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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim June 10th 2006

We are in southwest Germany visiting our niece Megan who is stationed in the army at Ramstead Army Base. We are enjoying the chance to visit with her since we haven't seen in in a year. She has wireless in her apartment - horray!! So we can do a travel update. We last talked to you from Prague. Since then we have seen much better weather - warm and sunny days. Because we are pretty far north it stays late past 10 PM in the evening so lots of time to do things. After leaving Prague we drove across Germany to Cologne and Essen. Cologne - Beautiful city which I fell in love with immediately. Had some difficulty finding our camp ground due to a road blocked for construction, but well worth it once found. The ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 2nd 2006

We had a slow start. My flight from Las Vegas to Chicago was delayed and I missed my Munich connection. Good news was that my good friends Mary and Fred Garzino came to the rescue and gave me a bed for the night as well as dinner and a good visit. Arrived in Munich Sunday to pouring rain. Has been cold and raining in varying degrees ever since, but have still been able to see the sights and do some biking. The RV is small, but that makes it easier to drive. Tight space, but lots of storage and has everything we need. We have camped alternately in very well maintained campgrounds or in gas station/rest stops on the highway. This is acceptable in Europe. Bought bikes in Munich and went to the Hofbrauhaus in honor ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 22nd 2006

Hello from the Paulsens. The week has finally arrived when we leave for our Europe adventure. We will post messages and pictures along the way so you can enjoy the trip with us. Whenever we have updated our site, you will automatically receive an e-mail notice like this one. If you want to unsubscribe, directions for doing so are on the site. There is also a comment location so if any of you know of particular places we should visit in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Spain or Portugal let us know. As many of you know, David traveled to Mexico this past January to visit a fair trade coffee cooperative and then visited Belize. There are also photos on this site from that trip if you are interested. Goodbye, Au Revoir, Chow and Adios ... read more

&slThe International service for Peace SIPAZ (use the English button) gave a presentation on its activities of documenting the human rights violation and political intimidation in the area. Their work is complicated by the fact that they are also a target for intimidation. It was interesting to see other political system and to note the similarities and difference with our own. It certainly gives one insights about how our system works and pitfalls that all democratic system face. We had a meeting with a representative of Center for Economic and Political Research and Community Action url= ( the page is in Spanish but if you click around you will find artic... read more

Be considerate, listening is not just waiting for your turn to speak. Hope and Mateo gave us an overview of the history and current situation. This made it easier to integrate the various talks we were to attend with groups that specialize in particular areas. Mexican History 101. After the conquest in the 1500’s the kings of Spain gave land and the people on it to Spanish nobility. 1531 The Virgin of Guadalupe ( ) appeared to an indigenous farmer; important because this confirm that the indigenous are actually human and children of God. Early 1800’s independence movements began but not much changes for the people; there are othe... read more

Chiapas - THE GANG ALL HERE. A group of complete strangers…converging on Posada Isabel… this sounds like the intro to a reality show… I think it would be wise when you’re in a group of strangers that you consider you may be the strangest. Well here we are: The organizers: David A and Peter both are with Equal Exchange, both currently living in the Boston area, David is an old hand at travel in Central America having done election monitoring there. Peter works in the Equal Exchange’s interfaith program and has been active with Heifer Project. Both speak Spanish. Mateo and Hope, Witness for Peace representatives, appeared. Their main base is in Oaxaca but seem to quite familiar with the San Cristobel area. They are in their early twenties; both speak Spanish. I... read more

SAN CRISTOBAL - TWO DAY LAID BACK San Cristobel is easy to navigate because there are several prominent landmarks, Churches on hilltops. The most prominent landmark is set of stair to Cerro De San Cristobal a church on a hill top on the west side of town. The stairs to the top look daunting but stopping to look at the city as it unfolds provides the necessary breaks. Be sure to pause frequently because as you get higher the trees block some of the view. Off in the distance what looks like an old quarry can be seen; presumably it is the source of the beautiful stone used to build the city. As you have probably seen in other TravelBlogs the city was a Spanish colonial capital, which accounts for it narrow streets and plain unimposing ... read more

CHIAPAS - GETTING THERE “Getting there” turned out to more complicated than I thought! I traveled with a group that was put together by Stan a pastor with the United Church of Christ. His goal is to provide opportunities for individuals to see first hand the how their participation in Fair Trade projects benefit the small farmers. This particular trip used resources and contacts from, Witness for Peace, a peace advocacy group based in Washington DC, and Equal Exchange a coffee importer, processor and distributor. After my application was accepted I received a travel advisory. Several shots were recommended. I checked around and found the most cost effect place to get the shots was the local Health District. It turns out they have a satellite clinic at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas which is only ... read more

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