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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Caithness County » Thurso August 3rd 2007

Friday, August 3rd- Inverness to Thurso: Well, at this point in the journal I stopped writing specifics and did summaries: Head to Thurso and stop at a big ass mansion along the way and watch a Falcon show. Rain. Arrive in Thurso- pouring rain and mom and I walk in it. Dinner sucked. Bubble bath for Burt. So, now I will attempt to go thru and remember what happened (two weeks later) The big ass mansion (I can turn a phrase, can’t I?) that I referred to above is Dunrobin Castle in Sutherland (East coast of Northern Scotland, about 90 minutes North of Inverness). Parts of the castle date back to 1275. Unfortunately it was raining quite a bit when we went to tour this one and that dampened everyone’s spirits and desire to explore. I ... read more
View from Dunrobin Castle
Falconry show at Dunrobin Castle
Umbrella's trying to take over the castle.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness August 2nd 2007

Thursday, August 2nd- Inverness (with a trip to Dingwall aka Tulloch Castle). Inverness. In the morning we went to Culloden (where the Battle of Culloden took place.) After this battle (which the Scots lost), Bonnie Prince Charlie went into hiding (Flora MacDonald disguised him as her “lady’s maid”) and eventually made it to Greece where he remained ‘til he died. Clan Davidson did fight in this battle, they made up part of Clan Chattan (according to Wikipedia). Anyway, so the battlefield now has blue flags which show where the Scots line was and red flags which show where the British line was. There are also stones that show where the heads of certain clans “fell” and other stones which represent where the clans stood on the field. In the middle is a stone memorial. url= read more
Culloden Memorial
Culloden Battlefield
Fort George

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness August 1st 2007

Wednesday, August 1st- Edinburgh to Inverness: Considering I’m now typing this on Saturday, August 4th, I’m pretty sure I’m going to leave some stuff out- got behind in my journal. So, 8/1, we went to Inverness. We had some side trips on the way. 1st (be still my beating heart) was St. Andrew’s Golf Course where the British Ladies Open is being held. Our schedule said it better, “Over the elegant Forth Road Bridge and through Fife to St. Andrews, whose Royal and Ancient Golf Club, founded in 1754, has given us the rules of golfing.” Yeah, whatever. After that ( I took 5 pictures and sat and drank tea the rest of the time), was Braemare- a cute little town who sold Whiskey flavored condoms in the ladies room (mom ... read more
St. Andrew's
Moi at Braemare

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh July 31st 2007

Tuesday, July 31, 2007- Edinburgh: We stayed in Edinburgh for two nights, so I didn’t have to worry about leaving my luggage in the hallway (at this point I’ve already gone back to having two suitcases- I’ll just load the one myself). We stayed at The George Hotel- it was four star and beautiful. Our room was gorgeous but getting to our room was not. We had to go down a long hallway, take an elevator up, go to the end of another hallway, go down a flight of stairs and go to the end of the hallway, right next to the Maid’s closet. Friggin Labyrinth. Rest of the hotel and our room made up for it though. In the morning, Margie, our tour guide took the morning to catch up on her paperwork so we ... read more
Edinburgh Castle
Edniburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh July 30th 2007

Monday, July 30, 2007 (Carlisle to Edinburgh): Today we visited Hadrians Wall (Cumbria- English/Scottish border), Jedburgh Abbey (Jedburgh), Abbotsford House - Sir Walter Scott (Abbotsford). Hadrians Wall was built by General (later Emperor) Hadrians (Roman) to keep the Celtics out. This wall has pretty much been disassembled because people used the stones to build houses, etc. So, the wall is basically 3 feet high but was 15 feet high in average (40 feet high at the forts.) Hadrians Wall has an interesting story, but since there isn’t much left of it, it’s hard to grasp the grandeur that it was. The sheep were cute though (luckily we didn’t have any men from Arkansas traveling ... read more
Hadrians Wall
Hadrians Wall
Misc. house

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Carlisle July 29th 2007

Sunday, July 29, 2007, Glasgow to Carlisle: 6:15am- Get the wake up call. Having taken my shower the night before I proceed to condense my two suitcases into one (since Globus will only “Take care” of one.) We’re suppose to leave our suitcases outside our hotel room door when we go down to breakfast at 7am. 7:30am- I am dressed and everything is repacked. I go down stairs and join the group for breakfast but, thanks to my insanity, I am too nervous to eat anything so I have OJ and enjoy the heartburn for the next 30 minutes. Our guide, Margie, asks where my suitcase is and I said it’s in the hall. They mean it when they say leave it at 7am. 7:45am- I go and find Margie and ask what she’s heard about ... read more
Robert Burns homestead

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow July 28th 2007

Saturday, July 28th, Glasgow 10:00am- Start our descent into Glasgow (they’re 8 hours ahead of LA). Mike (or is it Mark)- my seat buddy- has been kind enough to stock pile food and forms for me while I sleep. So, I fill out the immigration form and finally have some food (hadn’t eaten since midnight Friday morning (LA time). 10:30am- We land and the hunt for the suitcase begins. Find it on the conveyor belt and pick it up. The front zipper flap (which, luckily, wasn’t holding anything) is now torn and the metal frame under the fabric of the side handle (that you could carry the suitcase with- it’s got rollers, who’d carry it?) is now bent way out of shape and it bulges. I’m so tired and unsure I don’t care and start to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland July 27th 2007

It only took 3 years, but I am "publishing" the Scotland Log! Due to strong language, it shall be rated "R". Also, there is soooooo much editing that needs done, but I don't have the time. Most of these journal entries were written late at night and I was exhausted. That, and I drink quite heavily. Enjoy! ------------- Friday, July 27th- Los Angeles to Philadelphia to Glasgow (oh my!) 3am- Dave takes me the airport. Plane doesn’t leave ‘til 10:20am but the thought of being stuck on the 405 in Friday morning rush hour traffic does not agree with my IBS. 5am- US Airways ticket line opens and I can stand in line for tickets. Get to the counter and we put my one suitcase up on the scale to be checked and it’s 78 pounds. ... read more

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