40 countries left to sort out and publish. It takes some time to get it all done. =)
3rd January 2014

Looks nice!
A co-worker of mine was a in Cuba last year and she enjoyed it, I haven't been there myself yet but I'd love to go there! =) Hope you'll enjoy the rest of your travel!
3rd January 2014

Very late publish:)
Obviously we made quite a confusion with this late publish... we were actually in Cuba last May, however didn't get around to publish it since:) A kind of New Year's resolution, hehe:) Anyway it was a great and easy trip - maybe even too easy for our taste. We would definitely recommend it for one of the first travels. Thanks for reading!
3rd January 2014
Havana Vieja

Love this photo!
I simply just love this photo, good composition and a great sense of humor. =D
12th January 2013

Too bad about that halo halo
Must be the ice shavings (water) used in your halo halo. My fav drink, btw, but I always ask if they used filtered water if I have foreigners with me. Takes some getting used (the water here). Anyway..... I missed you! We just got back from El Nido and had a wonderful time. Hope all's well with you now.
20th December 2012
Sagada to Lup Lupa

Death Road
...exactly on my mind when we went to Sagada! Happy Travels. x
20th December 2012

I like
The shot of the woman in the rice paddie and the old guy in front of the door.
20th December 2012

like the locals....
I love it that you went to beautiful Batad and Banaue and ate like the locals. Great blog. and love those photos!
19th June 2012

I need help
I am planning my trip to Philippines. Tell me, please, how did you get to Banaue? Is the trekking hard? I mean, is it steep? I need to know that because I can´t walk on steep surfaces. I would like to see the rice terraces but from an easy place... You can write to my email. Thank you. Graciela, from Argentina.
20th December 2012

Hi! Thanks for reading our blog. You can take a jeepney from Banaue all the way up to the viewpoint from where it's only downhill - aprox 20-30min walking. The fastest & easiest way back from Batad is going the same way - uphill 20-30 min and with a jeepney. I wouldn't say it is hard. We went all around though, 1 whole day trekking to the near villages. Batad is def something to see so go for it!
7th June 2011

Thanks for the compliment. We have some blogs on standby for publishing from our previous trips (Russia, Morocco,...), but there is no time to finish them...I hope we'll manage shortly. Blogging about Slovenia is also a future idea, but first we need to go travel around it. You know - first you wanna see everthing else but your own country :P
5th June 2011

What a wonderful way to end your travels
I've enjoyed your blogs so hope you will continue to take short trips and blog about them. We'd love to hear about your home area. We are thinking of going to Columbia so reading your blogs have given us some ideas. Thanks for sharing.
5th May 2011
COGUA kiteboards

Made in Colombia
Cogua kiteboards are hand made boards, I got one, and would buy another if I have to. I really recommend Cogua brand. Go kitesurfing to Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay, there is a lake (Calima) with 20kts wind, 365, just go.
17th March 2011

lost tan :)
Anja stole it!! For me it was more drinking cocktails and relaxing in the shade :P
16th March 2011
Johny Cay Island

Uros! Where is you killer tan???
15th March 2011

ljubljana couple
Hey, If you think the picture where there is a couple on a wall fooling around I have to dissapoint you that it's not us. But they really look similar. But It looked you had fun in Slovenia (Ljubljana) - I'm glad. Take care and say Hi to Martin for me please. Cheers Uros
9th March 2011

I think it might be you on my round the world pictures
Guys, my Irish friend Martin Dolan, who lives in Cali, sent me a link to your blog. I recently have published a photo story from my around the world trip, and you might be a couple on my pictures from Ljubliana. Please let me know if it is you. It is not a spam. I am curious. Here is a link.
26th January 2011

Awesome blog!
Hola amigas! I loved all your pictures - much better than mine I have to admit! You made the trip extra fun so thanks for being my fellow expeditors. All the best on the rest of your travels xHeidi
25th January 2011

anonymous: Thanks for the compliment. We try our best :) Maja: Pa sej sploh ni tok grda...res da pa zgleda kr strupena :P Chris and Nikki: I hope you followed the opening line and truly read it with a deep and dramatic voice, hehe :)
25th January 2011

Cool blog guys (I loved the opening line!), I always look forward to seeing your pictures, keep up the good work.

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