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4th March 2011

photo of self
omg jen !!!!! dont ever call me scarey again lol or i'll refer back to this photo as to wjo is the scariest xx
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1st March 2011

Sadly Suzie, that's a pretty accurate picture :(
1st March 2011

Hmmmm, did I try the spiders? Hell no! I've heard there's a particularly foul brown gunge in the abdomen, I can't help but think it's probably poo. I did buy a couple to bring home for you and Chris though, better have your napkins at the ready....
28th February 2011

The spiders are awful! Did you try them?
23rd February 2011

lovely pics, another world.
22nd February 2011

oor jen !
Glad your still safe and relatively sound, have lovely vision of you as red lollipop now (red face and white body) . loving your blog as always, hope the pants are behaving, and am very intrigued to see if you arrive home with a $1 groom in back pack. enjoy xx
21st February 2011

stilt house
i was a little confuse and had to go back a paragraph to find my mistake. AND there it was... you typed stilt house, but due to my deteriorating monthly lens (due out today) i read Shit house. oops didnt think tour of a toilet appropriate crack on lass. looking forward to next encounter. xx
21st February 2011

sooo glad you didnt have to decend those steps in the dark, clumsy clumsy jen dear. BE ALERT, cos qmh needs lerts. lol lol xx
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21st February 2011

well Jen i understand your guilt at moto man, but he was giving you the runaround. so well done you, you have got a pair...hmmm photos pleeeeese. lol xx
21st February 2011

once again Jen, your writing keeps me reading. i was feeling breathless with you, damn those tiny, cramped little flying tubes. if you can get diazapam over the counter save me one, know of a few stressful situations myself. lol well, onward dear intrepid explorer. xx
14th February 2011

Waiting in Schiphol
I waited eight hours between flights, also. I was tempted to use the pod hotel behing McDonalds but didn't want to pay the 45 euros, and wasn't sure I would wake up on time to catch my flight. At least they had reclining seats in the terminal. But I can relate to your pllight. I will be following your journey to Cambodia. It sounds like you will be flying Air Asia between KL and Cambodia.
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10th February 2011

Have a super trip x
20th January 2010

Re Ko Lipe
Hi, Ko Lipe was a little more expensive than mainland Thailand but I still came well within my £30/day budget. I think I stayed at Narin (or Navin, somthing like that) Village. Basically I got off the high tail at Pattaya beach and walked along the street that runs across the island (you can't miss it, it's the only one) you hit Narin Village (if indeed that is it's name) as soon as you step off the path. Easy. The rows of bamboo huts are all in really good nick and vary in price depending on how far back from the beach you are. I paid 500B per night, the huts right on the beach front are 1000B per night but well worth it (I checked out some other huts along sunrise beach and they were more expensive, and pretty grotty to boot). My hammock cost me 200B and took minutes to string up. I still wish I'd made it to Ko Adang though, I bet the hammock swinging there is even better! Hope you and your wife have a fabulous holiday wherever you end up :)
20th January 2010

hi just wandering if you could help, me and my wife of thinking of going to ko lipe for 5 days before we have to leave thailand how expensive an island whered you stay sounded nice my wife also loves to lay in hammock
29th December 2009

Welcome back jen. see you at work my lovely. time to make some money again and rejoice in the wonder of ward 17.
From Blog: Time's up!
29th December 2009

am catching up with all the latest blogs, have been so busy in the run up to xmas. have enjoyed your trip so much i actually thought could me and willy do this on a smaller scale??? am glad you enjoyed your stay in the red light area, and all the nice loose ladies.
From Blog: Singapore
5th December 2009

