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Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Lofoten Islands July 12th 2016

11th July, Lofoten Islands. The focus of the last 3 days has been traveling. Two day ago the highlight of the day's drive was the Atlantic Road. This is a dramatic piece of engineering that links a series of small islands via steep humpback bridges and causeways. The scenery is quite wild, although for once it was a clear day for us. We made use of the many lay-bys to stretch our legs and take photos.Yesterday the highlight was Trondheim, one time capital city. Massive medieval cathedral with a front lined with statues. Bishop's Palace adjacent to it. From there it's a short stroll through a park along the river to the old waterfront wooden warehouses and an ancient bridge. This area was attractive with a few cobblestone streets around with cafes and boutiques.Today the aim ... read more
Ferry journey to the Lofoten Islands

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Ålesund July 9th 2016

Europe=>Norway=>Western Norway=>Runde 9th July Runde A couple of pleasant drive along waterfronts, over very steeply humpbacked bridges and we arrived on the island of Runde. This is only a small place of steep cliffs that is known for its bird life, most notably puffins. The campsite is small and pleasant (helped by good weather) and right at the foot of the trail up the hill to a series of walks over the hilltops. As soon as you get up to the boggy, peaty area at the top you hear the Arctic skuas that are hiding in the long grass, circling above and sometimes just sitting on a rock waiting to have their photo taken. Further up at the cliff’s edge you look down the sheer cliff sides to see, hear and smell the vertical gannet nesting ... read more
Puffin corner
Gannet nesting cliff

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Ålesund July 7th 2016

7thJuly Alesund Drove over the mountain from Geiranger and out of Fjordland. Journey involved going down the steep eleven hairpin bends of Trolls Ladder, lots of giving way to coaches and motorhomes, as usual. Arrived in the seaside town of Alesund in the afternoon. Another very busy campsite on the edge of the town. Walked in to enjoy the centre of the old town which is the only one in Norway that is not of wooden houses but of stone ones. These were built with money from an Austrian Kaiser using German architects in 1904 and is in Art Nouveau style. The view of the town from the top of the hill in the park in the centre is impressive (414 numbered steps to the top!). The town is on a spit of land sticking out ... read more
Alesund from view point
Alesund water front
Aesund town centre

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt July 5th 2016

Geiranger, 5th July. It took until 3:30 this afternoon to reach the town of Lom that we'd planned to travel to yesterday. We had no idea how windy, steep and wildly beautiful, full of photo ops the road would be. We also started the day with another short drive and then a hike to the impressive mass of Breen glacier. The drive up and over the mountains to Lom is rugged and dramatic scenery. Sun shone with snow and peaks reflected in lakes, views down valleys, short walks, and so 100km takes 4 hours! Lom itself was a super busy crossroads. Stocked up on supplies, visited the popular stave church with dragons on the roof beams, then took another scenic drive over another mountain. The weather changed as we left Lom with low rain clouds so ... read more
Breen glacier
Road from Josetdal to Lom
Lom stave church

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Jostedal July 4th 2016

Jostedal, Sognefjord. Long and enjoyable journey today (4th July ) from Flam to Jostedal. Had intended to get about 100km further but too much of interest on the way. First was a drive up over the 25km long tunnel on the National Tourist Route Aurlandsfjellet, to a view point, Steastein, of the fjords, really impressive. Very narrow and winding road, so lots of pulling over for motorhomes that are prolific here from all over Europe. Next stop was a small town, Laerdalsoyri, on a salmon fishing river, had a few lovely old wooden houses in the old part of town. Onward to the first of 2 stave churches. These are unique to Norway and only 28 left. Stave is after the vertical wooden columns that are central to the architecture. The first in Kaupanger, had been ... read more
Old wooden houses in Laerdalsoyri
Urnes stave church
Nigardsbergen glacier near Jostedal

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm July 3rd 2016

Lovely drive up from Bergen, lots of scenery -lakes, mountains, pretty villages and waterfalls everywhere. One section of the road after the Stalheim Hotel has 13 tight hairpin bends down to the next river valley. Put the tent up then took the ferry/ cruise up Naeroyfjord, Narrow Fjord, a UNESCO World heritage site, it's the narrowest in Europe. Really beautiful. Weather managed to stay dry until just as we were docking, then the heavens opened and we were soaked getting the few meters to the bus back to Flam and then from there to the campsite. The next morning (3rd July ) we took the famous railway journey, Flamsbana, up from Flam to Myrdal. When we had booked the day before there was plenty of space, as we set off on the 10min walk to the ... read more
Cruise from Flam, small village on the Fjord
Naeroyfjord, Narrow Fjord
Flamsbana, view of the train from the walk down.

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Preikestolen June 30th 2016

Writing this in the lovely warmth of a cabin at a campground outside Bergen. We arrived in torrential rain to a very soggy campground and decided to have a night of dryness. Of course as soon as we put the key in the lock the rain stopped! Today was a beautiful journey from Odda to here. We took the quieter route up a few fjords, lots of waterfalls, lovely orchards, small towns, harbours and one ferry. After Stavanger we went to Preikestolen. Pretty drive but not far. When we left we had taken the tent down in the rain. We had lovely weather for the whole drive. As we pulled up to put the tent up it started to rain, of course! According to the weather forecast the next day was going to be drier, particularly ... read more
Early morning at Pulpit's Rock
Pulpit's Rock
House for sale!

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger June 26th 2016

My new walking shoes are water proof, unfortunately I know this because it has rained all day. We knew this was likely but it’s a big change from yesterday, or maybe yesterday was a big change from normal, not sure. We waited out the worst of the weather, then when it seemed to be gentle rain walked the 2 km from the campsite, over the huge roadworks going on here into the city of Stavanger. It’s well known as a quiet harbour with Europe’s oldest collection of wooden houses just back from the harbour. It’s all very pretty, with well restored houses along narrow and at times steep streets. Lots of hanging baskets out to add to the prettiness. The harbour view was somewhat spoiled by two huge cruise ships that were docked. This also meant ... read more
Old Town
Old Town
City art

Europe » Norway June 25th 2016

Woke up to a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies (this was 4am). In fact we didn’t notice any dark last night. The day before had been our first and it was both very long and much wetter than we’d hoped. We arrived at Genoa airport too early at 3:30 am, the airport didn’t open until 4:30! Thought we would be early enough for the 2+hours before check-in. The reality was that check-in doesn’t open until 5am. So a slow and unnecessarily early start to the day. Had our last Italian coffee and headed off for Oslo. Picked up our Rent a Wreck. It’s a super small Skoda, bright red, and is perfectly fine if a bit filled to the gills with our camping stuff. Navigated our way round Oslo easily and just when we ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada August 16th 2015

Reaching the end of our travels in Andalucia and the final two amazing buildings that I wanted to visit, the Mezquita in Cordoba and the Alhambra in Granada. The Mezquita or Santa Maria cathedral is a wonderful building, never seen any building quite like it. There’s a special atmosphere, even with the large numbers of visitors. The huge area with the repeating columns with their red and white striped curved tops makes the space seem both infinitely large and quite intimate as no one space is particularly big. It would have been amazing to see it with more than one door open and the light playing through the columns as it was designed to do. The site was originally a Roman temple, then Visigoths, then a mosque that was extended three times, then a cathedral. Many ... read more
Mihrab in the Mezquita
Mezquita with baroque ceiling
Plasterwork in the Alhambra

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