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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 20th 2013

Each day things look brighter and better! Today I dropped the kids off at school and then met up with Jen, we then met up with Heidi, an old au pair of a family around here and her friend; they took us to a local language school and then we went for coffee. Every day I feel more settled down here and happier. I feel more at home and excited to be…IN Spain! IN SPAIN THAT’S WHERE I AM LIVING! Ahhhhh! Realization! After we toured the language school we went for coffee and chit-chat. After that I came home and ran around doing some chores for Susi before I went to pick up the kids from school. They then packed up really fast and flew out the door to make the four o’clock train to Sanxenxo. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 18th 2013

Well the second day was quite eventful! I got up with the kids and we al got ready, I did breakfast on my own and then susi (the mother) and I walked them to school. On the way back we chatted about various things—her in half Spanish-English and me in English and five words of Spanish! Haha! Once we were back I read and hung around the apartment for an hour before meeting up with Jen, an au pair for another family. We walked around and got ice cream and coffee and found where they sell the knock off bags in Vigo—they’re gorgeous by the way, they don’t even look fake, but we were hoping they weren’t stolen…after wondering around we headed back to the train station. We decided that we’re going to take a trip ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 17th 2013

My first day in Vigo! It began earlier than any other day thus far in Spain—7:45 AM, “so long party nights and all day sleeping!”. I showered and got ready with the children, we had breakfast and then I walked them with Sussi (the host mother) to school. Next we headed back to the apartment to pick up a few things before we went in search of the bus to the Universidad de Vigo! I took the bus alone, it took 50 minutes! I finally got there and then FiINALLY found Mercedes—the woman I had been corresponding with about taking lessons etc. The test was…well let’s just say I guessed through half of it, ok, 90% of it but I think my guesses sounded very spanishy! Haha! Then I went to a foreign students talk and ... read more

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