WELL!!! be jaysus, that was a bit harrowing woman. wot was all that with the polis man. i would have be peeing myself. But one thing is most comforting, everyone in the world (even in the remote villages in asia) has heard of a wee country called Scotland. ahhh, my beloved home. does that not want to speed your return to yer ane folk.... well, probably not. just thought to inform you that it is time once again for our sojourn to creiff, i love the place, and am determined to get everyone to the pool and sauna and not the annual piss up in one of the rooms prior to party time. i look forward to finding out where you are going to end up before nightfall. 'gan steady pet' love fee xx
4th December 2009

hiya chick, oops! babe (lets not talk aboot tha chicken eh,) work is busy, its getting cold, xmas stress has arrived (folk running aboot like headless chickens, OOPS headless geese....not chicken) and there you are in the sweltering, humid, beautifull myanmar. lucky you, c u soon fee xxx
3rd December 2009

hey babe, still loving your blog, i think your better than michael palin and should be published. work much the same unfortunately, and oh so scarey suz is missing your fab sense of humour ! stay safe babe and i hope the rest of your trip is amazing will buy you new pants for your xmas lol, as they must be exhausted by now suzie xx
3rd December 2009

Memories of Burma
Yes, it sounds like the people haven't changed much. They have so little, but were so generous and kind. Unfortunately, I won't be able to join you next year in Burma. Our vacation will be in Italy, in conjunction with the graduation of my son at a university in Rome. Our next priorities are South America and then Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.
27th November 2009

having fun!
Have enjoyed catching up on your travels and it certainly sounds like you are having a fab time out there, your already planning a return trip?? youve not finnished this one yet!! Hmm interesting modes of transport hink I would prefer the sedately pace of the horse and cart to the dubious looking taxi or the buffalo cart! OMG how old is that fire engine!!! Got the post card this am so will show the kids when they get home they love reading the cards and some of your blogs. Ooh before I forget the girls cards and parcel have arrived safely, Chloes card was opened and for some reason minus stamps but the pack of stickers is still in there. Iam being a terrible parent and not letting them open the parcel heehee!! its sitting by the front door tormenting them. Iam getting great enjoyment from watching them trying to sneakily squeeze, shake and just guess what is in it. Ive obviously failed somewhere along the line as they haven't sussed yet to read the customs label lol!! hey ho enjoy the rest of your trip and look forward to reading more of your blogs. Thanks we had a great trip to Wales seems ages ago now though! Big sis x
27th November 2009

Alas, no firemen to be seen Fiona but I can crtainly vouch for the Myanmar menfolk. Very beautiful and yet masculine at the same time (even in their longyis, much like a man in a kilt, kind of primal), the only drawback is the general panchant for betlenut which results in red stained teeth and gums. the women are all stunning too so you and hubby could have a fine old visual fest out here.
24th November 2009

cute and funky fire-engines!! what about the firemen!!!.......... WHAT! yes, alright, sorry (so i like men) i have something in common with the gold leaf makers. yes indeed, i also miss my target with my (own) hammer and smack myself. ooohh "sare" see ya babe. xx
24th November 2009

Well my dear intrepid exploring mate, Bagan looks really beautiful and green, almost as beautiful as scotland, although im sure its much, much warmer. best leave htein in the warm, cosy place and not C....arry him. (he he he). photo of lunch looks astoundingly good and can hardly believe you ate it all and more!!! thought you would like to know it has been about 8 days of rain and storms here and roads are flooded and closed. but its nice to know somebody is having it better where they are. keep off the motor cycles when theres hills around and keep safe. cheers again jen xx
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21st November 2009

re. memories of Burma
Wow, I wish I'd seen the temples before the 1975 earthquake they must have been a sight to behold. They have been extensively repaired coutesy of UNESCO, ,amy of the Buddhas are replacements and unfortunately most of the atrwork on walls and ceilings has been lost. I saw one before and after photo and could never have imagined how great the damage was from looking at the temples now. Many things have probably changed since your visit but it would seem the uncessingly friendly and giving nature of those who live their has remained constant and that, for me, is what made this such an incredible place to be. Already I am planning a return trip next year, maybe I will see you there?

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