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Andrew McGeehan

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » San Isidro June 21st 2010

It's been an up and down past couple of days. Mostly it's been good, I just have gotten a little down once or twice because of not knowing anyone here and not really knowing what's going on half the time. But I feel a lot better now and have lots of fun things coming up! First off, my feet are still hurting. It's difficult to have any days where I don't walk a lot, so I am trying to get used to it and trying to massage out the pain when I'm not doing anything at home. I should probably try to give them a rest for a day or two and then be careful. Though I'm sure they will hurt again once I start hiking mountains continuously. Yesterday was pretty good. I had plans with ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » San Isidro June 19th 2010

I think I have decided to keep both this blog, as well as a more personal, written journal. This one will probably focus more on chronicling what actually happens to me in Peru, while my written journal will be more about my internal thoughts and processes. Either way, I'm sure there will be some crossover. So far, things have been going pretty well. Yesterday and a little bit today was the first time I had felt some loneliness at being here all by myself. It is kind of funny, there were many weekend days in Maine and even in college, where I would not leave my house/res hall room the entire day and not feel weird about it. And for some reason, when I spend the nights alone here, I feel like I should be doing ... read more

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