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19th September 2011

Thanks for sharing!
I love reading these blogs. Thanks for sharing!
From Blog: Aussie Wine Tour
27th August 2011

Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time, We are soooo jealous. Ellen& Tom
24th July 2007

From Blog: Stop 24: Home
14th July 2007

Great Photos
What great photos of Mesa Verde - we are headed out there in a few months - can't wait to see this beautiful spot.
14th July 2007

What no pictures??
So where are all the pictures? I wanted to see this.
12th July 2007

You just had to give it back.
I knew you would decide to gamble more and give the money back. At least you got the most for your entertainment dollar. Love you, Mom
10th July 2007

About Time
Well, it is about time you showed the Ford Focus some love. I hope you take it in for repairs immediately upon arriving home and don't "cheap out" when restoring it's beauty from the hard drive you guys have been putting it through on this trip!
6th July 2007

Better You Than Me
No way would I have EVER gotten into that cold water. So happy you are having such a great trip. Can't believe how skinny you both look after eating all that fantastic road food. Am looking forward to seeing you both next week and hearing all the stories. Drive safe and be good. Love ya - Dad
26th June 2007

I miss you
I'm glad you and Brian are having a blast. I miss you. Mom
23rd June 2007

Miss you tons
Well Im surprised Allison gave a "puppy dog" look instead of her "look of death".... but hey, whatever gets you out of a ticket! I miss you both so much and cant wait to hear your stories beyone this blog. Sorry Bri but I need my best friend back!
19th June 2007

This would have never happened in the Sunbird. Once you go Pontiac you never go back...
18th June 2007

You all are rediculous. I'm loving reading your stories. It sounds like you two are having a blast. :) Hopefully those tires will last you the rest of the trip!
18th June 2007

Traffic stop
I think you might have been pulled over because of my little prank (I may have reported you car as stolen earlier that day during a drinking binge) Glad he let you go tho...
17th June 2007

Allison Speeding
Brian, since it was a male officer, I think Allison was the one who got out of the ticket. Allison, no more speeding and what is with the deer in the highlights reaction? Stay safe and have fun.
15th June 2007

Brian, it's cousin Michael. I'm stoked you are getting to do this trip. Grandpa just sent me the link to the site today. It is one in the morning and I work at 9 am tomorrow, so I can't really spend a lot of time reading this now, but I will check back after the weekend and catch up on the whole trip. Make it out there and back safe. I'll catch you soon, son. Also, Allison, I'm glad you are able to do this trip too. I know I only met you once, but you were in my prayers when things weren't looking too great. Your trip almost sounds better then my was last summer, just because you don't have to sit through 4-8 horrible bands every night like I did! Hope you have an awesome time.
14th June 2007

It Looked OK When It Left Maryland
Sorry about the tire. If you drove slower on hot roads it never would have happened (I learned that from Bill Nye the Science Guy). I wouldn't be surprised if you lost the other rear tire on your way through Texas. HA!
13th June 2007

HEY! I am so incredibly jealous that you guys are doing this. It looks like so much fun. And yes, I am one of those bored people who just looked through your pictures and stuff... :) I saw that you are stopping in Chicago! I don't know what your plans are or anything, but please feel free to call me if you want! I'm sure I'll be around! Be safe and have so much fun!!!!
12th June 2007

Hey Guys!!!
You Are Huge Nerds!!! HaHa Hope the trip is going well cant wait to hear from both of you when you get back. I know a bunch of people who look at this site every day to get their updates so keep up the good work. Miss you guys.
11th June 2007

Southern Cookin'
While you're still in the South, you and Brian should try some scrapple and livermush. Brian should also try grits if he hasn't already. Umm...that's good southern cookin'! Seriously though, you should at least taste them. It won't be as bad as tasting vegamite, you might even like the meats. Love you. Mom
11th June 2007

Hello there roadtripers!
Hey B! Mom finally sent me your travel blog of your road trip with Allison so I could get a quick update on life on the road. Sounds things so far are going well....sorry i missed ya'll being in cville. I'm glad you were able to stop in and say hello-esp to Pop, you know how even a phone call these days makes his life! I'm sorry I never got back to you on facebook about advice on the roadtrip-but it sounds like you all are doing pretty well-Zach and I def didnt have a computer to blog and barely had phone reception at some places. We also lived either in our car or in our tents wherever we decided to crash-we didnt stay with relatives or friends....good call on that!! I'm glad ya'll made it to NC also-my other home state! Aw..i would give my left food to have sweet tea-it makes my life! I also can't believe, Brian, that you had never been to a drive up restaurant...welcome to the South where people are lazy and the food would kill you! I hope you all have a great time and if you feel like coming up to the big apple, ya'll will have another place to sleep! much love and happy wishes for the road... Liza
10th June 2007

Awesome website
Brian and especially Allison! I love the website. I am really enjoying reading about your trip and living it through you! Allison, you are a wizard with the journaling. I know you were at Graceland today so I will be anxiously awaiting the new entry. Both of you be safe and drive carefully! Love ya! Kelli
10th June 2007

Cherry Drop
Please bring home one of those.... I am lovin' your stories. oxoxoxo
9th June 2007

Sundrop ROCKS!
I can't believe you've never had Sundrop!! It's DELICIOUS!! Drink up while you're in the south you can't find it north of NC!! I'm glad you guys are having fun!! =)
9th June 2007

Pay Attention!!!!!!!!!
Stop messing around while you are driving. Pay attention!
8th June 2007

Grandma Yetti Visit
Hi Allison: Since my Mom is apparently losing ground fast recently, we have decided to go to visit her before the fall as we had planned. We are planning to leave here on July 2ndand arive there late on the 3rd. We will stay until the 9th, 10th or 11th depending on how things go. We may have to put her in a nursing home while there, but we will have to see about that. Anyway, we will be there when you visit so we can help make your visit more enjoyable and see Mom as well. We will all be ble to sdtay with Mom even though a bit cramped. We will let you know more later. Love, Grandpa

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