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Europe » Netherlands » Drenthe » Assen June 20th 2010

Our last day in Denmark was the best day ever in terms of weather. Bright blue skies and temps in low 70's. Drove north of Copenhagen about 10 miles to Rungsted, a small town on the coast, to the home/museum of Karen Blixen. Her life in Africa is portrayed in the movie Out of Africa. This is the house she grew up in and returned to after her time in Africa. Interesting information on her life and her work. Beautiful grounds which are now a bird sanctuary. From Rungsted we headed south through Denmark to catch the ferry to Germany (Puttsgarden) and then drove to Bremen for the night. Stayed again at our favorite campground in Bremen. It is located at the edge of a large forested park with a lake near the outskirts of the ... read more
Karen Blixen's Home and Gardens
Dinner in Bremen
Hunebed in Borger

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen June 15th 2010

I'll start with a weather update. On the plus side the rain has stopped. On the downside when the skies cleared the temperature dropped and the winds appeared. We had 2 days of temps in the high 50's and very high winds so it was back to the layered clothes, limited biking and more indoor activities. Drove east from Ribe in Jutland to the first big island, Funen. Stayed overnight in Odense, the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson. Spent the next morning at the museum in what is thought to be the home in which he was born. Very interesting with lots of personal items of his. I had not realized that in addition to the fairy tales, for which he is most famous, he also was a poet, novelist and playright as well as an ... read more
Viking Ring Fortress
Danish Countryside
Well Protected

Europe » Denmark » Region Syddanmark » Ribe June 12th 2010

We are now in Denmark. We drove from Bremen, Germany to Ribe, Denmark - rain all the way until about an hour out of Ribe. Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark, founded in the 800's, on the western coast of Denmark. Population now is about 8000 and it is preserved as a historic site. They have several historic sites here and this year are celebrating their 1300th birthday. Cloudy, but no rain imminent so walked into the town to look around. Primary focal point is the cathedral which is the oldest in Denmark. Got into own around 5:30 and almost everything closed for the night. We've discovered that June is still the “off” season in this area with most things closed on the weekends so will try to see as much as we can tomorrow, ... read more
The Forge
Denmark's Royal Palace
Old West at Legoland

Europe » Germany » Bremen » Bremen June 10th 2010

I'll start with a general update. The weather has warmed such that we don't need the heater on at night. David hasn't worn his long johns for about 5 days and I am now wearing shorts and a t-shirt without a tank top underneath for warmth. In terms of rain, it is supposed to rain on and off most of this week so we are planning as we go and the clouds move. Don't think I have told you before, but the days are very long this far north. Doesn't get dark until at least 10:00 PM. One campground had a laundry room with only small windows and no lights. Surprised me at first, but since they aren't open in the winter why would they need lights. Doubt anyone does laundry after 10:00 PM. Here are ... read more
Town Hall in Brugge
A Typical Street

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Delft June 6th 2010

We have continued in Delft over the weekend which turned rainy on Sunday afternoon so will take a few minutes to write while sitting in the RV with the door open to enjoy the fresh air and watch it rain. Friday was our longest biking day so far about 25-30 miles. The route was 24 miles, but we took several wrong turns and had to backtrack so added extra miles. One nice thing about the NL - because it is all level backtracking isn't really bothersome. We biked from Delft to Hoek von Holland. It is a small town at the mouth of the waterway from Rotterdam into the North Sea and the port for the ferry we will take to England. Thought it would be a pleasant day's ride and give us the opportunity to ... read more
Street Performers
The Princenhof
Delftware Everywhere!

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Den Helder June 3rd 2010

Have had internet problems, but finally able to get back on line so let me bring you up to date on our travels. Sunday May 30, it rained on and off all day so spent the day in the RV playing cards, reading and napping. Looked to be clearing the next morning so left Alkmaar and headed north to the tip of the NL peninsula and Den Helder. It seems like we have traveled a fair distance since we started, but actually we are only about 40 miles north of Amsterdam. It is hard to get used to the short distances. Using the heater each night which burns diesel and driving - we have used only about a quarter of a tank of fuel at this point. Den Helder is a naval town with a history ... read more
Look at the gulls!
Biking on Texel
Sheep May Safely Graze

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Alkmaar May 29th 2010

We are in the town of Alkmaar, population about 90,00, northwest of Amsterdam and one of the cheese capitals of the NL. We have had 3 beautiful days. Walked into the old city the first 2 days here. Much to see. Thursay afternnon we just wandered through the central city looking at the shops and food markets. Amazing cheese shop. Had a hard time deciding what cheese to buy. Picked out 2 and bought a 3rd one the next day. Great meat market and fruit stands. Bought some strawberries that were the sweetest we have ever eaten. On Friday we walked back into town to go to the weekly cheese market/auction. Historically it was a huge cheese auction, but today is done primarily for the touists. The entire square is filled with large cheese rounds that ... read more
Our favoriet street
Watch Your Head
The Cheese Market

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem May 26th 2010

A little time left on our internet purchase so here are some "foodie" tidbits. According to the audio tape at the historical museum Amsterdam is the most culturally diverse city in the world with over 175 culures represented in its citizenry. I can believe it when you look at the diversity of their restaurants. In an area that would be considered a restaurant district there are Italian, Thai, Oriental, Agentine Steakhouses, Indian, Indonesian, pancake houses and cafes. The pancake houses and cafes are closest to what you might call traditional cuisine. However, the pancakes are crepes and come with a huge variety of fillings from basic ham and cheese to thai or curry. There are also a multitude of Subways, McDonalds and KFC's. The day we went to the museum we ate at a small corner ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Haarlem May 26th 2010

When I think of the Netherlands (NL) I think of tall skinny buildings and canals. There certainly is a lot of each, but what struck me the most is the bicycles. They are everywhere. There are more people on bikes in Amsterdam than in cars. The sidewalks are all quite wide with a slightly different surface on half. That is for bikes. If a bike lane isn't part of the sidewalk there is one on the street. You can bike anywhere in the city; in the NL even, and feel quite safe. Many bike paths in the countryside also. It takes awhile to get used to traffic signals because there are separate signals for pedestrians, cars and bikes. When it comes to right of way, bikes rule. Don't cross a bike lane without looking both ways. ... read more
Bicycling on the Dike
Campground and Van
Non-Dutch Biking Gear

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 20th 2010

I made to Amterdam with very few problems. Plane left Las Vegas about 10 minutes late. Arrived a Healthrow and no gate so sat on ground for about 10 minutes and needed to wait for a bus to get us to the terminal. No big problem, but at that point I had only about 30 minutes to recheck through security and get to my gate for the connection to Amsterdam. Made it about 5 minutes before the plane was scheduled to depart; last person on the plane. In US they wouldn't have let me on. Smooth flight to Amsterdam and David was waiting to me meet. My baggage, however, didn't make it, but was delivered to hotel by 9 PM last night so all is well. Actually, that bag was quite heavy so this actually saved ... read more

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