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Amy Martin

I am going travelling around Europe by train for 5 months, visiting friends and couchsurfing, enjoy my blog!

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor February 23rd 2011

Week 4 The last week of Sunshine! With the children this week we finished off the scene of the Nile, coloured pictures of a donkey, a camel and a man, a house and some boats and a lot of fish! That was part of the project to decorate the place for the meeting in the UK. We also made some cats, lizards and some mosques. We had some new comers to the class, some of the younger kids, called marawan, Gomaa and Hanan. other activities that week were making necklaces out of cut up tubes, which the kids loved because they could take them away with them. They made a bird and stuck feathers on it. It was so lovely because Hasim loved doing that, he made four! and he is usually the naughtiest one! We ... read more
Jabber the fisherman
Chris and Alice at Jabbers house

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor December 29th 2010

Egypt week 2 At Sunshine this week we made turtles with those maize ‘’wot-zits’’ that the kids kept asking ‘’chipsies?’’ so we had to make it very clear that we couldn’t eat them! You sticks them together with water so you can build them up or stick them to paper, great fun! We also made seahorses with tissue paper, and starfish with sequins, and we were supposed to make shells but the kids were playing up so we ended up playing with balloons instead; chaos but great fun! And our sea scene was finished so after some final touches we took photos of all the kids in front of it, they loved it! Our next project was about trainsport, we got out the paints and they painted some cars; made a train, one carriage each stuck ... read more
Our class with their under the sea display
Nile scene
Alice's new friend at our new hotel

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor November 26th 2010

Cairo Alice and I arrived into Cairo late at night and were met by our friend Kim who was in the year above us at Swansea uni. We all studied Egyptology, me a degree, Alice just finished her masters, and Kim is doing her PHD. She stayed in Cairo for 3 months to study, luckily when we were there so we could crash with her! Her cousin Kate had also come to visit from America. In the morning we headed out for a fun day- getting a visa extension for me and Alice yay! Of course as it turned out the office was shut because it was 6th October. Makes sense to me. So we headed for Cairo museum- insanely busy, jam-packed full of ancient stuff in no particular order, graffiti all over the statues- great ... read more
Cairo market
Kim, me, Alice, Kate

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran November 12th 2010

Piran The trip from Pula to Piran was a bit compliated and included two trains, a stop at the Croatian-Slovenian border where we got told off by a police man for wandering off over the invisible border, an hours wait in a dead-end town for a train that turned out to be a minibus and we were the only people on, a drive to Koper in a thunderstorm, an hours journey on a public bus to Piran, which we reached at a beautiful moment- the receding storm clouds over the sea with the rays of the setting sun peeping through. Piran was love at first sight. Second challenge was finding our way to the hostel, at night, no map, but again Matt's uncanny sense of direction won out and we found it no problem! No one ... read more
clock tower
main square
view of Piran

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula November 4th 2010

Split Matt and I woke up on the night train in the morning and opened the curtains to a most amazing view of the Croatian coast at sunrise; so beautiful! In Split we found a great hotel to stay right in the centre around the corner from Diocletians palace. We dumped our stuff and went to explore. Split is a stunning town, a network of tiny winding streets make it easy to get lost but its so small you don't stay lost for long. We explored the streets, brought some wooden beads at a cool homemade wood stall, had a drink in a cafe in a little square. We walked around the park, explored Diocletians palace (which of course I loved because anything Roman I adore, and its right in the middle of the city, there ... read more
wood stall
Split streets
main square in Split

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana November 3rd 2010

The journey from Vienna to Ljubljana was a long one, but absolutely beautiful! We went through mountains and at one point watched a deer running right the way through a huge field, gorgeous! And luckily I had my dear friend Matt to share it all with! Ljubljana We got to Ljubljana quite late and promptly got lost trying to find our hostel. Matt has an amazing sense of direction so he found the way for us and the hostel wasn't bad. It was already dark but we wanted to go and explore. The Old Town area is stunning, so clean and crisp and pretty. We wandered into a jumbled book shop and stayed for ages, we stumbled across some live music outside a restaurant, and met a crazy guy who was going around speaking to everyone ... read more
in the bookshop, Ljubljana
Ljubljana streets
Ljubljana bridge

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade October 22nd 2010

Belgrade The train from Sofia to Belgrade was the worst ever and I was on it for 11 hours! Really dirty, people smoking in the carriages, and a police raid half way through; I found out later they found a load of brown paper bags stashed inside the seats of one carriage, presumably something on its way from Istanbul to Western Europe. In the end it wasn't so bad, it was just me and one Serbian guy in the carriage, having a kind of half conversation with what little English he knew and my phrasebook. My couchsurfing host met me at the station which I was so grateful for because I was knackered! Jelena (pronounced Yelena) lives about 30 minutes from the centre of Belgrade and I didn't fancy navigating by myself at night after 11 ... read more
Trg Republica, Belgrade
park, Belgrade
fountain in park

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia October 22nd 2010

Beck and I were excited to go to Veliko Tarnovo, it looked exciting and intriguing and pretty! Our hoste arranged a pick up for us from the station. When we got there a Japanese couple insisted on pushing our way into our taxi because all the other taxi drivers were ''dangerous'' apparently. So our taxi driver took them, of course annoying all the other drivers waiting at the station because they wanted the business. So we squashed in and our taxi driver took them to their hotel where they made a scene in the street because they only had euros, which of course the driver couldn't take. The woman was literally screaming at him. The sad thing is I know those people will go home to Japan and tell everyone how horrible Bulgaria is. Bulgaria isn't ... read more
Beck at the wishing well

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov September 30th 2010

Brasov Beck and I arrived in Brasov on the night train and made our way to the hostel where Beck was staying, and promptly fell asleep for a few hours because we were so tired after the train! It took us a while to find the hostel so loads of local people in the main square were helping us, none of them had a clue either! But eventually we found it, no receptionist, a wierd old man let us in the door, where one Australian guy was asleep. He was the only other guest in the place! After our sleep we went to meet my couchsurfer, a bus ride away from the central square. Mihai met us from the station, he was a surprise because he has a condition which means he can't walk properly, we ... read more
Brasov... probably the best town in the world
tourist info!
Bran castle courtyard

Europe » Hungary » Budapest September 27th 2010

In Budapest I met up with Adrienne, my lovely Canadian friend I met in Bern and saw again in Vienna. She met me at the station and we went to her hostel where I met Beck, an Australian girl travelling around Europe and working in London for two years. The three of us went out into the town, walked around a bit, went to the huge indoor market where Adrienne ate a Langos, kind of thick pancake with cream cheese on it, and we went to Gellert baths. Beck had been in Budapest for ages because she left a bag in Prague and was waiting for it to be delivered, but the hostel in Prague were being very useless! So she knew the city inside out and could take us to the best baths. And they ... read more
me on the bridge, relxed after baths!
Langos pancakes, yum!
on the citadella

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