Amy Shearer


Amy Shearer

I wish now that I'd stayed longer in Nepal - I think it takes two weeks to really start to love a place - but coming back to Thailand was like coming home. I had a big stupid grin on my face when I got back to Khoasan. I know, I have some gaps to fill in, but this entry is just about today. Sometimes there are days where you barely do anything, and absolutely nothing happens. And sometimes these are the days you know you'll remember best. Today was one of those days. And this is a rather long post about not much at all. After sitting around at the pool for a few hours, chatting, reading, messing around on Facebook, I decided I really wanted some pineapple - the kind you get in a ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Jhocchen Street May 21st 2013

Yesterday I took a decidedly harrowing taxi ride from Bouddha to Jocchne Tole (or Freak Street, as it was called in the 60's and 70's). Taxis here are barely distinguishable from regular beat-up hunks of junk, except that they may say "Taxi" somewhere on them. They're tiny, seat-belt-free (like Thailand!) Noddy cars from the 80's that seem like they're going to fall apart if your luggage is over a certain weight. Anyway, the way it works is, you negotiate the price, throw your stuff in the car, and hope to god(s) the driver actually understood your directions. Mine didn't, he mistook "Jhocchen Street" for "airport" - easy enough mistake, I suppose, so we pulled over to negotiate. I eventually found and pointed it out to him on the map, so we were off. At this point ... read more
View from my window at Century Lodge
Temples in KTM Durbar Square
View over Bhakatpur Square

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Boudhanath May 18th 2013

This morning I woke up to the sound of gongs and chants from the nearby monasteries. It's a peaceful, hypnotic sound, and I fell back asleep feeling strangely comfortable in this new, completely foreign place. I'm in Bhouda, or Boudhanath, a holy site in Kathmandu. At the center of the area is a stupa, a kind of circular religious shrine where pilgrims come to pray and meditate. It's customary to only walk in a clockwise direction around the stupa, so as not to disturb the positive flow of energy - even if the place you want to get to is only a few meters in the other direction, you should go with the flow all the way around. There are prayer wheels all the way around that you spin as you walk past. Coming from the ... read more
Veggie Momo and Coffee

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Koh Chang » Koh Chang April 14th 2013

Day 3 (or 4? I've lost track) of spending 8 straight hours floating in the sea. In the shallows the water is hot and you have to swim a ways out before it cools down a bit. Little (and not-so-little) brightly colored fish swim past my toes. There's little difference in temperature between the water and the air - depending on where you are either the water is a cool break from the air, or vice versa. The ocean is teal, stays shallow a long way out, and the waves are small and gentle. One of these days I'll get around to posting a picture. Yesterday I dragged myself out of the water long enough to have curried shrimp with rice and an ice cold beer at a cafe on the beach. I think it was ... read more
Ice Beach
Ice Beach

Asia » Thailand » Eastern Thailand » Koh Chang » Koh Chang April 12th 2013

I made it here! I'm feeling pretty darn proud of myself, but also wondering what the hell I've gotten myself into.. I mean that in a good way. I think. Anyway, this post is more for my parents to say I got in and I'm alive, etc :) The trip I got super lucky for my 14 hour flight - the flight was totally packed, but the guy checking me in gave me the last emergency row seat so I had about four feet of extra room in front of me. Really nice of him, considering it was about midnight by the time I got to the counter and I was basically already asleep, and probably only grunted at him in reply. As it turned out, I sat next to a former US airforce pilot who ... read more

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