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26th May 2011

Thank-you for your nice comments!
I enjoyed reading your blog and on behalf of myself and the team at Roganstown Hotel & Country Club would like to thank-you for your nice comments. We look forward to the possibility of welcoming you back and we will even make sure BBC Radio 4 is playing in your room! Kind Regards - Andy
From Blog: Days 37-39
15th May 2011

Cliffs of Moher
I've enjoyed reading your blog and checking out your photos! Not sure I would have wanted to walk across that foot bridge over the stream.
From Blog: Days 30-32
13th May 2011
Shooting Mona

Seems like a good title for a movie...
From Blog: Days 12-14
16th April 2011

First days of the trip
All sounds amazing Mum and Dad, I like the photos too! Sounds like a very good start to the holiday (P.S GO CATS!)
From Blog: Day 01-03
11th April 2011

I am jealous
Hi Andrew & Helen The trip sounds wonderful. Look forward to hearing about it. I am planning a trip for next year (the big 50!!) the same day as the new SMS goes live!!! Take care and have a ball - I will read the blogs! Cheers Annie XX
From Blog: The day before
12th June 2006

The Day My Ears Turned Into Aardvarks
Sorry, but the box asked me to enter a "title" for my coment, and I couldn't resist. I haven't left a comment thus far, and the 15mins until the World Cup match begins is killing me! I assume you're in bed, unless you've found a pub somewhere. I reckon we'll go alright as long as they keep Viduka away from the penalty spot. Les Murray is stoked, the stage is set, GO THE 'ROOS! I'll call you tomorrow with a heavy or a happy heart. P.S. Nice pic of the Picton Harbour!
From Blog: Day 13-15
8th June 2006

Ah! memories!
i'm glad you caught the keas before they took your lunch. and the shotover! (let me show you a 1973 photo when you get home ...) but what's the attraction with overcoming a nice quiet fear of heights? can't you leave a sensible thing in peace? not harming anyone was it? we'll expect to see you on the cliffs at anglesea next, paragliding out to sea ...
From Blog: Day 9-10
8th June 2006

Hi Helen My first blog expereince! And very impressive indeed. The photos are amazing and make me long to be with you in Queenstown. I hope that you are feeling more relaxed and , in between these death defying acts, you are taking time to relax, drink, enjoy each other and apprecaite how wonderful life is. Have a di=rink for me!
From Blog: Day 9-10
3rd June 2006

Is that pronounced the same as "that dog" next door? It certainly looks to be more serene than her! All is well here.
From Blog: Days 5-6
2nd June 2006

Am really enjoying your travelogue, scenery looks spectacular, especially the ducks on Bourke St!!! Weather has been fine & sunny at home. Geelong plays WC on Saturday and most commentators are still tipping Geelong, most unnerving.
From Blog: Day 3-4
30th May 2006

HI mum and dad! Thought I would be the first to posta comment! The pictures were amazing, mum it is bizarre how much you resemble a penguin, that was the purpose of that photo was it not?!!! Not much to report, cold here to, Cam's here for the week with Clive. Have a good time and more photos next time! they were great!
29th May 2006

off and flying
we hope you've landed safely by now on foreign soil, and got the maps working and feet walking. it's raining and cold here, so don't feel too discouraged if nz is living up to its reputation (south island anyway). find a glacier and ski down it!
From Blog: In the mood

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