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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan November 15th 2013

Today is a rainy day so I’m taking a little bit of time to update my blog while I’m enjoying a nice cup of tea. I’ve arrived at the Sundance Meadow farm on Friday afternoon and am settling in very well. Not difficult as the family and all the animals, which you’ll see on picture, are so welcoming. The farm is situated in the middle of the woods not far from Duncan where I stayed last week. If I had to describe it, I would say it’s a lively, happy little farm totally in harmony with the nature. All is respected and kept in order so the nature (wild animals, trees, plants...) finds its space. I’ve started work on Saturday morning and I think I’m not doing too bad ! But as Gwen & Brant will ... read more
Tree in front of house
In front of the house
The house entrance

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan November 14th 2013

So as I don't have a car, I have to make the most of it by bus. Take first bus direction Mill Bay, stop at the centre and go and have a walk to the Marina and then along the road to get to Mill Bay ferry. Get to go down on the beach and enjoy nice sceneries from there. Back to Mill Bay Centre and get on another bus direction Shawigan Lake, have a view from the bus and decide to get off the bus at Coble Hill. Have a nice 40 minutes up the Cobble Hill, worth the walk, just look at the pictures, astonishing. And lovely bright sun, can't be better. Then head back down to catch the bus that will bring me back to Duncan downtown. Have the impression I spent more ... read more
Mill Bay Marina
View from Mill Bay beach
View from Cobble Hill

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan November 14th 2013

As planned, arrived yesterday morning in Duncan. Quite surprised when I arrive and see that Duncan is a small town mainly along the highway. I head to my motel, and I'm welcomed by a very nice women that directly shows me what I can do around. I say I would like to Cowichan Bay, but with no car not easy so she says no problem, my husband will drive you there. I'm still surprised by how kind people are around here. So I drop my bag in very nice and comfortable bedroom, grab a coffee and then go with Martin (the husband) down to Cowichan Bay. It's a very charming little village along the sea. I wanted to go kayaking but all is closed. So I just wait for the next bus and head back to ... read more
Another seal
View of Cowichan Bay
Little house at Cowichan Bay

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island November 12th 2013

Here I am now in Victoria that is situated in the south of Vancouver Island. I arrived yesterday after taking a few buses, a train and a boat. This city is very nice and quite small with a lot of charm. I'm staying with a couch surfer for 2 nights, nice way to meet and to exchange about travel experiences. The travel by boat was beautiful, going through many islands and having the splendid views of the mountains all around. Tomorrow I will be heading to Duncan that is another very nice city a little more north of the Island. I should stay 2 days over there before starting my woofing experience in a farm not far from Duncan.... read more
View from the boat leaving Vancouver
View from the boat of one of many islands surrounding us
Other view from boat

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver November 9th 2013

It’s Saturday, I had bought myself a day pass for transports so I decide to go to the south part of Vancouver. That’s Granville Island, South Granville, University of British Columbia and Kitsilano. To get to Granville Island, I take the Sea Bus (see picture). Granville Island is very nice, beautiful market, little shops (especially one with instruments from all around the world, made for music lovers) and art galleries. Then head to South Granville, where you mainly have shops and galleries. Walk to Kitsilano, get to go pass a chocolate shop, can’t resist, have to buy some. Women says “for yourself or to offer ?” pffff what a question, sure for myself, even if I wanted to offer them, I would eat them before I got back to France. Sorry guys, but you all know ... read more
World's instrument music shop
View of downtown Vancouver
Beach at University of British Columbia

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver November 8th 2013

It’s sunny today J !!! One thing to do absolutely when sun is out is the lookout. The lookout is a building you go up and have a magnificent view on Vancouver and surroundings. If you have vertigo, bad idea. But I loved it, especially the open lift. As you can go anytime you want during the day, once you bought the ticket, I decide that will go back at sunset time (that means 4:30 pm quite early). After that go down to the bay and have a nice walk along the beach in direction of Vancouver West end and Yaletown (supposed to be a gay community around there) Have a stop on Pacific Bay to admire the view and get to listen to a quite interesting conversation a strange guy was having on his phone, ... read more
View on Gastown from lookout
North Vancouver on sunny day
Little hut

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver November 7th 2013

Plans today are to try and visit most of Chinatown and Gastown during the morning as this afternoon moving to Burnaby (30 minutes by train from Downtown) where my Airbnb is. I start to go direction Chinatown (always with my map now). I will get to see the house where Jimmy Hendrix used to visit his grandmother, go into interesting shops, such as a very nice tea shop and also a kind of market where you find all kind of Chinese strange things like insects and all the medicinal plants you can imagine (not for me !!). After I discover Gastown that is the old part of Vancouver, very nice. Loads of pubs, restaurants, nice little shops. Small houses and calm streets. Just look at the pictures and you’ll see the charm of it. As I ... read more
Jimmy Hendrix shrine
Market in Chinatown
Tea shop in Cinatwon

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver November 6th 2013

After a good night sleep, plans are today to go to Capilano Bridge (one of the main attractions in Vancouver) and in the afternoon go around Stanley Park. So buses leave every hour to Capilano Bridge, it's quarter to 10am, I decide to try and get the 10 o'clock bus. I grab my bag, get out of the hotel, turn right on the street and walk my way to Canada place (well that's what I thought !). After 15 minutes, I start to wonder if I'm going to right way. Decide to take out my map and can't get to know what way I'm going. Turning my map around and around, I then hear a nice man say "you looked lost", I was. I was actually totally the opposite way of where I was going and ... read more
Entry to Capilano Bridge
Suspension bridge
View from suspension bridge

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver November 5th 2013

Well I have 3 days to catch up, not going to be easy. Finally arrived in Vancouver at 12:05 pm exactly on November 5, Canada time. I'm totally exausted as I didn't get to sleep in the plane. Sitting next to a snoring women, the cute guy was at the end of the plane ! Typicall :) Anyway all went well, on my first flight from Paris to Frankfurt, I saw the most magnificent sunrise, sorry no pictures, next time I'll reminder to always have my camera on me ! lol Stars good, I see my luggage has also made the trip over to Vancouver ! Funny how you always get stressed while waiting for your bag, seeing all the others going round and round the travelator. Problems begin after. Something they didn't like when I ... read more
Vue from Skytrain 3
Vue from Skytrain
My bed

Europe » France » Île-de-France November 4th 2013

Few hours before my departure, ready to go. A long night to come in front of me. Just hope the RATP won't be of a problem tonight ! :)... read more

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