Amber & Preston Hennrich

Amber and Preston

Amber & Preston Hennrich

We are both from beautiful Colorado but we currently live in Utah where Amber works and Preston attends school. We have been married for just over a year and we are loving life!

Europe May 25th 2009

1. Always give yourself plenty of time when it comes to flights because something almost always comes up. 2. Brink a book, laptop, or dvd player for flights and layovers. 3. Bring a sweatshirt and wear pants on the plane- it always is cold. 4. Pack lighter- I always over pack. I had like 8 pieces of clothing I never used and never once touched my curling iron. Also, most (but not all) hotels have blow dryers. 5. Good, sturdy shoes are a must. 6. Shoe deoderizer spray is a must. 7. If you want soft towels, bring your own. 8. Always bring a back up camera and memory cards (in case one gets dropped in the river while canoeing). 9. Buy a special adapter for small appliances like battery chargers. 10. Our Rick Steves' book ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt May 25th 2009

Amber's Journal: Well, the day has finally come. Our fun little adventure is sadly coming to an end. Well, not completely sad because we are tired and worn out and ready to be home. It's mostly just sad because it was so much fun and I know it will probably be a really long time before we get to go back. We left Strasbourg for Frankfurt around ten this morning and despite some annoying traffic that stressed us out, we made it to the airport in plenty of time to catch our flight. These international flights are sooooo long. I think all together it was about 13 hours. We have been so blessed on this trip that none of the things that could have gone wrong did go wrong. We were very well prepared and organized ... read more
Flying over Greenland
Flying over greenland 2

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 24th 2009

Amber's Journal: Today was a pretty lazy day. Our bed here, though not great, is 10 times better than the last two we have had. Needless to say we hadn't had a good night's sleep for the last week and we were exhausted. We slept until almost 9:30 this morning then had a great breakfast. We went to an internet cafe for a bit then walked back to the cathedral area to eat lunch. our lunch wasn't very good, though still much better than last night! After lunch we shopped around for the last of our souvenirs. I have to admit they don't have very cool souvenirs here, or anything they are well-known for as far as I could tell. We walked around old town and the Petite France quarter for awhile and it was so ... read more
me with some creme brulee in strasbourg
Cool old building in strasbourg cathedral square
Sweet lamborghini in Strasbourg

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 23rd 2009

Amber's Journal: Well, today I started feeling like I'm kind of ready to go home. I have absolutely loved this trip and everywhere we have been but I am starting to feel a little burnt out. In less than three weeks (19 days) we have visited six countries and stayed in 11 different places within those six countries. It's been a bit overwhelming but Preston and I agree we wouldn't have had it any other way, except for maybe some more time in Prague. However, I very much miss my own bed and a stable routine that doesn't require miles of walking or driving every day. Anyways, today was still a good day, despite feeling worn out. We stopped back in Titisee this morning to get souvenirs for Preston's family. We then drove to Freiburg where ... read more
Preston after a sweet parking job in Freiburg
Cool buildings in Strasbourg
Cathedral in Freiburg

Amber's Journal: Today was another beautiful day. We visited three more towns in the Black Forest. First we went to go see Lake Titisee, the largest lake in the region, which is ironic because it is actually very small. The town of Titisee, however, was cute and fun and gave us our first taste of the famous Black Forest craftsmanship. This region is very well-known for their cuckoo clocks, wood carving, and Christmas decorations. We walked through many shops, marveling at everything. I had my heart set on finding a unique hand-carved Nativity set but unfortunately they were quite expensive. Next we went to a town called Furtwangen to go to a clock museum. Preston cracked me up all day because he could never remember the name of Furtwangen or the German name for the Black ... read more
View of black forest from st. Margen
Me shopping for a scarf in titisee
Another cool clock at the museum in furtwangen

Amber's Journal: So I've decided that either we have really good timing or Heavenly Father really loves us because we have really lucked out on this trip when it comes to the weather. Before we left for Venice we saw a forecast that said it would rain everywhere we went for the next week. It rained on our drive to Venice but was perfect the whole time we were there. Yesterday was amazing weather, perfect for us to enjoy the beauty and splendor of the Alps, and when we woke up this morning to leave it was gloomy, cloudy and rainy. We drove to another town named Grindelwald which is in a wider valley and is bigger and more touristy (and even more expensive!) than Lauterbrunnen. We walked the town for about half an hour then ... read more
Cemetery and church in St. Margen
St. Margen
our hotel room in St. Margen

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen May 20th 2009

Amber's Journal: Wow! This place is beautiful! We have absolutely loved our time here in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It helped a lot that the weather was perfect today as well. We started our day by going to Trummelbach Falls. They are huge waterfalls inside the mountain. You go in and ride this giant elevator/funicular thing up into these caves. The water all comes from this huge glacier but it comes raging through these crevices in the mountain. It was pretty cool to see. From there we drove to Stechelburg and rode a gondola up to the town of Murren. From Murren we hiked up a ways, then down through the forest to some more waterfalls. It was called Sprutz Falls and you could walk behind them. It was pretty. Today was a fulfillment of a dream ... read more
Preston in front of eiger and jungfrau
Me on the trail
Us on the trail

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen May 19th 2009

Amber's Journal: Today was a fairly low-key day which was nice. We had a nice breakfast then lounged in beach chairs next to the lake. It was beautiful. After we checked out we drove to a place called Lauterbrunnen, a small town in the Swiss Alps near Interlaken. The drive was gorgeous! I was surprised to see that the Swiss Alps look very much like our own Rocky Mountains. The only major differences are the large green valleys and small villages built into the steep hillsides. They even farm the steep hillsides, many of them by hand. We passed at least 40 waterfalls on the drive today. I love waterfalls so I got excited every time I saw one. Oh, and another difference is the huge (HUGE!) gorgeous lakes they have in the mountains here and ... read more
View of Alps from our hotel room
swiss sheep
view of village from our hotel room

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 18th 2009

Amber's Journal: Well we did it again- went to bed without writing! First I will catch up on yesterday. The first thing we did was take a boat out to the Island of Murano and toured the glass factory. Murano is very well known for its glass. There were some really cool glass candlesticks that I fell in love with but they were so expensive! Like $100 a piece! Next we took a boat to the Island of Lido, which is the island that separates Venice from the ocean. Our purpose was to hang out on the beach, which we did, and it was awesome. The beach we went to was very crowded and unfortunately had a few topless women but the ocean was beautiful, the weather was great, the sand was soft and there were ... read more
Me in Santa Elena Park
Us relaxing on Lido beach
Cool houses in Santa Elena

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 16th 2009

Amber's Journal: This will probably be a long entry because I have to write for yesterday too. We were so exhausted we fell asleep before we could write! Yesterday was actually one of the most stressful days of our trip so far. We didn't have a phone to call our hotel in Venice so we tried to email them but the internet/computer wouldn't work and it took forever to find an internet cafe so we ended up leaving town (Innsbruck) much later than planned. Then when we crossed the Italian border we had to pay an 8 Euro toll. Then a little while later we got stopped at another toll that stamped the time on a ticket because apparently you have to pay by the hour to drive on the freeway. By the time we arrived ... read more
Us on the Rialto Bridge
A cool Italian vineyard
View of clock tower and St Marks

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