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14th March 2013

i think i've learnt a lot just by listening to these stories. :)
14th March 2013

thanks for sharing
that was a very inspirational and touching story and i truly hoped that Jerome could get out of the other world he is in. God bless both of u
8th March 2013
That's a big burrito...

1st March 2013

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From Blog: Rough and Tough
28th February 2013

Fellow traveller
Thanks for sharing your trip! I completely agree that travelling is not and shouldn't be a vacation. We are taking 2 of our children to PR in a few weeks. We will be backpacking. I am looking for a cheap but safe place to stay in San Juan the 1st night we arrive. I am also looking for any ideas for cheap safe lodging on the ocean (east island area). Any suggestions?
11th February 2013

Yet Another Great Blog
I was hoping you would publish another blog soon. What incredible stories. I am amazed at how you are able to get people to open up and talk. Thank you for writing this. It puts my own problems in perspective and that is a gift. Also, I love that they would never kill the Chef, although I'm not sure I would do so well working like that. Looking forward to more stories like this.
11th February 2013

Talk about a pressure cooker...
Thanks for taking the time to comment. I wondered what you would think of the other chef. :)
10th February 2013

Boat people
We scored a fair percentage of "The Boat People" in Oz and they've been a great addition to the nation.
9th February 2013

Nick Cockle, Jo McCarthy, and I, of those who have commented thus far...
are moderators, and thus are the Travelblog police...and we love your stories. As for Vietnam, I went to school in Dalat, Vietnam from 1956-64, and then returned after college in October-November 1973 where I worked in design/construction for the U.S. government helping the Vietnamese. I had friends who were killed during the 1968 Tet offensive. Other friends were captured and died on the hike north along the Ho CHi Minh Trail. I know many stories of those who worked for us and eventually made their way to the U.S. When I returned to Dalat in 2009 with my son, I was warmly greeted...the Vietnamese are one people who do not hold grudges. I have recounted all of this in my blogs.
9th February 2013

Well, in that case, there's more where that came from!
9th February 2013

I'm going to have to stop reading your blogs...
Boy, am I glad I don't live where you do - I'd quickly become so depressed that I'd stop talking to anyone! Thank you, once again, for sharing though. It makes me thankful for all the good things that my family has.
9th February 2013

Please don't stop reading....
But, yes, be thankful!
9th February 2013

The Storyteller
More of the incredible writing we've come to expect from you - fantastic again.
9th February 2013

You do have a way with words Anastasia and this is yet another touching blog, which I can see has come straight from your heart. Most people can't even begin to comprehend what the Vietnamese people have been through. Your story reflects much of what my wife has told me about the trials and tribulations her country and her people have had to endure, some of which has reduced me to tears. Thanks for sharing your story.
9th February 2013

You might like this little story too...
The lady that does my nails is from Vietnam too. Yesterday she was telling me about how her father helped the American government during the war and subsequently all of his children could not be gainfully employed in Vietnam. Her dad was put in prison for aiding America but then somehow the U.S. sponsored the rest of the family to immigrate to the United States and were later joined by their father. She squeezed my hand and said, "Thank you" all teary eyed like I had personally done something. Sweet lady. I get my nails done just to see her! :)
9th February 2013

Great stories...
keep them coming.
9th February 2013

I kinda hesitated to publish this since its not exactly a travel don't turn me in to the travelblog police.
9th February 2013

What absolutely interesting and educational stories. It is good to be at ease asking questions. See what you learn and can share. Keep it up!
24th January 2013
Mena House Oberoi

Loved it there
Back in 1996, I stayed here. But my room was by no means as big nor as nicely appointed as this one. Thanks for all these hotel pics, Anastasia - - - nostalgic for me. Would love to be back, staring out at the pyramids from the hotel room.
24th January 2013

Mean House
If I go back to Egypt, rather WHEN I go back to Egypt, I'd stay again in Mena House Oberoi. Was there ages ago. 1996 to be exact. Need to get a good deal to afford staying there again. Thanks, Anastasia for this post. Been searching for hotel photos -- mine sucks -- and seeing yours made me remember. Would you mind sharing your photos with me on my Egypt blog? I'd use the TB photo code of course to redirect the reader to this blog.
17th January 2013

I didn't know what I was getting into when clicking on this blog, but what a gem! The conversation isn't just unexpected, bittersweet and fascinating, it reveals so much about you as a person -- all good. Thanks for sharing.
16th January 2013

As usual ...
A great entry, poignant and beautifully written. And the thing that touch me even more is that it is about the "back home", not some exotic destinations; thanks for sharing the story about your encounter with Jerome. Traveling comes with a certain state of mind & you of all are definitely keeping the same human approach that you are in a dusty street of Cairo or in a train heading home... Keep writing !
15th January 2013

Did you ever see that Idiot Abroad when he sees the pyramids for the first time? There was garbage and nappies wizzing around his head, and he says something like 'they don't put that on the brochure do they?' Oh I laughed myself silly. Great blogs by the way!
16th January 2013

I just put Idiot Abroad on my Netflix queue. :)

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