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24th September 2023
Windmills of the Overwaard

The beauty of the Netherlands
The windmills are lovely.
From Blog: Kinderdijk
22nd September 2023

Exploring Belgium
Bruges is an amazing town and I always love reading about it.
From Blog: Bruges
13th September 2023

Amazing Architecture
Thanks for taking us along.
From Blog: Ghent
5th September 2023

We've been to Belgium but have not been to Antwerp. This is a city I'd like to go back and see. You've gotten me excited.
From Blog: Antwerp
25th September 2023

We have really enjoyed the cities of Flanders, Antwerp twice, Bruges and Ghent. When you visit Antwerp the Cathedral with its Rubens altar pieces is a must. Do also visit the World Heritage Plantin-Moretus Museum.
From Blog: Antwerp
18th May 2023
Kinderdijke Windmill

Lovely even on a cloudy day.
From Blog: Kinderdijk
18th May 2023
Śródmieście (Old Town Gdańsk)

Old Town Gdansk
What a beautiful city. Thanks for taking us along.
From Blog: Gdańsk Day 1
17th May 2023
Serpent Downspout

Very cool
We hope to go to Poland soon.
From Blog: Gdańsk Day 2
13th March 2023

An adorable collection of gnomes.
13th March 2023

They really are a whimsical lot. I understand new ones keep appearing.
13th March 2023
Cardinal Bolesław Kominek

Nice photo of this monument.
From Blog: Wrocław Day 2
16th February 2023

I had totally forgotten that Copernicus was Polish. I had come to think of him as a Greek/Italian scholar. Torun look like it's packed with history and character :)
28th January 2023
Rynek Staromiejski

Rich in history & beauty
Beautiful. Thank you for taking us along and introducing us to Poland.
28th January 2023
El Galeón

El Galeon
What an amazing ship.
21st January 2023
Fontanna Prozerpiny

I am intrigued by Poland and hope to visit soon. MJ
From Blog: Poznań
17th January 2023

I look forward to visiting Poznan this fall!!!
Poznan was the first capital of Poland with King Boleslaw "The Brave" Chroby. becoming the first king of Poland. You missed getting a picture of his statue! We are going there to get a picture of his statue, as he is both Linda and my 29th great grandfather. His sister, our 28th great grandmother, was Świętosława "The Haughty" (and "Sigrid" in Sweden and "Gunhilda" in Denmark) Mieszkówna of the Piast Dynasty, and Queen of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and England. Firstly, she married King Eric "The Victorious" of Sweden (28th ggf), with whom she had a son, King Olaf III "The Treasurer" (27th ggf). King Olaf III had two daughters, Princess Ingegerd who married Prince Yaroslav "The Wise" Vladimirovich of Kievian Rus (26th ggf) and Princess Astrid who married King/Saint Olaf II Haraldsson, King of Norway (32nd ggf...vikings had shorter generations than other as they were always killing and being killed). King Olaf II was killed in the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030. His younger half brother King Harald III "Hardrata" Sigurdsson of Norway (31st ggf), known as "The Last Viking," was wounded fighting by his side, but escaped to Kiev where he was welcomed by his relative Prince Yaroslav "The Wise." He then traveled to Constantinople where he was commander of the Varangian Guard who protected the Byzantine Emperor. He returned to Norway after 16 years where he was crowned king. In 1066 King Harald III was killed in the Battle of Stamford Bridge by the army of King Harold II Godwinsson of England (29th ggf), who himself was killed in the Battle of Hastings by William the Conqueror (26th ggf) a couple weeks later. Secondly, she married King Sven "Forkbeard" of Denmark, Norway, and England (28th ggf) with whom she had two sons; the oldest Harald II became King of Denmark, and Canute. She told Canute that if he wanted to be a king he would have to conqueror another country. So, he invaded England with the help of the fearsome Polish cavalry provided by his uncle, King Boleslaw. He became King Canute "The Great" of England (27th ggu), and with the passing of his brother Harald II, he also became King of Denmark and Norway. So, Polish Świętosława was the Queen or Queen Mother of four countries, but not Poland itself! We are also related to the first kings of Hungary and Serbia, so will also visit there, with the statues of many of these kings at the Heroes Monument in Budapest, including Köten Khan of the Cumans, our 25th great grandfather. We are enjoying following the footsteps of our ancestors!
From Blog: Poznań
10th January 2023
Baroque Pulpit

Holy Trinity Altar
Exquisite in any sense of the word. I have posted some of your pics in TB's "Cathedrals, grand churches, mosques & places of worship" thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out. I wonder what treasures the other Baroque wooden churches reveal. A wonderful quirk of history that they have survived the wars of destruction throughout history that have plagued this part of Europe.
10th January 2023
Holy Trinity Ceiling

Holy Trinity Ceiling
This looks as if it is embroidery rather than painted. Could this be so? Beautiful in either respect.
10th January 2023

Poland and beyond
I'm keen to go to Poland soon. I've enjoyed this blog.
7th January 2023

We love strolling around after dinner. The city always offers a different vibe after the sun goes down.
2nd January 2023

Travel These Days
Flexibility is key
28th December 2022
Huevos a la Cazuela

I love food photos! ... This looks perfect.
7th January 2023
Huevos a la Cazuela

Food Photos
I live taking pictures of food, too. Food, after all, is an important part of a region's culture and traditions. The egg dish in Santiago de Compostela was something like a mixed grill or hash with a fired egg on top. A meal in itself, not just a tapas!
27th December 2022
Chancel and High Altar

Lovely intricate detail.
From Blog: Braga
17th December 2022

Camino de Santiago...
The Camino Frances is one of many routes to Santiago de Compostela...the one with the best logistics and with more people for those of us who are extroverts! While you can start anywhere (like your front door), most long distance walkers start in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France, or if they want to avoid the very difficult walk over the Pyrenees, start in Pamplona (where I started).
From Blog: Braga

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