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19th September 2019

my comment
Hello I enjoyed your blog so much Just a question, don't you want to travel to Iran country? ·
11th April 2018

I want your life!
Wow, that looks amazing!
From Blog: Sunny Seville
8th April 2018

Love your descriptions of Barcelona. It’s one of my fav places, and that cathedral!,, omg it’s amazing
8th April 2018

Hi Lisa, glad you like the comments. I'll try to keep them coming but finding time to write between tours and meals is very difficult.
28th September 2016

technique is superb,The white temple and The Black House.
Especially, The white temple and The Black House are the supreme of national artist of Thailand.
16th August 2016

SEA Observer
The article sounds impressive for a small landlocked country that only a name is left over for tourists' taste. Most elephants had left Laos, including the few rare white elephants found in Louang Prabang and other northern provinces. They were probably sold out to other countries, particularly Vietnam or China - Lao PDR's usual patronages. Now only about 47% of Laos' forest are left: Sold out soon too!
11th August 2016

Souunds liie you're having a ball. Love reading about your travels... very jealous! It's cold here... what I wouldnt give for a taste of the tropics right now! Take care and enjoy the 30+ degree heat. See you soon. Enjoy Laos and be safe. X CJ
9th August 2016
Green papaya salad

Green Papaya Salad
Can I order one green papaya salad please! Looks great!
8th August 2016

What an awesome experience! Great photos Al.
31st July 2016

Hanoi Old Quarter
Hey travellers. Hanoi Old Quarter is one of my favourite places in the world! Try not to get squished by a bike! Hope you shop and eat well, as your will be spoiled for choice in both departments.
1st August 2016

Not so sure about the shopping but definitely eating very well.
22nd July 2016

Hoi An
If you get the time while in Danang, try to get down to Hoi An. Quaint little town, very pretty, specially at night when all the lanterns are lit. The Market Restaurant across the river from old town is a great place for some nice food, and far cheaper than the pricier glitzy ones in the main area. Lots of great food there anywhere tho really. Also the interior of Marble Mountain is quite impressively atmospheric. And the view from the top of Hai Van Pass north of Danang is amazing on a clear day, both ways.
From Blog: Last day in HCMC
22nd July 2016

Hoi an
Thanks Garrick. Spending a couple of days in Hoi An now. It really is a pretty place. I'll check restaurant tonight
From Blog: Last day in HCMC
21st July 2016

A good read!
You are allowing us to travel the world by proxy :-) I'm reading all your daily stories with great interest Alistair. This one was particularly compelling. Thanks!
20th July 2016

I'll never forget the sound of that gunfire echoing around the forest at Cu Chi, so surreal as you wandered along trying to listen to the guide tell propaganda stories about the evil invaders. We went for the cheap AK47 option at only $1 a bullet, but looked on in envy as some maniac blew hundreds of USD on several minutes of sustained M30 fire from the back of the jeep. :-)
From Blog: Ho Chi Minh city
20th July 2016

Brings back memories!
oh the phrases "10 hour bus trip from turned into a 14 hour trip" and "It was mainly an opportunity for the locals to sell their wares at inflated prices to was a bit touristy for me" really bring back memories! Very excited you found a Vietnamese restaurant in Vietnam though lol!
From Blog: Ho Chi Minh city
11th July 2016

Would love to have done this!
11th July 2016
Rice fields from the air

This is so cool!!
4th July 2016

Critter count #2. Awesome!
4th July 2016
Bats & salad

Gosh, I never would have thought!?
That's a new one on the list of strangest things you can eat!
4th July 2016

One dodgy critter eaten. Looking forward to more stories!
4th July 2016

A good read!
As always - interesting reading Alistair. Allowing us to "travel by proxy" :-)
12th July 2012

Great Blog
I enjoy reading your blog Alistair! A nicely balanced mix of info about the people, the places, and your personal reflections... Enjoy the rest of your journey!
5th July 2012

amazing trip
your trip sounds amazing mum and i have been reading through your blog today very interesting hope your having a good time take care love from home
From Blog: Moshi - Tanzania
4th July 2012

Well done
Good job with the pocket knife there Alistair!
From Blog: Moshi - Tanzania

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